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(Daily Mail)   Doctor Who: Loveable misunderstood Timelord, or RUTHLESS NAZI-FIGHTING INTELLIGENCE AGENT DURING WWII?   ( divider line
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2013-02-26 02:33:36 PM  

HopScotchNSoda: To be fair, Moffatt has some continuity plot holes, such as Anthony  Brian Williams' apparent absence from his son's wedding (never met the Doctor nor seen the TARDIS until they were on the Silurian Ark), but Mels' regeneration issue seems to have been intentionally written.

100 Watt Walrus: she doesn't "like" weddings, whatever

She apparently gets that from her grandfather.  At least <i>her</i> absence was acknowledged, unlike his.

On a related issue, after Anthony became a <i>de facto</i> companion, did they tell him about his granddaughter, and their old black buddy who disappeared after stealing a car before they moved to London was her?  I presume that adult River was never introduced to him (at least not in terms of their relation), based upon Rory's letter that Anthony delivered - Rory notes that he recognises how odd it must be for Brian to have a grandson older than himself, but doesn't continue with "it was weird to be younger than my daughter" (although Rory was not only in his 20s & 30s, but was concurrently nearly 2,000 years old. and remembers his Auton "life".)
2013-02-26 03:10:25 PM  

OhioKnight: 100 Watt Walrus: \much as I like my Who, that sudden appearance of the bff Mels was awkwardly shoehorned into a much longer story arc.

You mean "Trial of a Time Lord?"

That was Mel (no "s").  That brings up a detail that I had not considered.  Was Melody/Mels intentionally named as a reference back to the first out-of-sequence companion?  Sure, "The Five Doctors" created a bunch of continuity problems concerning that sort of thing (i.e., why didn't the Doctor recognise later [his perspective] companions when he met them before [companion/audience perspective]), but was completely un-addressed and swept under the rug. Mel was the only companion in the classic era to be created as being out of sequence with the Doctor, each already knowing the other when the other met them. That was supposed to have been explored after her introduction in "Trial of a Time Lord", but Colin Baker's firing threw a monkey wrench into those plans.

To be sure, that was something that should have come up more in the classic era and that it didn't until the next-to-last companion is quite odd in retrospect, but it has now been done to death in the revived era. Melody/Mels/River is only the most elaborate example. Baby Rose met Nine, adult Rose met Ten, young Mickey met Nine, adult quasi-companion Jackie met both Nine & Ten, Martha met Ten going to work a little while before his several hours younger self met her, the Face of Boe considered the Doctor his "old friend" and may be Jack's older self, Elizabeth I regarded Ten as her mortal enemy before (from his perspective) he abandoned her in her relative past, Amelia was in the presence of Eleven & the TARDIS when her adult self bought her an ice cream cone a year or two before he met her, quasi-companion Canton met the Doctor & the Ponds/Williamses after they met his elderly self.
2013-02-27 05:19:24 PM  
For the last damned time, the show is called "Doctor Who". The character's name is "The Doctor".
2013-02-27 06:50:02 PM  

aphyd: For the last damned time, the show is called "Doctor Who". The character's name is "The Doctor".

Except in the movies and the War Machines.
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