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(   Google under fire for auto-suggesting that autistic people should ______________   ( divider line
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11710 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2013 at 9:53 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-02-28 01:06:10 PM  

dletter: Blind people should....
n't skydive

You know why blind people don't skydive?
Scares the fark out of their dogs.

When a blind person skydives, how does he know to pick up his feel just before landing?
The leash goes slack.

/I'll be here all week.
2013-02-28 01:07:19 PM  

MythDragon: When a blind person skydives, how does he know to pick up his feel just before landing?

That should say 'feet'

I need less alchohol in my system. Or more. Either way I don't have the right amount.
2013-02-28 01:20:27 PM  
Google autocomplete servers an important purpose, it shows how farked up people are on social issues.
2013-02-28 01:26:14 PM  

doglover: Slaxl: A GIS for assburgers produces less humour than I had hoped :(

Try the South Park episode. Carman stuffs his pants full of hamburgers and tries to get a medical discharge from school.

I can't tell if you are a dog lover or you are telling me to do Glover.
2013-02-28 01:30:46 PM  
These from a few minutes ago:
img19.imageshack.usView Full Size

img822.imageshack.usView Full Size
2013-02-28 01:55:34 PM  

Purdue_Pete: happy people should explode

happy people should explode ,
oh god i can't stop thinking it now

happy people should explode
/happy people should explode
//happy people should explode
///happy people should explode
////made me giggle, if you dont think about it too much
2013-02-28 02:30:33 PM  
I have concern over this. After all, if we don't speak up to defend the search results for autism, what will we lose next? I'm not going to wait until they come for 'why do ___ people ____?' query!

/Seriously, why do black women block doorways and act as though you're in the wrong for wanting to use the doorway for the intended purpose?
2013-02-28 02:38:35 PM  
A little fiddling with autocomplete got me: "buddhist people should be taxed at source definition english".

I am OK with this.
2013-02-28 02:43:14 PM  
I just checked, and Google still suggested "die".
2013-02-28 02:59:00 PM  
Same here.  "Autistic people should die" is the first result.

Google should __________________.
2013-02-28 03:44:45 PM  
Google's searches, on the whole, have gone downhill recently ever since they introduced that related searches feature. It has started to creep into the 'normal' search with their suggestions to the point it's an unholy jumble of sites on different topics.
2013-02-28 03:51:15 PM  
Wouldn't it just be easier to get rid of 'auto-complete'?
2013-02-28 03:53:11 PM  
I know this is comletely off-topic, but anyone else look at the photo of Google's sign and think that maybe they should clean it? It's covered in cobwebs and dust and grass clippings.
2013-02-28 03:54:29 PM  

Purdue_Pete: and my favorite... "happy people should explode".

Well, their nipples anyway.
2013-02-28 06:13:20 PM  

dletter: So, what do autistic people only get the "we can't speak bad about you" treatment from Google?

One's I just did from Google:

Black people should.....
 still be slaves
 not vote
 n't cosplay
 be exterminated

fat people should.....
 be killed
 kill themselves
 pay more taxes

Mexicans should.....
 be deported
 go back to Mexico
 learn English

White people should....
 be slaves
 be killed
 vote for Obama

Blind people should....
 n't skydive
 have midgets

Short people should.....
 have long hair
 have short hair

irish people should.....
 eat their children

Google is just showing that the internet is just mostly full of hateful ITG's.

No doubt that someone will see it as Google planning to exterminate humanity.
2013-02-28 08:06:34 PM  

People who think autistic people should be killed should be killed.
2013-03-01 01:07:55 AM  
Meh, the 'disease' of low parental expectations.

Not everyone is born a rocket surgeon.
2013-03-01 04:00:20 PM  
Call me old fashioned, but raising a stink like this would point them being retarded dickheads, and yes, thus better off dead.
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