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2013-03-03 07:56:32 PM  
4 votes:

Rik01: I have a problem with others deciding what is good for me, without asking my opinion. I also have a problem with technology being able to censor my mail even if I use a 'hot term' out of context.

"Bob: I have completed the investigation into Ted's web browsing, and I think we've got a problem. The IT department's internet usage logs show that on Friday, between 1:19 pm and 4:22 pm, he visited 11 different websites with names such as "barely legal teens in elephant masks," "naked zookeepers feed sisal to wombats," and "nude Latvian housewife shaves yak." This is particularly troublesome, insofar as Ted was in the operating room, performing a cardiac bypass at the time. I'm inclined to fire him, but won't do so unless you respond to this e-mail that it's ok to do so. Thanks."

"P.S. Just to be sure, I checked -- 'shaves yak' was not a euphemism."
2013-03-03 07:54:54 PM  
4 votes:
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2013-03-03 04:29:59 PM  
4 votes:

ZAZ: I don't care. Will my email about guaranteed 14 year old first time amateur virgin whores get through?

If you CC the FBI, I'm sure you'll get results before you know it.
2013-03-04 01:08:35 AM  
3 votes:
I found out my employer is (or at least was) running an email monitoring program quite by accident when I sent an email that contained the word "nipple", as in "chase nipple", a standard electrical conduit fitting.  I got a message that my email contained potentially offensive or inappropriate content. I found out later it doesn't like the term "bastard" as in "bastard file". And for some odd reason, it really didn't like the word nybble. I have also managed to piss IT off by sending the words tits and boobies even though they were used in a proper ornithological context. They have gone so far as to accuse me of doing this on purpose.

And they are right. ;-)
2013-03-03 08:30:34 PM  
3 votes:

rebelyell2006: writing a thesis about the phenomenon of the "barely legal teens"

It's not that complicated:

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2013-03-03 05:58:21 PM  
3 votes:
Maybe they're not deleting the emails.  Maybe they're just delaying them a month in case the emails contain an idea and Apple needs a head start with the patent office.
2013-03-03 07:59:55 PM  
2 votes:
Being a nerd, I often see things and attribute an alignment to them.  Whenever I experience any of Apple's products or read about them in the media (or witness their followers) -- I immediately think: Lawful Evil.

At this point, I'm completely convinced they're textbook examples of LE.  Control people with lies and deceit, yet do it with intelligence and competence.  Now, I mostly wonder which layer of Hell their front office is based out of.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2013-03-03 04:07:37 PM  
2 votes:
I don't care. Will my email about guaranteed 14 year old first time amateur virgin whores get through?
2013-03-04 10:54:33 AM  
1 vote:
But "barely illegal teens" is fine?
2013-03-03 09:22:10 PM  
1 vote:
YES, it IS true
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2013-03-03 09:11:07 PM  
1 vote:
meanwhile 'barely teens' gets by unfiltered.
2013-03-03 08:53:22 PM  
1 vote:

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2013-03-03 08:51:08 PM  
1 vote:
Proof once again, that Apple doesn't respect its devoted cult members enough to let them do ANY thinking for themselves...

Just think, even an email discussing this issue would get deleted, since it contains the phrase.
2013-03-03 08:31:42 PM  
1 vote:
But...but....my NAME is Bare Lee Legalteens!
2013-03-03 08:22:05 PM  
1 vote:
This thread is seriously lacking in the barely legal teens dept.

hflol.comView Full Size
2013-03-03 07:04:34 PM  
1 vote:
Good thing I tweet about that sort of thing.

2013-03-03 05:27:51 PM  
1 vote:
I have a problem with others deciding what is good for me, without asking my opinion. I also have a problem with technology being able to censor my mail even if I use a 'hot term' out of context.

Admittedly, the current technology is wonderful and, to me, nearly magical but far too many users know enough about it to realize how severely their privacy can be invaded by others for any reason they choose.

I dislike it when companies decide to protect me from myself. I also have a problem with companies deciding they can help themselves to my personal information and web browsing without my permission.

Didn't Apple, with the iPod, develop a way for you to buy and download music -- which then expired after a period of time and could not be downloaded or copied to any other media? (I could be wrong here, but I dimly recall something about that. I don't own or use iPods.)

Later on, I read about cell phones with GPS, being able to be turned on remotely to track the owner. It was for our own good. Then laptops popped up with built in webcam's that a hacker could activate and peer into your home so long as your system was turned on and connected to the internet.

So long as people have power over you, it can and will be abused.
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