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(Daily Star)   Britain's thriftiest MILF beats recession by recycling tea bags three times, stealing toilet paper from public bathrooms and making her kids watch telly in the dark (w/pic)   ( dailystar.co.uk) divider line
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2013-02-24 02:57:09 AM  
4 votes:
Part-time cleaner Keeley and printer Darren send their kids to school with free pens and pencils from bookies and catalogue shops.

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Wot's this I 'ear about you swoipin' my pens?

I'm a penny pincher moiself. Errol, tell 'em 'ow I save money at the pig farm, that's a good chap.
2013-02-24 03:30:01 AM  
3 votes:
oh that's nothing, back when she was single she would even save money using condoms three times. forst was the regular way, second time inside-out, third time = bubble gum.

-- you folks bragging about eating for pennies a day are joyless human rabbits. food is one of life's great adventures and pleasures. if you are too cheap to enjoy decent meals i pity your miserly arses.

my brother eats like a forest creature, has to take the bus to work because his old van is always broke down, dresses like a pauper, lives in a dangerous low rent 'hood and always plays the i'm broke woe is me poverty card. in his living room is at least $150,000.00 of musical instruments and recording gear. that's his priority and his passion, which is fine, but it skews the rest of his life.

one of my sisters doesn't even have a proper set of cookware or drapes on the windows; she takes cheap / self-sacrifice to the point of being Amish. her four bedroom house on a large parcel of lakefront property is worth over $500,000.00. she somehow equates living a spartan lifestyle brings her closer to her God.

life is too short. rack up those credit cards, enjoy yourself and die broke. your kids hate you anyway.
2013-02-24 03:26:46 AM  
3 votes:
WTF is the Daily Star? It looks like a site for people who find The Sun too elitist.
2013-02-24 04:53:51 AM  
2 votes:
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2013-02-24 09:53:14 AM  
1 vote:
Who uses toilet paper?

/why does my finger smell?
2013-02-24 08:27:42 AM  
1 vote:
In the dark?  How can they tell if there's a penguin on it?
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2013-02-24 07:33:18 AM  
1 vote:
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2013-02-24 03:39:34 AM  
1 vote:

neilbradley: 6 Sheets? In my household, that'd mean replacing underwear faster and going through laundry because of the mountain of skidmarks it'd create. On occasion, I've been known to go through an entire ROLL.

My rule is to use what I need. I can pretty much guarantee that at the very least it will be 6 sheets.

I don't want any shiat left on my ass and I certainly don't want any on my hands.

I have never needed a whole roll. A couple of times I have just said fark this, I'm taking a shower, but I never used anywhere near a whole roll.

Seriously, toilet paper is cheap. There are a lot of other ways to cut costs before you start rationing toilet paper.

I buy it so rarely that I'm not even sure of the cost, but when I do buy it, I buy the biggest package they sell and it can't be more than $20 and it lasts a year or so.

I did steal some when I was in college once but stealing crappy toilet paper is a pain in the ass. Spend a few bucks and get yourself some Charmin or Angel Soft. Come on, live a little! Enjoy the luxuries of life.
2013-02-24 03:32:05 AM  
1 vote:

neilbradley: jimmyego: "And ration loo paper at home - six sheets are enough per visit!

And how did you come up with 6 sheets formula bespoke for all mankind?

We use teabags 3 times - you're crazy not to

Utterly foul.

"When my kids are opening birthday or Christmas presents, I never let them rip open the wrapping paper - I make them take it off carefully so I can use it again."

Woo-hoo Christmas fun!

6 Sheets? In my household, that'd mean replacing underwear faster and going through laundry because of the mountain of skidmarks it'd create. On occasion, I've been known to go through an entire ROLL.

Either Homer backing into the hedge.gif or weirdest boner.jpg.

You choose.
2013-02-24 02:58:42 AM  
1 vote:
I love how she gets free stuff at a restaurant (due to her complaining) and then complains AGAIN to the home office and gets more freebies, then farkING BRAGS ABOUT IT like she's some sort of genius.

I have no issue with complaining when service or products are (pointedly) subpar. I'm actually pretty good at getting at least some token of apology when I write my complaint emails or speak to a manager. (Which happens like once a year, at most.) 

This biatch is taking it to a whole new level though....you don't busdrive the manager of the place after he's already comped you freebies and you're happy. I wonder how many people read this article and are like "Oh, I know this biatch!"

Hopefully her little gravy train will come to an end now that she's gotten publicity.

I don't begrudge anyone trying to make ends meet, even if they have to be a little shady (and while I don't know much about the economy/her public assistance status over there, those numbers sound awfully bad)...but don't shove it in everyone's face.
2013-02-24 02:46:27 AM  
1 vote:

Badgers: Being a thief saves you money, at the expense of others. News at eleven.

Next time there no paper in the loo, I'm blaming this coont.

Working on English accent.
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