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(Globe and Mail)   The errors in Argo. You mean the sword fight at the airport was Hollywood "dramatic license"?   ( theglobeandmail.com) divider line
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2013-02-26 10:45:57 AM  
2 votes:

Marshmallow Jones: From a related whiny article

"after Affleck thanked "everyone in the movie, on the movie, who worked on the movie, did anything with this movie," we got this: "I want to thank Canada "

He directed a farking movie for chrissakes.  He wasn't involved in the actual events.   What the hell else should he say?   Tell you what Canucks, make your own farking movie then you can set the record straight.

You guys need to seriously work on your inferiroity complex.  It's bad.

Hey, don't lump us all in together as whiny biatches you overweight, large sizing, unilingual, gun toting, gas guzzler driving, house poor drunk.  It's not nice.
2013-02-27 12:43:23 AM  
1 vote:

Valiente: mysticcat: Oh Canada!
Ben Affleck made you mad
True patriots say, "That Argo movie's bad!"
With angry hearts your bile does rise
The True North is grumpy
The rest of us
Say, "Canada, It's just a dang movie."
We're thankful for your help in '80
But Canada, it's just a dang movie
But Canada, it's just a dang movie

Next Canadian comedy: George Washington, Gay Retard.
Watch George pull out his wooden teeth for hot, count to potato action!

It's just a movie!

Dude, we did Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. If you're going for presidential exploitation that will offend us, you're gonna have to try a lot harder than that.

Now, apologize for Nickelback and Celine Dion. NOW!
2013-02-26 09:48:10 PM  
1 vote:

DrZiffle: Wait. Didn't the movie include the Americans getting passports from the Canadian ambassador?

Sure, but they were blank in the film with the CIA guy doing all the visa forging in his hotel room. In reality the passports were shipped from Ottawa to Iran in the diplomatic pouch full of all the visa required for everybody's backstories to work out.
2013-02-26 02:55:58 PM  
1 vote:
Not every movie based on or inspired by true people and events is a documentary. Jesus. They weren't "errors." They were fictional elements.
2013-02-26 01:03:59 PM  
1 vote:
Marshmallow Jones: He directed a farking movie for chrissakes. He wasn't involved in the actual events. What the hell else should he say? Tell you what Canucks, make your own farking movie then you can set the record straight.

Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper
2013-02-26 11:27:32 AM  
1 vote:

Mr_Fabulous: The pilot of a commercial 747 powering down the runway for take-off notices armed men in military vehicles pulling alongside trying to run them down. So he goes full-throttle... just to show those bastards!!!

Yeah, no.

I was like a marionette in the theatre during that scene, and Affleck was pulling the strings. I know nothing bad's going to happen, and I know they get away, but between the adorable bit where the curmudgeon of the group is passionately explaining the movie plot in universally-human-story-of-fighting-evil terms, the bit with Arkin & Goodman saying 'fark it' to the street shoot, and fact that I love the sound of jet turbines, I just couldn't help but be on the edge my seat (figuratively - no one should be that guy in the theatre). It was fantastic filmmaking, even if it won't be regarded as groundbreaking in decades to come.

W.r.t. the jet chase, now I'm curious as to whether a pilot can even see anything behind his or her jet when taking off. I would assume no, and that they rely on tower control for that kind of info, but I really don't know.

Personally, I think they probably could've simply had the guards arriving too late for the plane on the tarmac, but I guess when you have the chance to shoot a jet-truck chase scene, you take it. They didn't actually get to shoot it like that, since the wash would've blow it away, but I'm sure it was still fun to do.

/Canadian, who understands that drama takes precedence over reality, even if it shifts the limelight
2013-02-26 10:51:03 AM  
1 vote:
Argo was mostly good, but the last 10-15 minutes (everything at the airport) turned into a coincidence crap-fest.
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