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(CNN)   Tech news postulates that Apple is losing its cool. This is not a repeat of every year since 1984   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2013-02-23 02:16:38 AM  
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"What is this I'm hearing about Apple?"
2013-02-23 04:18:28 AM  

Lexx: farkeruk: The last decade for Apple is, more than anything, about electronic components getting good enough that they could go portable. Where Apple made it's money was on being at the forefront of what was going on with that.

The problem for Apple is the same one that hit camera manufacturers a few years ago: eventually you hit a point that the stuff does pretty much what people want it to do. No-one much cares about what the cutting-edge is doing, because the utility value of a 15mp camera over an 8mp one is about nil. If you drop your camera and break it, you'll like that you can now get a 15mp one, but most people aren't going to throw out an 8mp one. And even then, a lot of them will find

I've just had a contract renewal and it's the first ever that I've not gone for an upgrade, and instead opted for a discount on my phone contract and I'm keeping my Nexus S. Sure, it ain't as nippy as a Galaxy S3, but I'll trade waiting an extra 2 seconds for an app to open for £15/month.

I don't know about you but after 2 years, my mobile devices have a fraction of their original battery life and are falling apart due to repeated drops.  Combine battery losses, wear & tear, and app store games requiring higher-end specs, and you get a constant need of refreshed devices.  I'm not even taking into account the current work/research into augmented reality apps and Google Glass & similar products, which really will be the future.

I don`t know about you but I have a couple of spare batteries. They are handy if you go out or abroad a lot. My battery life is about 3-4 days in total before I need to find a power outlet. I haven`t found the limits of my current phone so I don`t see the need to upgrade and have limits I am not experiencing that are further away. The future will be more apparent (and slightly cheaper) once it is a little in the past...
2013-02-23 07:32:10 AM  

Shakin_Haitian: Dissociater: theurge14: For the last farking time, it's not about "being cool".  It's about having something that works exceptionally well.  Yes, there are always the handful of idiots who really do think it's just about a status symbol, but the rest of us are glad to use a product that doesn't suck balls in some major way.  Brand loyalty is built up over time when the whole "doesn't suck balls" thing is discovered to be true for a number of different products.

These "tech reporters" who write click-gathering articles like this aren't getting it.  "Cool factor" is not only factor here, or even the major one.  Otherwise all the products listed would've been chucked away and rejected by people long ago.  iPods have been around for 12 years now.  iPhone has been around for 6 and more or less looks about the same.  The current Macbook form factor has been around for about 7 years.  Same with the iMac line.  "Cool factor" doesn't apply to that sort of timeline.

I'd buy that if the average person put in any sort of thought or research into figuring out the best product for them instead of just what's on TV the most.

Who cares? Phones are all basically the same now, except for some silly stats that only about 3% of users actually care about or will even utilize to the fullest extent.

Something dumb that I see people do is fixate on one model of phone they want, and go out and choose a carrier because they feature that phone. I live in Venice, CA, and the alley behind my house is perpetually full of hipsters shouting into their supercool smartphones that don't work because their carrier is shiat..
2013-02-23 09:19:46 AM  
When was Apple EVER cool?
2013-02-23 10:05:51 AM  

TNel: elchip: If I wanted a phone with an interface that looked like it was designed 6 years ago, I'd get an iPhone.

(And if I wanted a phone with an interface that looked like it was designed 16 years ago, I'd get a Windows Phone.)

Hey the interface of the Windows Phone is pretty slick.  I actually miss it now that I have my S3 but it's only because I was so used to how it was.  It's intergration was very nice, as much as I hate Zune, Keis can't hold a candle to it.  How the hell can't it sync right is beyond me, for pictures and videos.  I tell it to sync but it doesn't, I have the sync when Keis opens but nothing.  All that it is good for is making a backup and even that is garbage you can't take a phone image with the software unlike Zune which will.

Hate WP all you want but they do have a good platform and good software to go with it.

List of launchers that emulate WP
2013-02-23 12:09:54 PM  
Since when did fark care about feebs and the elderly?
2013-02-23 12:23:17 PM  
Meh. Use what you like.

It is hard to deny, given Apple's history, that losing Jobs is a serious problem.
2013-02-23 12:56:03 PM  

BumpInTheNight: tinyarena: [t3.gstatic.com image 225x225]
You want 'cool?'
Retro is cool

Battery last for three days
You can throw it at a dog
No pics, texting sucks, no email

If you want to call me, call me
or not

Amen, mine can sometimes go a week without needing a charge and it costs me virtually nothing to maintain it.  Mind you I pretty much never use it any ways but screw this keeping up with the jones phones and all the ridiculous bullshiat surrounding them.  People are free to pay sometimes $100/month for three years plus a few hundred for the phones, I'll happily spend that money on more important things like beer, whores and blackjack.

Ugh, that used to be me.  I was stubbornly proud of my slightly-better-than-Amish communication capabilities.

I upgraded when my ancient, shiatty Motorola flip phone (no camera, no external LCD, no speakerphone, with a stubby little antenna) finally expired last year.

Now if my brain and hands are not otherwise occupied, I have an annoying compulsion to check my email and Fark.  It took me a while to get used to having to charge the phone daily or risk running down the battery.

Buying a smartphone is like having kids - I can't imagine what life was like before, and I can't really say I regret doing it, but life is somewhat more complicated now and certainly more expensive.

So... don't do it!  Hold on to that Luddite phone as long as you can!
2013-02-24 03:06:16 AM  
How cool can you be when your computers are built for children and can't run anything a real computer can run? And your phones are so dumbed down retarded grandma has one, while the cheap korean knockoff phone at a third of the price has the features the iphone won't be seeing for another 3 iterations if ever? lol
2013-02-24 08:21:01 AM  

theurge14: Mikey1969: theurge14:
Scroll text smoothly, for instance?  Or have the OS updated in a timely manner without waiting years for the carrier to do something about it.

I really dig the freedom to download malware from all sorts of app repositories.  Also the ability to root and put Cyanogen Mod on the phone is pretty tits, you know, to replace the boring default stuff on there.  Oh, can't forget Apple's arrogance in determining that the ability to put an animation as my default wallpaper is pretty offense, I mean, who are they to tell me I can't put a wallpaper on my phone that will eat my battery in 2 hours on there?

I'm not one to take sides in this debate, got the gf an iphone 4s for her bday last summer and she's pretty happy with it, I use it from time to time.

But I recently got a Nexus 4 android phone and none of the things you're referring to are an issue. I don't know what "scroll text smoothly" means but I can read things easily when scrolling fast or slow on webpages and lists. The OS was just updated last week actually, 3 days after Google announced the rollout. I've never rooted and don't care about that but the fact that people being able to customize with ROMs  if they desire tois somehow a negative in your mind is pretty funny.  If you have 2 braincells to rub together you can avoid malware easily, in the same way that most people know not to click on email links from nigerian princes. And the phone came with an animated wallpaper and I charge the thing overnight every other night with pretty regular usage at work that is about 10x longer than 2 hours... it also takes a millisecond to long press the screen and click 'change wallpaper' to a static image.

Got nothing against Apple but your arguments don't really hold water, just because Apple decided choice was a bad thing doesn't make it so. No one forces you to operate on those available options like ROMs, You act like buying an Android forces you to do any of that, like if using Linux forced you to use a command line 24/7 for the rest of time. Different strokes for different folks, both OS's are fine and brand soldiers are just doing themselves a disservice pretending Apple/Google is shiat just because they just gave some money to Google/Apple.
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