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(Daily Mail)   Police Chief suspended without pay after posting on Facebook what appears to be a drunken photo with a gun-toting woman. Either there's a pistol in her pocket or she's just happy to see him   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2013-03-02 05:06:01 AM  
So that is a policeman, huh? Around here that's what criminals look like.
2013-03-02 05:14:32 AM  
The woman needs to get her booger-snatcher OFF the bang switch ASAP
2013-03-02 05:39:45 AM  
Wow. And here I thought hacking was about exploring programmable systems, not just right clicking and saving an image, or doing a print screen, and posting it online to embarrass someone. I must be doing it wrong.
2013-03-02 05:56:21 AM  

Yes this is dog: [www.jrj-socrates.com image 223x300]

Separated at birth?

s4.postimage.orgView Full Size
2013-03-02 07:16:31 AM  
Whoa! That guys arm is on fire!
2013-03-02 07:24:05 AM  

Alex Broughton Butt Chugger: Nice wedding band buddy.

Well, he does state in another article the he's posing with his wife.
2013-03-02 07:39:38 AM  

Rapmaster2000: Whoa! That guys arm is on fire!

It looks pretty fast though.
2013-03-02 07:45:17 AM  

BrotherEarth: This guy was such a cowboy that police officers from neighboring towns refused to respond to mutual aid calls  Four Years Ago.

Lots of douches in that article.... And its one neighboring police department only... Which used to get paid to cover this city (before they hired this dbag)
2013-03-02 07:50:30 AM  
2013-03-02 08:16:40 AM  

TommyDeuce: Girls with guns thread?

bonzerwolf.comView Full Size

I bet that makes her moist.
2013-03-02 08:55:11 AM  
Small towns are weird. And vindictive.

And I suspect this one is comprised mostly of trailer parks.
2013-03-02 09:01:20 AM  

farkingismybusiness: That dude is a badass. You can tell by the tattoo.

     cant stop laughing at this..
2013-03-02 09:11:29 AM  

BikerRay: Alex Broughton Butt Chugger: Nice wedding band buddy.

Well, he does state in another article the he's posing with his wife.

Ok. If true, eww. I feel slightly bad for him now. And if true, I'm really not seeing the problem. If the guns are unloaded, whatever. It's stupid, and can encourage more stupidity, it's unprofessional, sure. But if he isn't out shoving guns in random transformer strippers, whatever. Seemed to me that was the dumbest part. Marrying ... that ... shows bad judgment as well, but maybe it looked different years ago. Maybe they deserve each other.
2013-03-02 09:24:48 AM  
i.dailymail.co.ukView Full Size

Rule #1: First check the suspect for weapons.
2013-03-02 09:58:08 AM  
That looks like a classy feller right there. why i'd be glad to have him as my police chief!
2013-03-02 10:20:07 AM  
I'm surprised they had time to step away from watching the Daytona 500 to take that pic.
2013-03-02 10:31:54 AM  
     I would be curious to know if,in intimate moments....he calls her Barney.
2013-03-02 10:39:56 AM  

geekbikerskum: Acharne: [www.tvgasm.com image 500x363]

(Helen Mirren with an MP5)

CSB: My g/f and I saw the trailer for that. We turned to each other and I said, "We have to see that." We then both said, simultaneously, "Helen Mirren with a machine gun!" and fist-bumped. GMTA. (The other patrons at the Somerville Theater must have thought we were really odd.)

She still looks pretty damn good

truthinaging.comView Full Size

/not as much from other angles
//but stil
2013-03-02 12:10:01 PM  
When I was growing up girls weren't allowed to play with guns. The way it should be.
Lawn, off.
2013-03-02 12:52:50 PM  

BrotherEarth: And ... Gone.
Not really surprising as Confluence PA is a small town that makes it's money from tourism.

A town of 834 people can't have many choices for police chief.  OTOH, they can probably afford to go without one for quite a while.
2013-03-02 03:02:50 PM  

sethen320: Look at this link:
http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbercovici/2013/02/28/buzzfeed-using-f e atured-partner-links-on-fark-to-drive-traffic-to-its-native-ads/">htt p://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbercovici/2013/02/28/buzzfeed-using-fe atured-partner-links-on-fark-to-drive-traffic-to-its-native-ads/

And then this link:
http://www.almondmilkwiki.com/buzzfeed-using-featured-partner-links-o n -fark-to-drive-traffic-to-its-native-ads-forbes/">http://www.almondmi lkwiki.com/buzzfeed-using-featured-partner-links-on -fark-to-drive-traffic-to-its-native-ads-forbes/

What the hell has happened to fark?  The advertisers aren't even trying anymore.  Did they load up the shiattiest thesaurus program possible and just generate a random story based on the original?

It looks to me that the second one- the 3rd rate blog- was a posting of a translation of a translation. i.e. someone used a computer to translate the Forbes article to another language, then the blog picked up the translation and translated it back using another computer translator.

Regardless, what does it have to do with fark? The first article was a Forbes piece commenting on Fark's new thing, and the second was some shiatty blog reposting the forbes article after shoving it through multiple translators.
2013-03-02 04:36:03 PM  
A cop gets suspended WITHOUT pay? That doesn't happen often.

'Scuse me. Gotta buy a lotto ticket, it appears that there's an Infinite Improbability Drive being used nearby.
2013-03-02 10:49:52 PM  
That pistol his wife is holding cannot be any larger than a pellet gun, look at the barrel size.   Probably a watergun at most.  The other one would shoot her clit off worst case.   dumbasses either way.    That's why I don't have any social media accounts as much as my SIL tells me I have to.
2013-03-03 02:53:03 AM  

CruiserTwelve: farkingismybusiness: That dude is a badass. You can tell by the tattoo.

That's a tattoo? I thought his forearm was on fire.

She gave him that rash.
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