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(ABC News)   Washington Governor announces leaking radioactive waste at nuclear site poses no immediate risk to public safety or environment...because it will need a while to reach groundwater. Former Iraqi Information Minister nods approvingly   ( divider line
    More: Scary, Natural Resources Committee, weapons-grade plutonium, Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Jay Inslee  
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2013-02-23 10:40:09 AM  
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Alonjar: "they're holding two-thirds of the nation's high-level nuclear waste."

"An estimated 1 million gallons of radioactive liquid has already leaked there."

Nice. Morons.

Cant believe they canceled the Yucca mountain project.

I'm usually the first one to point out the flaws and dangers involved with nuclear power, but 99% of the waste at Hanford is a legacy of our nation's nuclear weapons program. Even if Yucca Mountain was open today, it wouldn't accept Hanford's waste for another few centuries. That's because the waste isn't something simple like spent fuel rods. It instead is millions of gallons of instantly lethal, corrosive radioactive sludge, with the consistency of peanut butter.

The only potential solution we have is to move the sludge over to slightly better reinforced double walled tanks (out of their currently single walled storage tanks). Step two is to finish the vitrification plant, which is supposed to turn that sludge into a more stable and less radioactive glass-like bricks.

The problem is that the 'vit' plant is decades behind in construction, already many billions over budget, and there seems to be a constant stream of whistleblowers involved who say it's being halfassed in both engineering and construction.

There is already a sizable radioactive plume of material underground that is very close to the Columbia River, with more material being added daily. Once it hits the second largest waterway in the USA (and major metropolitan areas down river) just wait for the shiat to hit the fan.

/former news reporter on the Hanford area
2013-02-24 12:07:05 AM  
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2013-02-23 06:05:22 PM  
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bratface: Yes I know it comes down to money. I live in Washington State and have heard about the evils of Hanford all my life. I was hoping something would be done in my lifetime.

They have been doing "something" for years.  It's not just as easy as sucking out the tanks and vitrifying the waste.  The tanks now contain large quantities of "goop" and solids that can't easily be pumped to the treatment plant.  They actually use remove control tractors which they lower into the tanks to push the goop and solids around and mix it with water so it can be pumped out.
2013-02-23 01:58:08 PM  
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Slam1263: As a OR/WA resident all of my life, I completely understand that this will never be resolved in my lifetime.

Or at least until they stop spending 5 BILLION DOLLARS a year on the damned thing.

I actually worked on the design for the medium level waste separation operation at Hanford.  Any time you have to deal with radioactive waste this hot, the cost skyrockets.  Ten years ago, you would just multiple anything by around 1050 to get the actual cost of construction.
2013-02-23 08:57:29 AM  
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bborchar: If only there were some site in the middle of nowhere that nuclear waste could be stored safely and without any fear of contaminating anything...

but.....but....but.....  Sometime in the next ten million years there could be a magnitude 2 or 3 earthquake there, which could possibly shift the nearly indestructible transport casks literally dozens of millimeters from the location where they were orinally placed.  That would be far, far worse than radioactive water leaching into the ground water in an inhabited area.
2013-02-23 08:54:06 AM  
1 vote:
No rich people at risk? No problem!
2013-02-23 08:34:43 AM  
1 vote:
Yet nuclear is still killing fewer people per watt-hour than wind farms.
2013-02-23 08:31:12 AM  
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If only there were some site in the middle of nowhere that nuclear waste could be stored safely and without any fear of contaminating anything...
2013-02-23 08:28:17 AM  
1 vote:
It's not all bad news. At least I will be able to see my water glass in the dark now.
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