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(Bakersfield Californian)   While internet rages over a "nurse" failing to perform CPR at a "nursing home", family of the 87 year old woman is OK with it   ( bakersfieldcalifornian.com) divider line
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2013-03-06 02:17:10 AM  
3 votes:
I just hope they remembered to shoot her in the head before she turned. Becoming a zombie is so undignified.
2013-03-06 04:17:34 AM  
2 votes:

log_jammin: andychrist420: That was you projecting your pseudo outrage against my opinion.

actually no. you responded to a comment not directed towards you.

Except you quoted me, so it was directed towards me.  I made a comment that your statement was wrong, and you decided to make an assumption.  Whether it was directed to me or not is irrelevant.  Is this a "speak only when spoken to" forum?  Didn't know I was in the presence of royalty.
2013-03-06 03:44:08 AM  
2 votes:

The more you eat the more you fart: Having an ego, and correcting someone REPEATEDLY who pretends to know what they are talking about even when they are clearly wrong are not the same things.

as someone who has corrected you repeatedly in this thread, trust me, I know the difference.
2013-03-06 03:35:27 AM  
2 votes:

The more you eat the more you fart: Are you stupid or do you just not read well?

he obviously must be one of those people with a huge ego. unlike you of course. where does that lowly peon get off disagreeing with a NURSE of all people! he should know his place.
2013-03-06 02:19:06 AM  
2 votes:
so was she hot?
2013-03-06 02:10:10 AM  
2 votes:
That's what she said.
pjmedia.comView Full Size
2013-03-06 01:44:37 AM  
2 votes:
hardinparamedic <wall of text>

I am sure you have some valid points in there, but I am not reading it.  You've made me regret even having stated an opinion, regardless of how informed or lack thereof I was of the situation.
2013-03-06 12:31:20 AM  
2 votes:
Of course they're happy.

Odds are, Grandma was a near-vegetable that had drained them both emotionally and financially to the brink of ruin because her body was just too stubborn to die even though the mind had checked out long ago. But, unlike if a beloved family pet's quality of life had degraded to almost nothing, no one could take Grandma to the Doctor and give her a nice sleepytime shot to put her out of her misery, because with humans, life is all about quantity, not quality.
2013-03-07 09:42:47 PM  
1 vote:
The more you eat the more you fart:

I have a master's +30 in my field, and am licensed by my state as a "Trauma Nurse, MSN, Level 2-A" which means I out-rank you in skill, knowledge, and practical application by an order of magnitude.

I just turned 36

There's a typo in here somewhere...
2013-03-06 08:38:49 AM  
1 vote:
Licensed Vocational Nurse - LVN
Job Number: 70675
Brookdale Senior Living Inc. (BSL) a publicly traded company (NYSE: BKD)

Want to become a member of our professional team and work for the largest senior living provider in the United States?

Consider joining our team at Glenwood Gardens located in Bakersfield, CA!!

One Company - One Mission - One Voice.
Good people make the difference and are the key to the company's success. Brookdale Senior Living operates over 640 locations in 36 states and employs approximately 40,000 full and part time associates and serves nearly 72,000 residents. BSL offers its residents access to a full continuum of services - independent living, assisted living, retirement centers/continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) and management services.
Immediate Opening: Licensed Vocational Nurse - LVN
Job Number:
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Glenwood Gardens - 350 Calloway Drive; Bakersfield, CA 93312
Location Web Address:http://www.brookdaleliving.com/glenwood-gardens.aspx
Contact: Cindy Boudreaux
E-mail: CBoud­r­e­aux[nospam-﹫-backwards]gn­i­vilela­dkoo­r­b­*com
Fax: 661-588-7446
The LVN provides residents with nursing services and administers medications and treatments in accordance with physicians' orders within state licensure regulations.
Key responsibilities include:

* Assisting in maintaining a physical, social, and psychological environment in the best interests of residents
* Monitoring residents within state licensure regulations; may supervise and direct resident assistants
* Assisting in implementing/revising service plans based on resident needs
* Obtaining and administering medication as prescribed by physician
* Documenting and reviewing medication sheets for accuracy and compliance with physician orders
* Other duties as assigned
We seek the following qualifications:
* Must have current LVN state nursing certification in good standing
* Must have CPR certification <------- WHY??????
* Must have a minimum of 1 year nursing experience, preferrably in a SNF facility
* Must have solid ability to interact and build relationships with older adults
* Must have strong organizational and analytical skills
* Must have strong team building and mentoring skills
* Must have working knowledge of Title 22 for the state of CA
* Must enjoy working with the senior population
If you want a rewarding career enriching the lives of those we serve with compassion, respect, and excellence, we invite you to consider Brookdale Senior Living. Discover more about Brookdale Senior Living at BrookdaleLiving.com.
HOW TO APPLY: Please send your updated resume and salary history to Cindy Boudreaux at CBoud­r­e­aux[nospam-﹫-backwards]gn­i­vilela­dkoo­r­b­*com or apply online at www.brookdalcareers.com style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 13px;"> using Job Number 70675.
Brookdale Senior Living is an EOE-(Equal Opportunity Employer) and drug free work place.
2013-03-06 06:23:53 AM  
1 vote:

The more you eat the more you fart: suck on THAT.

someone you worked with wrote a nice letter about you in an effort to help you go to another job?

yeah you sure showed me...
2013-03-06 06:17:46 AM  
1 vote:

BarkingUnicorn: vrax: BarkingUnicorn: vrax: BarkingUnicorn: vrax: The 4chan Psychiatrist: That said, it's rather unconscionable, and frankly disturbing, to picture that nurse just standing there, phone in hand, speaking calmly with that dispatcher while she watches a woman die who has no DNR/DNI on file.

When you listen to the entire, uncut call, it's completely obvious that nobody on staff made any sort of medical determination as to the status of the patient.  It was a 100% issue of liability even though the 911 dispatcher addressed the liability issue.  The dispatcher was surprisingly cool and understanding, but firm during the entire call.  Whomever up thread referred to her as a "spaz" is a farkin' moron.  The people at the facility chose to be useless.  Nobody should be surprised that people who aren't lobotomized are a bit stunned upon hearing the call.

I think one must be a little out of touch with reality, a.k.a. "lobotomized," to be stunned by the call.  "It aint what we don't know that gets us in trouble, it's what we think we know that aint so," said Mark Twain.

Well, if you look at it from the perspective that people do shiatty things all the time, then sure.

"Do shiatty things" is the archetypical job description.  Would it make you feel better to imagine that the same people might have done more for this woman if they weren't at work?  Then do so.

Why would I play make believe in their favor, when we have the simple fact that, based on policy, they chose to do nothing?

I said do it if it would make you feel better, unless believing that people do shiatty things all the time makes you feel better still.  But then you're out of touch with reality again; maybe that makes you feel as good as possible.

Whatever you do, you will do it because it makes you feel better.

Late night drinking, eh?
2013-03-06 05:24:45 AM  
1 vote:

The more you eat the more you fart: hardinparamedic: I owe you an apology , Farts. When I get off this transport ill explaik

I suspect I know what for, but I assure you I will make no attempt to rub your nose in it.

I have made mistakes myself, and am aware it takes a big person to apologize when a mistake is made.

And there we go with the fat jokes...
2013-03-06 04:58:34 AM  
1 vote:

The more you eat the more you fart: would not have been able to be saved even if she collapsed infront of a neurosurgeon. she was dead before her body hit the floor

IIRC someone posted a link earlier thinking that's what the article said, when in actually it said CPR could have made a difference.

http://www.kget.com/news/local/story/Doctor-says-Glenwood-Gardens-re si dent-suffered/-Q89tciw1k2qUGi8Xl8kGQ.cspx

We asked her if CPR would have done any good in this case.
"it could have made a difference. Would it have made a difference in this particular situation? We don't have the answer to that, but have patients survived in a similar situation," said Shain.

so yeah. obviously she was dead when she hit the floor. But even if that were true we only know that now, and is irrelevant when it comes to what happened at the time.

The more you eat the more you fart: The nurse, who wasn't acting as a nurse at the time, acted appropriately. end of story.

well you see, I, and others, disagree with that. In your mind this makes us lesser beings or "white knights" or something for disagreeing with you.

The more you eat the more you fart: Actually, my reputation at work is one of being someone that can absolutely be relied upon when the chips are down to make rational, well-informed decisions.

of course it is sugar. of course it is.
2013-03-06 04:48:15 AM  
1 vote:

The more you eat the more you fart: I agree with everything except that the 911 dispatchers ARENT "highly trained".

they have AT MOST 6 months at a vocational "college"

so you going to shiat on firemen next?
2013-03-06 04:27:28 AM  
1 vote:
Okay, I think I started to post this in the earlier thread regarding this story but I think I abandoned that post because I didn't think it was really the same thing, but now it seems it is.

3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

This is actually very similar to an episode of All in the Family.

It was one of the later seasons. Edith was working at the Sunshine Home (a nursing home) and she was with a woman she had made friends with when she died.

She started to get help, but the woman was ready to die and just wanted someone there with her when she did (her family never visited her), so Edith sat by her bed and the woman died peacefully with Edith by her side.

When the dead woman's family found out (the same family that never visited her), they were OUTRAGED and Edith got fired.

Aw, jeez.
2013-03-06 04:09:43 AM  
1 vote:

The more you eat the more you fart: log_jammin: The more you eat the more you fart: You haven't corrected me on anything, dipshiat.

remember when you said that putting her in a facility without nursing staff was the same thing as a DNR? and implied that CPR is the same as "prolonged intervention"? boy I do. good times.

No..I dont.  because I never said EITHER of those things.

02:17:35 AM
2013-03-06 03:48:11 AM  
1 vote:
The more you eat the more you fart:

Still, I LOVE my job, and wouldnt EVER do anything else.

Yep, this.  Although, we all have our rough days.  I work in NICU.  Lost one today.  Although, this is not completely unexpected in NICU it always sucks when it happens.

So, of course, late-night farking is called for... and of course... a nursing thread.  Yay!
2013-03-06 03:45:03 AM  
1 vote:
"The medical profession is a place of huge egos unfortunately. It's one of the major drawbacks to me".

Pot, meet kettle.
2013-03-06 02:45:49 AM  
1 vote:

ladyfortuna: Where's Bronymedic, he should be in this discussion..

here. :P
2013-03-06 02:43:22 AM  
1 vote:

Bigdogdaddy: The more you eat the more you fart: hardinparamedic: The more you eat the more you fart: REALLY?!

The family's response to the media "outrage"....

And, as someone who has saved "hundreds of lives", you should know that the only legally and ethically acceptable reasons to withhold lifesaving intervention from a patient is if they have a signed DNR order, or you have a physician telling you to.

Except that you are WRONG.

You're a medic.  Not a nurse.  You do not have the level of medical training that I do.  And legally, I am able to determine whether or not lifesaving measures should be taken or not...or whether or not they would be effective.  You, as a medic, are not licensed to make this determination.  I am.

If you aren't aware that certain nurses in several states are legally allowed to make this determination, then I dont know what to tell you...except that in NO state is a medic legally able to do so.

Also, from what I understand is that if I am not trained to preform CPR correctly I am not to do so.  It is more than pounding on a chest.  Of course, I'm from a "flyover" state and it varies from state to state.

Flyover state, huh? I believe it is your job to drop to your knees and pray. Remember to make a show of it so that everyone around you will know that you are morally superior to them, even those actually doing something about the situation.
2013-03-06 02:27:37 AM  
1 vote:

hardinparamedic: The more you eat the more you fart: REALLY?!

The family's response to the media "outrage"....

And, as someone who has saved "hundreds of lives", you should know that the only legally and ethically acceptable reasons to withhold lifesaving intervention from a patient is if they have a signed DNR order, or you have a physician telling you to.

I hate the fact that I have to code a 78 year old Alzheimer patient who was long ago confined to a bed, contractured, and has no quality of life. But I don't get to make that decision, and neither does anyone else without the above. I abhor it. And I hope I don't get someone back in that case - as many other people will admit. Life at any costs is utterly cruel. But the alternative is letting people make decisions based on their own personal bias and feelings - decisions which may or may not be the wish of that patient.

I'm sure breaking all their ribs is *definitely* the most ethical, humane thing to do.
2013-03-06 02:19:23 AM  
1 vote:
"Our mother and grandmother was a remarkable and intelligent woman who was blessed to have a great life of 87 years. It is the wish of our family to honor and celebrate her life at this personal time.
"Like so many seniors, it was our mother's wish to live independently. She was fully aware that Glenwood Gardens did not offer trained medical staff. Even so, she personally selected the senior living community, and our family has come to know the staff and been very pleased with Glenwood Gardens as her home.
"It was our beloved mother and grandmother's wish to die naturally and without any kind of life-prolonging intervention. Our family respects the right of all people to make their own life choices in such cases.
"We regret that this private and most personal time has been escalated by the media. Caregivers, nurses and other medical professionals have very difficult waters to tread in the legal and medical landscape of our country today.
"We understand that the 911 tape of this event has caused concern, but our family knows that mom had full knowledge of the limitations of Glenwood Gardens, and is at peace.
Key statements MADE BY THE FAMILY in bold.

Everyone, including mr indignant paramedic guy...can now go have a beer and let your blood pressure go back to normal.
2013-03-06 02:11:35 AM  
1 vote:

The more you eat the more you fart: Dude...give it a REST already.

no kidding.

2013-03-06 02:09:48 AM  
1 vote:

tlchwi02: sheesh, I didn't know we had the king o' nurses on fark. who gives a crap, an old person lived in a place where she knew there weren't first responders and shockingly when she needed one, there weren't any and her family is shrugging it off. if you're that worked up about it, make sure your relatives and you lives in a place with actual medical staff on site when they/you get old. otherwise, whatever

Like who totally cares about like this. geesh. like an old died n'stuff and like who cares. I don't like get why you people comment on topics that I don't care about or take the time to understand. gosh.
2013-03-06 02:08:17 AM  
1 vote:
We have plenty of old people on this planet not contributing to the wealth of any nation.  They're not exactly a scarce, pecious resource.  Other people will become old and take their place, eventually.
2013-03-06 01:52:00 AM  
1 vote:

me texan: I am sure you have some valid points in there, but I am not reading it. You've made me regret even having stated an opinion, regardless of how informed or lack thereof I was of the situation.

That really kind of sums up fark.

Give an opinion where you say everyone else is stupid, on a subject that you know nothing about. when given a point by point rebuttal that shows you don't know WTF you're talking about, say you won't read it because....something. Then walk away feeling superior.
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