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2013-02-27 06:37:58 PM  

TiiiMMMaHHH: A Fark Handle: TiiiMMMaHHH: not everyone likes gay people.  it's kind of gross/weird.  Anal sex is gross/weird in general.  Having a dude in the locker room possibly thinking about your crank or wondering what your spooge tastes like is weir/gross/unwelcomed too.  Maybe dude is in a relationship, maybe he's a male slut.

It's a valid question.  The idea that we HAVE to accept and tolerate something so unnatural is foolish.  The real biggots are gay people and the rather confused 'progressive' supporters.  How the hell are you going to tell me what I have to believe?  Isn't that supposedly what you're mad about?  Talk about a hypocrite.

so you're a farking tard.  thanks for clarifying that for us.  it's not a valid question.  just like i don't question why your wife is cheating on you, you shouldn't question other adults do behind closed doors.  you don't have to believe a thing, just let them be.  do you worry about women in the office thinking about your small cock?  is that unwelcomed too?  what if it's the fat ugly chick with the lazy eye?

Wow.  Look at all of that hatespeak.  And you are an advocate for teh ghey?  That's like the lorax wearing trufula tree-based underwear.  Just because you don't like my orientation on orientation, you don't have to lambast me with all of that hatespeak.  It's as if you are a hateful person, who just happens to have a soft spot for the ghey. But don't worry, almost all sympathizers who think they are kind and have a heart are as selective as you.

but you are a tard.  and the fat ugly chick is both fat and ugly (of course her mom or wow playing husband may have a different opinion or enjoy her rolls).  here's a newsflash for you; just because i'm smart enough to realize that it's none of my damn business what some adults i don't know do behind closed doors doesn't mean i have to sing kumbaya and give out free hugs to dipshiats i have had the misfortune of stumbling across in life.  i hate a lot of people, but i try to hate them for them for them, not because they happen to be gay, black, from alabama, etc.
2013-02-27 07:16:36 PM  

Mr. Coffee Nerves: It's the NFL. If you're a linebacker who can run a 4.1 40 and bench-press 300 pounds 75 times you're getting drafted even if you took a break during the Wonderlic to dance shirtless in a cage with Ricky Martin at a Liza Minelli concert.

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2013-02-27 08:30:20 PM  
I see no problem with this.

I know when I watch a sport where big, sweaty men bash into one another while wearing tight pants, and then other men go up behind some of them and put their hands down into their warm crotches to get that ball....HEY WAIT A MINUTE!

/who care who the guy is humping...if he play the sport...let em play.
2013-02-28 12:30:37 PM  
Phuq HufPo. Try to read an innocent news article about gays, and 2 video streams on the page cranked as loud as they can go, then when you try to stop them, a new link pops up? Phuqin' Libtards.
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