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2013-02-25 02:30:07 PM  
2 votes:
Bring back the old division and conference names!
2013-02-25 04:27:55 AM  
2 votes:
This is what I had awhile ago:

ishkur.comView Full Size

You cannot realign to four divisions until you get two more expansion franchises (or lose two). Otherwise it's the Patrick Division all over again.

Either get Seattle and Quebec City, or lose Phoenix and Florida.

But either way, some teams are always going to be pissed that they aren't in the east. Nashville, Columbus and Detroit will have to draw straws.
2013-02-25 01:46:35 AM  
2 votes:
one star for a team in portland or seattle and one more team in canada.

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2013-02-25 12:47:53 AM  
2 votes:
As a wings fan, I like it.  The faux rivalry with Nashville never really interested me.
2013-02-26 12:59:01 PM  
1 vote:

Gosling: Di Atribe: And the argument about putting hockey in cities that only see snow "once every 20 years" is asinine. Unless the other teams are playing their games outside, geography is irrelevant. We can freeze shiat now. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY

The shiat that needs to freeze is the lake. If the lake isn't freezing, there's no underlying winter-sports culture and you can't force one.

Except that the Stars presence has caused an explosion in youth hockey in Texas:  http://unitedstatesofhockey.com/2011/05/23/raw-numbers-hockeys-growth - in-the-united-states-1990-2009/

State: Texas
NHL Team: Dallas Stars (Moved to Dallas in 1993)
1990-91: 868
2009-10: 10,909
Growth: 1,156.8%

Hell, I grew up watching a local Original Six team and didn't start playing hockey until I moved to the DFW area.

Oh, and the number 1 draft prospect this year, Seth Jones, is from the Dallas area.
2013-02-26 03:14:10 AM  
1 vote:

Gosling: I think we've proved definitively with the Thrashers and Coyotes that when it comes to hockey, you can take your market sizes and throw them out the goddamned window. It doesn't matter how many people you have in a city. If they only see snow once every 20 years, they're generally a bad place for a hockey team. That is why they moved a team from Atlanta to a place an hour north of North Dakota. On paper, that's a terrible decision. In hockey, it was an obvious decision.

Atlanta and Dallas are two different cities, Atlanta doesn't support any of their pro teams all that much. Dallas (and Texas in general) is also a more important market than either Phoenix (and Arizona) or Atlanta (and Georgia). Plus, it seems pretty asinine to move out of a market like Dallas when they finally have a new owner and they are actually selling out games for the first time in a few years (despite having the same ~.500 record they've had in the last few years). The Stars just don't seem like a smart team to relocate, especially to some small city like Quebec City or Hamilton. Go ahead and move Phoenix, but moving Dallas would be just as stupid as moving LA or San Jose.

/DFW actually snows at least once a year, I think Atlanta might be similar.
2013-02-25 08:45:12 PM  
1 vote:

desertgeek: Central: Minnesota, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Florida

Pittsburgh without Philly? Toronto without Montreal?

Um no.
2013-02-25 04:18:19 PM  
1 vote:
Here's a novel concept.   Split however makes the most sense for travel, but get rid of this retarded notion that div. leaders get automatic top seeds in the playoffs.
2013-02-25 12:54:12 PM  
1 vote:

Watubi: As a Pacific Div team fan can I just say that I'm sick of hearing Detroit fans and players complain about travel?  Cry me a river, try playing on the West Coast.  And, the NHL COULD make a schedule that evens out team travel amongst all teams but it would never happen.  If one Eastern team had to make, heaven forbid, TWO trips out west, there'd be hell to pay

It isn't just about the travel, farkwad. It's also about how us Detroiters live in the Eastern Time Zone, and have to deal with games starting at 10pm or 10:30pm way too frequently. Contrary to what idiots like to say, we do have jobs over here. We do have to wake up early in the morning to go to these jobs. We can't just be up all night watching hockey. And it gets ten times worse in the playoffs if games go into overtime.

Ooh, you like the Pacific. Where you can pretty much watch every game played on TV without messing up your sleep schedule. Your teams rarely travel out East. Most of the teams you play are relatively close. Boo hoo. You're right, you have it so much worse.
2013-02-25 12:28:49 PM  
1 vote:

mjohnson71: Add a team in either Seattle or Portland then another team in Hamilton to make the league 32. Then have four 8-team divisions.

You misspelled Quebec City.
2013-02-25 11:58:28 AM  
1 vote:
I can't stand uneven conference/division alignments.  It drove me mad for years with MLB but I at least could understand it because of the AL/NL thing.  But creating that situation when you have any number of alternatives on the table?  Fark that noise.

Besides, what's the point of any alignment plan when probably two of the teams on it have no chance of remaining where they are presently.  And there's still this insane talk of the NHL expanding again which I simply cannot farking believe.
2013-02-25 11:44:06 AM  
1 vote:

Donnchadha: flak attack: As a Pens fan, I say no.  I'm tired of being sold this idea that the Caps are our rivals.  Quite frankly, I couldn't give a shiat about that team and I don't want to hear more talk about them.  Throw them to the other Eastern group, send Detroit back west and we'll take the Preds.

Are you new to hockey or something? You think the Pens/Caps rivalry is just about Sid vs. Ovie?

The Penguins have never won the Stanley Cup if they did not beat Washington in the playoffs that year.

April 24, 1996 was more of a rivalry defining game than the entire 7 game series in 2009.

God, that game was epic. Still should have gone the other way though...
2013-02-25 11:28:45 AM  
1 vote:

flak attack: As a Pens fan, I say no.  I'm tired of being sold this idea that the Caps are our rivals.  Quite frankly, I couldn't give a shiat about that team and I don't want to hear more talk about them.  Throw them to the other Eastern group, send Detroit back west and we'll take the Preds.

Are you new to hockey or something? You think the Pens/Caps rivalry is just about Sid vs. Ovie?

The Penguins have never won the Stanley Cup if they did not beat Washington in the playoffs that year.

April 24, 1996 was more of a rivalry defining game than the entire 7 game series in 2009.
2013-02-25 11:28:24 AM  
1 vote:

notsosilentbob: All of the realignment proposals that the NHL has been working on start with the premise of moving Detroit to the Eastern conference. The problem is that it doesn't address the problem they have now that was caused by the Thrashers move to Winnipeg and forces absurd compromises (Florida and Canadian franchises in the same division?) in order to make the situation work. The easiest solution, simply move Nashville to the southeast and call it a day. Yes, there are other teams more East or more South that could be moved, but this keeps all of the Detroit, Chicago, St Louis historical rivalries in place. Leaving Chicago alone in the west as the only original six team is a very bad idea.

This looks like essentially the same plan the players association rejected last time, maybe they cleaned up the language regarding the playoffs and hope it will pass this time. It's still a turd, unless you're a Wings fan.

This is an intended feature not a problem.  The amount of Habs and leafs fans that go down to Florida to watch their team play is absurd.  The NHL wouldn't probably refuse any realignment that does not have Florida/Tampa in the same division as the Canadian teams.
2013-02-25 11:17:19 AM  
1 vote:

flak attack: As a Pens fan, I say no.  I'm tired of being sold this idea that the Caps are our rivals.  Quite frankly, I couldn't give a shiat about that team and I don't want to hear more talk about them.  Throw them to the other Eastern group, send Detroit back west and we'll take the Preds.

Right, because they didn't spend 11 seasons in together in the Patrick division, or meet 8 times in the playoffs since 1991 (7 times between 91 and 01). And those were between some of the best teams either club has ever had. 8 times a season, plus first round of the playoffs, almost like clockwork. They most certainly were the Pens biggest rival. As much as I dislike the Flyers, it was always the Caps. Man, knocking the Washington out of the playoffs used to be tradition.

As a Pens fan, I miss that.

/Caps fans maybe not so much.
2013-02-25 11:14:23 AM  
1 vote:
Jimmy Howard told the Detroit Free Press "The travel takes years off of all our lives."

Boo-farking-hoo.  fark you Jimmy Howard.

2013-02-25 10:48:01 AM  
1 vote:
A sensible realignment plan would be to eliminate two teams and resolve the situations currently in flux before doing anything.  I look forward to the next realignment plan, sometime in the year 2015.
2013-02-25 10:36:38 AM  
1 vote:
Here are the three options I posted on the hockey forum I run:

Easy solution:

Nashville to the southeast, Winnipeg to the central. Still a number of less than ideal situations, but the fewest number of moving parts.

Medium solution:

Nashville to the southeast, Minnesota to the central, Winnipeg to the Northwest

More involved:

Nashville to the southeast, Dallas to the central, Colorado to the Pacific and Winnipeg to the northwest.

I think they all make far more sense than what Detroit and the NHL are pushing.
2013-02-25 09:52:25 AM  
1 vote:

desertgeek: Conference 1: Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Florida, Montreal, Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Toronto (Call this an Eastern Conference?)

Thats Gonna Leave a Mark Conference

Conference 2: Carolina, Columbus, New Jersey, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington (Mid-Atlantic Conference?)
Crosby Conference

Conference 3: Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Minnesota, Nashville, St. Louis, Winnipeg (Central Conf.?)
Great Pains Conference

Conference 4: Anaheim, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Jose, Vancouver (Western Conf.?)
Never on TV Conference
2013-02-25 09:37:56 AM  
1 vote:
Here's another Red Wings fan who likes the new alignment.  Any plan that reduces the number of times Detroit has to travel out west and increasing the games we have against members of the original six is fine by me.

And I never looked upon Nashville as a rivalry.
2013-02-25 09:24:08 AM  
1 vote:
One 30-team league.

2 games against each other team (29 home, 29 away)
3rd game against 24 of 29 other teams on a rotating basis (12 home, 12 away)

Top 16 make the playoffs regardless of geography.
Everyone has an almost identical schedule. At most you will have 5 games different than any other team.

Screw the people that want to sell "divisional champions" hats.  Anyone who buys a divisional championship hat deserves to be cockpunched anyway.

So the conference championship trophies go away - so what, none of the players want to touch them anyway.
2013-02-25 09:14:13 AM  
1 vote:
I'm still seeing hockey teams south of Virginia, so it's still not right.
2013-02-25 08:33:03 AM  
1 vote:
Problem solved:

i48.tinypic.comView Full Size
2013-02-25 08:23:54 AM  
1 vote:
Back when the conferences and divisions were named after people, not regions, it did not matter that the league flunked geography.
2013-02-25 07:52:56 AM  
1 vote:
As a Wings fan, I will enjoy our Triple Overtime playoff games better when I don't have to stay up until 3am to watch them on a work night - at least until the Cup Finals, at which point I don't mind staying up late.

There is something to be said for not having to constantly play evening games 3 time zones off. It's easier to head east than it is heading west for a team's stamina. Also, now that the Avs are no longer a credible rivalry, we will have far fewer games at altitude.

I can see the Red Wings thriving in the East.
2013-02-25 01:21:53 AM  
1 vote:
This plan is just as stupid as before. Hey NHL: 30 isn't divisible by 4. Knock it off with the 4 unbalanced divisions crap. Because your inevitable solution to that morass will be "hey! two more teams! BRILLIANT!"

Piss on divisional playoffs too, that also creates unfair imbalances

Just switch Winnipeg and Nashville and keep everything else the damn same.
2013-02-25 12:53:34 AM  
1 vote:

Popcorn Johnny: As a Wings fan, I like it.

Fourthed. I'll be sad to be losing the rivalry with Chicago, just like I was when we lost the games with Toronto, but the chance to play against Montreal, Toronto and Boston on a regular basis is just too cool for words. I feel for Nashville (as much as you can feel for an expansion team), but this is a good move.
2013-02-25 12:00:40 AM  
1 vote:
Horrible article. Show us the alignment in Conference Standings fashion.

I didn't want to waste a lot of time reading the paragraphs and trying to figure out who was moving where.
2013-02-24 11:03:54 PM  
1 vote:
What a surprise, the loser is pretty clearly Nashville.  Our rivals are the Red Wings.  Any Predators fan will tell you our first and biggest rivals are the Red Wings.  It's something they cultivated from the start, and several playoff series solidified.  But hey, fark over Tennessee, the fanbase is central to the state, so the NHL can pretend we don't exist.
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