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(Daily Mail)   Jennifer Lawrence stays in touch with her "best friend" from middle school who has Down syndrome. And the Oscar goes to   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2013-02-25 09:56:25 PM  

fozziewazzi: Damn, she won.  That means no boobs.  At least, no boobs until they've almost reached the expiration date.

Kate Winslet suggests that you rethink that math.
2013-02-26 06:38:29 AM  

i_got_no_strings: I just assume that anyone who thinks Jennifer Lawrence was too fat to play Katniss didn't actually read the books, same as with anyone who thought Rue was white. Katniss mentally compares herself to the tributes from other impoverished districts and decides that she is considerably more strong and fit than they are, thanks to her hunting proficiency. She's not as muscular and well-fed as the contestants from the rich districts, but she's far from emaciated. She makes the same comparison between members of her and Gale's families with the general condition of people in District 12, noting that their families eat better than just about anyone on the poor side of town. Just because Katniss nearly starved to death when she was eleven doesn't mean that she still had to be emaciated at sixteen.

I have more sympathy for people who thought Jennifer Lawrence was too tall to play Katniss, especially with Josh Hutcherson in the Peeta role, but I think they managed to make that part work. Hutcherson was a much more unlikely Peeta than Lawrence was a Katniss.

Furthermore, none of this was in the movie and didn't need any explanation.  The book is the book, and the movie is the movie.  I have never read the book, and when I saw the movie, it never occurred to me that, "Hey, she should be starving thin!"  Only later when I read about people's expectations of the movie compared to the book did I learn that she was "supposed" to be starving.  But that's the problem right there:  people are comparing the movie to the book.  Always a big mistake; books are merely sources of adaptation and don't need to be faithfully rendered as-is.

Whatever is in the book, the movie is self-consistent and the fact that she isn't starving isn't any kind of a "mistake".  People just get too married to their books, that's all.
2013-02-26 06:40:57 AM  
Oh, and also, JL is the uber-hawt.
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