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(IndyStar)   Fark cited as one source of Purdue's basketball sports-information director's misery   ( divider line
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8409 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Dec 2003 at 12:59 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-19 09:57:54 AM  
Behold the power of Fark.
2003-12-19 10:14:56 AM  
I'm confused as fuk after reading that. Who? what?
2003-12-19 10:15:31 AM  
Little was said about the story until it was posted by -- a site that specializes in satirical articles

Satirical?! Fark is a bastion of truthful and accurate reporting! I think we should feel insulted.
2003-12-19 10:37:27 AM  
I'm with you, Cormee.

Hoax about Purdue hoops reels in talk show host, newspaper

2003-12-19 10:48:32 AM  
No, the site is not satirical, neither are the stories, with a few exceptions.

Now the comments might be another story.
2003-12-19 10:58:09 AM  
As much as the Indy Star is linked on Fark, you'd think they'd know a little more about what Fark is.
2003-12-19 01:03:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-19 01:05:48 PM  
Little was said about the story until it was posted by -- a site that specializes in satirical articles

With typical research such as this, I am shocked...SHOCKED...that it is so easy to shovel BS into the media's mouth.
2003-12-19 01:06:08 PM  
I heard fark referenced on the radio regarding the Perdue scholarship hoax. The talent was reading the story, but was interrupted and told it was a hoax. He then said, "Dam Fark misled me"

heh, heh.....He said Dam Fark live on the radio. (Royal, Neal Boortz Show)
2003-12-19 01:06:16 PM  
2003-12-19 01:06:48 PM  
Fark isn't a satire, it's a BLOG, as other articles say about Fark.

Personally, I think Fark is a sexual aid.

2003-12-19 01:10:29 PM  
It's a floor cleaner and a dessert topping.
2003-12-19 01:13:56 PM  
Michael Pointer is a good reporter...

for me to poop on.
2003-12-19 01:14:48 PM  
If this keeps up radio jocks might stop using Fark for a minute...never mind.
2003-12-19 01:16:01 PM  
A comment about

While the site has humor, satire, games, and boobies, it is also a legitimate source of news. I cite 9/11 as a prime example. When other internet souces were down, Fark was plugging away with not only news and commentary, but comfort as well.

Thanks all! These other a$$hats should just take time to get to know us before commenting on who we are and what we do!

2003-12-19 01:16:41 PM  
So it's Fark's fault, and not the fault of all the "journalists" out there who are obvioulsy pulling there stories from here instead of actaully researching them.

This incident just goes to show how low the standards of journalistic integrity have dropped. It's time to clean house. Everyone who had a part in running or reporting this story should be fired immediately.

2003-12-19 01:17:48 PM  
FARK IN 2008
2003-12-19 01:18:33 PM  
2003-12-19 01:19:38 PM  
"Their" stories. God help me, I was even an English major.

2003-12-19 01:25:53 PM  
I love these hoaxes, especially when FARK get some credit for it. Just goes to show how many news outlets use FARK to get stories.

2003-12-19 01:26:41 PM  
Dont forget that DUKE SUCKS
2003-12-19 01:27:19 PM  
Finger-pointing goodness coming out of the dumbass media that got fooled.
2003-12-19 01:33:21 PM  
Hail Dumba$$ Media Overlord$

They bear watching...
2003-12-19 01:36:11 PM  
The San Diego Union-Tribune ran a bylined story detailing the incident, complete with quotes from the Hoosier Gazette's original story.

"Complete with quotes"?? They copied the farking article word-for-word. How nice of the Indystar staff to overlook their colleagues' lack of ethics.

Is there a working journalist today who is actually worth a crap? I'm just asking...
2003-12-19 01:37:30 PM  
You just beat me to that El_Swino....amen to that.
2003-12-19 01:37:58 PM  
It's a floor cleaner and a dessert topping.

Well, I think it's a strapless evening gown.

2003-12-19 01:38:04 PM  
The best part was this:
Here is a brief, initial statement about today's error. More information will be forthcoming in print and online.

Chris Jennewein
Director of Internet Operations
The San Diego Union-Tribune/

A big ol' WHOOPS!
2003-12-19 01:38:20 PM  
Some people will believe damn near anything. Hey, I've got a bridge I wanna sell...
2003-12-19 01:39:36 PM  
Any "Director of Internet Operations" worth his salt would have at least googled the farking headline before running the article!

/ghost of Jayson Blair
2003-12-19 01:42:52 PM  
Gene Keady's response? "He looked at it and laughed," Bloom said.

Well, I think that just made Indiana history. It made Gene Keady laugh! :D :D :D
2003-12-19 01:53:02 PM  
I just call fark a "newsfilter of the amusing". it satifies most critics.
2003-12-19 01:56:07 PM  
My favorite is when I watch Conan O'Brian (tool) and his entire monologue is made up of stories from fark. You can see that they just opened up the page and went down the list reading off the headlines.

Oh yeah, also when Leno and Stern do it.

It's not fair to blame them, if every god damned thing on the internet ends up on fark it kinda makes it the google of shiat people want to read about.
2003-12-19 01:59:06 PM  
"The San Diego Union-Tribune ran a bylined story detailing the incident, complete with quotes from the Hoosier Gazette's original story."

apparently 'bylined' mean WORD FOR FLlCKING WORD
2003-12-19 02:01:25 PM  
you also cant blame conan, etc..., cause most of their matieral is probably written by writers who plagerize fark
2003-12-19 02:10:52 PM  
Did the thief at UT ever get snagged? Any note of actions against him?
2003-12-19 02:16:02 PM  
At least Keith Olbermann gives credit. In his "Oddball" segment the other night, he did an item about the NOAA "Earth hurling toward the sun" item and put on a headline of something like, "Thank god for Fark."

Of course, one of his producers is a registered Farker.
2003-12-19 02:27:41 PM  
You know, I have the sudden sinking feeling that the reason the Indystar (or any journalist, anywhere) made no mention of the Union-Tribune's plagiarism is because they all do it, and they're all afraid that if they point out somebody else doing it, then soon it will be their turn.

I guess these days, "freedom of the press" means freedom to be a lazy, thieving hack.
2003-12-19 02:28:03 PM  
Fark does not specialize in satirical articles.
I specialize in definite articles. Such as "the".
2003-12-19 02:31:48 PM  
Dont forget that DUKE SUCKS

I may not know much about sports but that I will never forget.
2003-12-19 02:32:44 PM  
Drew did say in the audio interview posted yesterday that he will occasionally let a satirical article go to the front page as a real one to see who will pick it up
2003-12-19 02:59:47 PM  
IndyStar just had its own plagairism scandal.
2003-12-19 03:00:10 PM  
ZipBeep Ur not kidding! I can testify!
I did the graphics for his coaches show last year and had to watch hundreds of hours of video...of beautiful Keady. He likes to yell and point and walk around with his arms crossed - we had one(1!) clip of him laughing and patting a players butt and you bet we used it, I think it was from the early 90's!
2003-12-19 03:25:13 PM  
Actually Fark does specialize in satirical articles. They just aren't thought to be by their authors.
I think we should also give some--but not too much--credit to the 25 who were taken in, but at least called the sports director to obtain confirmation.
2003-12-19 04:11:42 PM  
ZipBeep: Damn Right.
2003-12-19 04:53:20 PM  
The Sports Information guy in question used to intern for me several years ago. Good guy. But every kid in the Sports Information Department needs to deal with something like this - it builds character. :)

And that wasn't the only plagiarism scandal involving the Indianapolis Star - only the more recent one. Their Radio/TV critic got whacked for it a few years back. Which was poetic justice for those of us who knew him.
2003-12-19 05:01:52 PM  
Jim Rome is an idiot, 'nuff said.
2003-12-19 09:48:43 PM  
Please help me welcome the San Diego Union-Tribune's newest writer...

[image from too old to be available]

Jayson Blair
2003-12-19 11:21:12 PM  
El Swino, et al., yeah, this is all a sad comment on journalists and newsroom standards. But yeah, there are plenty of working journalists worth a crap, too -- the great majority of them, in fact. Putting all of us down because one (in this case) farked up is just like the kind of thing that goes on in newsrooms when people offer loud opinions about stuff they know very little about -- a dumbass generalization.

I've spent years working newspaper wire desks where a big part of the job was to read dispatches from a wide variety of sources -- before the Web, when the sources were various wires and syndicated news services -- and, when necessary, compile them into news reports. When you do something like that, you've got a responsibility to make it clear to the reader, and an obligation to the source, to say where the stuff came from. And if the high-minded reasons don't sound good enough, there's another motivation for this: the pure, cold fear of plagiarism. At my old paper -- the mostly dead and unlamented San Francisco Examiner -- the rules were to run a "From Examiner Wires Services" byline with a tagline at the end to say who had contributed -- Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Scripps Howard, whatever. It was a rule that was taken seriously and obeyed religiously. It was not that hard to do.

In the Union Tribune's case, there was no compilation involved, that I could see. It was outright theft. I don't know anything about the guy who apparently did this, but if he does not know the difference between editing and stealing, he should never have been doing the column in the first place. And if he did know the difference -- well, he was caught red-handed. In either case, he should be gone, right now.
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