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2013-02-21 07:59:22 PM  
No "You Could Be Mine", Guns n' Roses, Terminator 2?
2013-02-21 08:42:44 PM  
You know those headlines that usually say "something you disagree with to the left, a million examples of why to the right"?  Ya, this is gonna be one of those threads.  And deservedly so.  Because RS sucks.

I'll start: "Don't Stop Me Now" in  Shaun of the Dead.
2013-02-21 08:45:03 PM  

Mugato: No "You Could Be Mine", Guns n' Roses, Terminator 2?

The only time I remember that song appearing in the movie was blaring out of John's boom box while he and his friend were riding his dirtbike to the mall, before either of the terminators made contact. Not exactly an epic moment. Now, the music video for that song was pretty freakin' good.
2013-02-21 09:10:33 PM  
I was disappointed this wasn't about rock n roll movies but rock n roll songs used in movies like #2, A Hard Day's Night. No Gimmie Shelter, Candy, not even Stop Making Sense.

And they forgot the Banana Splits theme song in "Kick Ass" where Hit Girl stabs in.

For shame ...
2013-02-21 09:22:56 PM  
Sigh... I've only seen four of those.

I really should just go hardcore netflix and hulu. But I really don't have the attention span for doing movies all the time.

/No Repo Man?
2013-02-21 09:26:22 PM  
"Life At Last" by Beef

/Phantom of the Paradise
2013-02-21 09:27:26 PM  
"Shoot to Thrill"

/Ironman 2
2013-02-21 09:28:14 PM  
No "Moving In Stereo" , "Lunatic Fringe", or "Stuck In The Middle With You"?

Oh wait, it's Rolling Stone.
2013-02-21 09:29:34 PM  

2013-02-21 09:30:58 PM  
Hmmm, not saying it's number one, but, no love for Sugar High from Empire Records?
2013-02-21 09:31:05 PM  
No Katrina and the Waves?

img826.imageshack.usView Full Size
2013-02-21 09:31:55 PM  
"Bohemian Rhapsody"

/Wayne's World
2013-02-21 09:33:10 PM  
"Twist and Shout"

/Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2013-02-21 09:38:16 PM  
According to Rolling Stone, so that leaves out most of the good ones.
2013-02-21 09:40:24 PM  
That's a big fail of a list.  As others have said, leaves out Twist in Shout, which is probably one of the top ten music moments in movies ever.

And they went with that scene from Casino, instead of the House of the Rising Sun scene?
2013-02-21 09:42:42 PM  
The end of School of Rock when the kids go out and obliterate No Vacancy.
2013-02-21 09:44:16 PM  

bump: "Bohemian Rhapsody"

/Wayne's World

It's #4.

Eufah Kennidiets: "Stuck In The Middle With You"?

Only one Tarantino entry per list allowed.
2013-02-21 09:45:04 PM  
Two of the great entrances in film:

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" in Mean Streets

"The Hurricane" in Dazed and Confused
2013-02-21 09:48:10 PM  
Music played over the credits is not a "rock and roll movie moment".  Sorry.
2013-02-21 09:48:39 PM  
How long has Rolling Stone been irrelevant? I'm going with...hell, it's been a loooooong time.
2013-02-21 09:48:47 PM  
A slide show, eh?

s3.amazonaws.comView Full Size
2013-02-21 09:55:00 PM  
Good list, buuuuuuut:

"Something In The Air Tonight" Phil Collins in "Risky Business" perhaps the greatest rocknroll moment in film

Also 2! not one but 2! appearances by Captain Beefheart:
  1.  The song "Hard Workin farked Over Man" in "Blue Collar" was the great opening sequence where factory sounds were an integral part of the music.
2.  "Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles" in The Big Lebowski.
2013-02-21 09:56:40 PM  
Only seen three from that list. Needs more: 'twist and shout' (as mentioned above), 'Jailhouse Rock' Blues Brothers, 'Johnny B Goode' BTTF, and 'Jumpin Jack Flash' (mick, mick.... SPEAK ENGLISH!).

/lets do the time warp again
2013-02-21 09:57:57 PM  
Not one mention of Airheads yet? The ridiculous requests (concert rider), taking over the radio station, wiping his ass with his record contract, playing from prison while doing their time there? Sheesh, author of TFA could have filled half the article from that movie alone.
2013-02-21 09:59:27 PM  
No angry Little Richard marching across the front yard in Down and Out In Beverly Hills? Forget it.
2013-02-21 09:59:52 PM  
List wins for including Two Lane Blacktop.
2013-02-21 10:01:18 PM  
The Big Chill.
2013-02-21 10:01:19 PM  

DrZiffle: Two of the great entrances in film:

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" in Mean Streets

This. Possibly the greatest juxtaposition of character introduction and a rock song in screen history.
2013-02-21 10:01:30 PM  
George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone" in the opening scene of "Christine" doesn't make the top 30? Link

2013-02-21 10:02:53 PM  
Pretty much all of the music moments in either Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction are golden.
2013-02-21 10:05:45 PM  
Seriously, no "Johnny B. Goode" in Back to the Future?
2013-02-21 10:12:36 PM  
"Tooling for Anus" - The Meatmen

/Steel Magnolias
2013-02-21 10:13:36 PM  
Deslidefied (No video)
2013-02-21 10:16:19 PM  
johnrieber.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
List fails with out PJ Soles singing "Rock n Roll High School" in Rock n Roll High School.

/Oh, and the Ramones were very good in it, too.
2013-02-21 10:16:28 PM  
I would nominate this as one of the best.

2013-02-21 10:16:57 PM  
List fails without Joey Ramone singing to Riff Randall as she gets high in her bedroom in "Rock and Roll High School."
2013-02-21 10:25:56 PM  
i2.ytimg.comView Full Size

Probably not a fair choice given the movie, but this scene was arguably its most iconic.
2013-02-21 10:30:21 PM  
2013-02-21 10:31:22 PM  
Van Halen - "You Really Got Me"
Over The Edge - 1979
2013-02-21 10:31:46 PM  
I'm not clicking through 30 farking slide show pics.
You're out of your farking mind if you think I'm doing that.

Also, if That Thing You Do isn't mentioned, fark you and fark your list.
2013-02-21 10:35:14 PM  

bearded clamorer: No Easy Rider "Born to be Wild"?

I think the non-remake remake of 'The Weight' is the more iconic moment in that movie.

Also, no love for 'American Graffiti?


Used to drive past that spot every day.
2013-02-21 10:36:37 PM  
2013-02-21 10:42:45 PM  

rickycal78: Not one mention of Airheads yet? The ridiculous requests (concert rider), taking over the radio station, wiping his ass with his record contract, playing from prison while doing their time there? Sheesh, author of TFA could have filled half the article from that movie alone.

Not to mention the cameos by White Zombie and God.
2013-02-21 10:47:10 PM  
worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.comView Full Size
2013-02-21 10:56:40 PM  

fusillade762: No Katrina and the Waves?

[img826.imageshack.us image 850x462]

At the very least "Dry the Rain" by the Beta Band.
2013-02-21 10:57:48 PM  
Allman Brothers "Jessica" in Field of Dreams.
2013-02-21 10:58:20 PM  
The parade scene from ferris bueller.

Half the list isn't rock so it counts
2013-02-21 11:02:43 PM  
Needs "Nowhere Fast" or "Tonight is What it Means to be Young" by Fire Inc in Streets of Fire.
2013-02-21 11:05:14 PM  
I swear I was on the floor when this montage started in "Kick Ass."

manilovefilms.comView Full Size
2013-02-21 11:07:36 PM  
The entire soundtrack of the original Red Dragon movie(Manhunter by Michael Mann)

As someone mentioned Repo Man.

Lost Boys Echo and the BunnyMen doing people are Strange.

Bowie Young Americans Breakfast Club.

La Bamba - Los Lobos ripping Who Do You Love

Crossroads movie, with Steve Vai versus Ralph Machio.
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