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(Some Guy)   Is Taylor Swift performing secret rituals from the Illuminati during her shows, perhaps as part of some scheme for global domination?   ( vigilantcitizen.com) divider line
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2013-03-05 01:56:41 AM  
I was thinking this was from the guy who was obsessed with the idea that Beyonce was promoting the Illuminati and Satanism at the Super Bowl, because she put her farking fingers together, but surprisingly it seems to be an entirely different kind of crazy. My fiancee made me listen to 11 minutes of that shiat over the weekend; I should have put some headphones on.

Beyonce Reps Illuminati At super bowl 2013 (Throws up pyramid)

Fundies are farking insane. This guy reminds me of John Nash.
2013-03-05 02:06:49 AM  

NostroZ: Remember, the Mafia was considered a conspiracy theory in the 60s.

The only conspiracy theory was that the Mob owned Vegas. Yeah, right, a bunch of inbred Italians who beat and shoot people in New England and the Midwest run the gambling capitol of the world? Anything you say, buddy. The part about the Mafia owning businesses and politicians wasn't exactly a state secret, even if the evidence tended to turn up floating in a river... like the Mexican cartels today.
2013-03-05 02:09:12 AM  
I'd argue an alternate hypothesis that this her coming out performance. You know, the performer famed for being young and innocent trying to shift into the sexy adult market. It's a Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy kind of moment. Or maybe it's some huge occult conspiracy. That's a neat idea too.
2013-03-05 02:23:04 AM  
No, but Amy Grant is.

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2013-03-05 02:47:07 AM  
I have no comment until fnord Hagbard Celine explains himself.
2013-03-05 07:07:04 AM  
a global diet pill domination scheme??

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2013-03-05 07:29:44 AM  
I didn't realize there were this many paranoid schizophrenics on Fark...
2013-03-05 07:34:34 AM  
2013-03-05 12:35:58 PM  

NostroZ: The head of the FBI saying there is no international organized crime outfit in the 40s & 50s fits the dictionary definition of the words I used. You can play the 20/20 hindsight game all you want. Tell me that Hoover had his head-up-his rear, whatever. You can list all the books that were written AFTER the fact that put some snippets all together.

No, what I did was provide you with

1) a motivation for the exceedingly image-conscious Hoover to deny the mafia's existence -- and he was but single person, mind you, so deciding that the existence of an organization that was already public knowledge was actually a secret because one guy denied it is silly* -- and much more importantly,

2) just one of many, many tomes that cite actual, period, mainstream sources that acknowledged the happenings of organized crime in America. The fact that the books were written later is irrelevant. These weren't obscure sources suddenly discovered after the fact, they were known, read sources that were in front of the public, in widely read mainstream papers. They were "snippets," they were widely reported stories.

There have been many conspiracy theories related to the mafia, but the idea that the existence of the mafia itself was completely unknown is completely, utterly, provably, patently false.

*An actual conspiracy theory to cite would be the theory that Hoover was blackmailed by the mob to not investigate their crimes, a theory which has been kicking around for years.

Yet, the dictionary definition remains that the Mafia was a considered a conspiracy theory back then, and was later proven true. So true in fact, that now for me to call it a THEORY brings such animosity. So, I'm still waiting for my apology for calling my words patently false.

You were wrong. You remain wrong. Being wrong is on its own forgivable. No shame in that. We can always correct ourselves when we have the facts. But digging in the way you are? That just makes you an idiot.

2013-03-05 03:35:02 PM  
This is sad.  I really like her when she first came out but it looks like she the communist Jews that run the entertainment industry corrupt the pure, innocent white girls with lies and kabala magic until they are turned into nothing more then demon possessed sluts.
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