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(Bangor Daily News)   Old & busted: Girls who carry small dogs in their handbags. New hotness: girls who carry fetuses in their handbags   ( divider line
    More: Sick, Bangor, fetus, handbags, dogs  
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2013-03-02 04:24:31 AM  
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2013-03-02 07:27:42 PM  
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Came for pickled punk reference, came satisfied.  (Would have given bonus for "Oddities" reference.)  AM rather disappointed that someone didn't make the obvious pun regarding pickled punks and Pickering Square, though.

Came for reference to the infamous BabyquariumTM, left satisfied.  (Would have given bonus for actual BabyquariumTM footage. :D)

Am putting even odds on this being generally Crazy Person (who miscarried and doesn't quite realise fetus is ex-fetus) or Operation Rescue/related NARasite-leaning pro-terrorism anti-reproductive-health group that purloined a fetus for Particularly Disturbing Attention Whoring purposes.

(Yes, the latter HAS actually been documented to happen in past.  In particular, during some of the FIRST attempts on Dr. Tiller's life there were Operation Rescue operatives schlepping around a stillborn fetus that they had christened "Baby Malachi" (no info if he was somehow linked to the Fetuses of the Baby Corn) and claimed they found in the dumpster of a Texas abortion clinic.  Oddly enough, said fetus tended NOT to be schlepped around too much after it was noted that this was technically abuse of a corpse and particularly after RICO was successfully expanded to fight dominionist anti-reproductive-health (and anti-gay) terrorist groups and their "Sinn Fein equivalents".)
2013-03-02 09:43:27 AM  
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I don't get it. Was the fetus in a clear bag? Like a ziploc? Or was she taking it out and showing people? Because I walk down the street daily and no one around me is aware of the contents of my handbag. Not that there is anything worth noting in my bag. Really, nothing at all...
2013-03-02 06:17:46 AM  
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KrispyKritter: pickled punk
[ image 500x227]

You know, I was just thinking there needs to be more Rick Santorum fetus on the mantle jokes, or maybe Quinn's remains atop a piano in this thread, but that'll do, KK. That'll do.
2013-03-02 04:47:04 AM  
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TomD9938: Reminds me of friend whose girlfriend at the time placed prominently on a paper plate on the top shelf of their refrigerator, her miscarried fetus, leaving it for him to find upon returning home from work.

It was her passive aggressive way of saying, "Look what you've done", as their relationship was in its final stages of disintegration.

Did I mention that she was a stripper?

"Final stages"? I'd see that as a pack-your-bags-and-GTFO-NOW (or maybe just GTFO-NOW) event. When your SO imitates Jeffrey Dahmer, it's time to see other people.
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