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(Bangor Daily News)   Couple that left poodle in such filthy conditions that "Its eyes were shut with feces. It couldn't walk. It couldn't eat" plead not guilty to animal cruelty   ( bangordailynews.com) divider line
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2013-02-21 03:26:37 PM  
A sign in my neighborhood this week:

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2013-02-21 03:35:59 PM  

jaytkay: A sign in my neighborhood this week:

[lh3.googleusercontent.com image 400x300]

2013-02-21 04:00:12 PM  

jaytkay: A sign in my neighborhood this week:

[lh3.googleusercontent.com image 400x300]

If the reward is anything but a bullet travelling at high velocity then justice will have failed.
2013-02-21 04:05:27 PM  
My dog, 'Walter Bishop'...adopted him a month ago after he was returned to the rescue organization after being with a family for nine months.  Their reason for giving him back is that they decided to move, and they chose to rent a house that doesn't allow dogs.  I hope they were blacklisted with every rescue organization in the tristate area.

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/great dog
//loves to hike
///loves turkey-spinach-gouda wraps more
2013-02-21 04:46:44 PM  
What heartless scum. Who leaves an animal in that condition?

I have nightmares about not taking care of long-since passed-away pets, like somehow they're still alive but I can't find them, and I'm afraid they're dying from neglect. But even in my nightmares, they're never *that* bad off.
2013-02-21 04:53:54 PM  
My fiance found our wonderful dog Ivy in a field in Bakersfield.  She was emaciated and out in the middle of nowhere in 100 degree heat.  She is the sweetest dog in the universe and whoever dropped her off should rot in hell.

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2013-02-21 04:58:31 PM  
Adopted a 5-ish year old German Shepherd in 2000.  She weighed 40lbs, had scars around her neck from where she'd obviously been left tied up for long periods, tested positive for Lymes, and her teeth were filed down.  Had to put her down in 2009 because of arthritis due to the Lymes.  Best dog I ever owned, even more surprising since she'd obviously been abused/neglected.

Current dog is a rescued 14-month-old Great Dane.  Owner bought her so he could tell people he owned a Great Dane and barely looked after her.  Left her outside her entire life with a small shelter she probably outgrew in 3 months.  Left food & water for her every day but that was it--never played w/her or paid any attention to her.  Took me hours to coax her into the house because she'd never been in one before.  Now she's this insane, 115-lb. puppy galloping through my house.

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FNG [TotalFark]
2013-02-21 05:39:02 PM  
I'll say the same thing I usually do in these threads.  The humans should be taken into custody and treated exactly the same way they treated the pets.

And then drawn and quartered.

Our 19 year old geriatric rescue kitty (rescued by my girlfriend at one year old) has stage two kidney disease and arthritis.  She is given her meals on her heating pad, on her couch, delivery service style.  She can get around just fine, and does, she just is now used to having her meals brought to her.

And we love doing it.

Don't worry; there is a towel over the heating pad and we keep it on a low setting.  Our vet has approved this.

People that abuse animals, or allow them to be abused, don't deserve any mercy or latitude.

Oh, and to be a fly-on-the-wall when the parents have to explain to their little kids why their precious friends are being taken away, and having to explain why random people come search their home every week.
2013-02-21 05:43:04 PM  
Not going to give a long spiel about my dogs being rescue dogs, but I will say that rescue dogs make great companions. I have three right now and had many over the years.

/Human beings are the true wild animals walking this planet, look around, the proof is everywhere.....
2013-02-21 05:45:44 PM  
I just have to say- if you want to help animals out- but can't keep a pet- go ahead and help out with the rescues-
That, and don't buy a pet from a pet store- get from PREFERABLY a rescue society if you want "purebred", or a no-kill shelter.
//Stanley the Fluffslutoverlord approves this message
//And yes, I agree fuzzy bastard is a term of endearment
2013-02-21 06:04:35 PM  

Arumat: jaytkay: A sign in my neighborhood this week:

[lh3.googleusercontent.com image 400x300]

If the reward is anything but a bullet travelling at high velocity then justice will have failed.

also, we saw a weiner dog in one of those at the dog park awhile back. He zipped along using only his front legs.
i wish I were kidding when I say his name was Skippy.
I'm not the only one to laugh at that so don't judge me.
2013-02-21 07:19:22 PM  

tkwasny: They need a 4-way window pane in a sensory deprivation tank while receiving cattle prod tags at 2/sec.

No, they should do the old Celtic punishment of ripping out one end of these subhuman's intestine, nailing it to a tree, and then forcing them to walk around the tree.
Holy $#!| I just scared myself.
2013-02-21 11:26:50 PM  

Freudian_slipknot: My awful spoiled beast was dumped at the local shelter with a shattered foreleg and a severely damaged eye.  Apparently she had been hit by a car because her former owners didn't bother keeping her leashed and then were unwilling to pay the cost of their irresponsibility.
[farm9.staticflickr.com image 500x333]
 So she was dumped, suffering, but had such a sweet personality even in pain that a local foster group paid to have her rebuilt.  Better. Stronger. Faster.   Now she has me, and a strong harness/leash.

[farm9.staticflickr.com image 500x333]
I'd still push the former owners out in front of a car and leave them to suffer though.

Awww...  What a sweet, bug-eyed, smooshy-faced little gal!  Adorable. :D Glad she found a new chance at life!
2013-02-22 12:06:17 AM  
Our 2 muttlies sharing a nap on the futon with hubby:
s17.postimage.orgView Full Size

Pong (German Shepherd/Beagle)- Was left with his siblings in a box on the side of the road in NC.  :(  We got him from our local rescue at 11 weeks old. He's a smart bugger with a very playful personality.  He's also an expert sandwich bandit.  Very in tune with human emotion, Pong watches over his family and even talks to his bestest pal in the whole world over Skype.  So funny...

Dig Dug (Lab/Hound/Pointer?)- Don't know his backstory, but we got him just a few months after we got Pong.  He was fostered from a shelter in GA by the same rescue.  He was sooo skinny and his fur was so full of dandruff.  He had these big floppy ears and sad hound dog eyes, we couldn't resist taking him home.  We later learned that he is corn and wheat intolerant which is why he wasn't really gaining much weight.  We were already feeding Pong corn-free dog food, but the Milkbones we were treating them with gave Diggie the sharts.  Now he's happy, healthy and the size of an adolescent Lab which is as big as he'll get.  He's the opposite of his adopted brother in smarts, but he's all cuddles and kisses with a hound dog howl that never fails to make me smile.

The asshats in this article need to be tied to a tree and pissed on by every dog that passes by.
2013-02-22 12:24:27 AM  
Althought I'm not an "animal lover" like most of you guys are on here, my hats are off to you for taking these creatures and giving them a home.  I never understood the draw of purebred dogs.  I always thought with all the dogs in the world that were mixed breed (which in my opinion make better pets) that it's a shame to not choose one of them.

Good on you all

/btw, owned by the wife's cat
//little farker loves me more than her and she's the one that picked him out
///probably wants his nuts back. ;)
2013-02-22 09:59:06 AM  
Skowhegan area----the taint of this state. Hope those 2 burn in hell.
2013-02-22 06:00:28 PM  
People suck. Anyone who treats animals cruelly deserves the same fate- I love critters- it's people I find to be much more difficult to handle.

OffTopic: Why do people hate cats so much? I love ALL animals, including dogs, but there seems an unnecessary amount of people who literally "hate" cats. I don't get it-

People suck-
2013-02-22 09:46:02 PM  

Cold_Sassy: 911Jenny: I hate people so goddamn much.

Really, fark those people.   I hope the DO get jail time.

I wouldn't let them have a shower, soap or toilet paper.  No clean clothes, sheets or dishes. No brushing their teeth the whole damn time they were incarcerated and you could only wish it was for a long as that poor dog suffered.

And yet another reason I have you favorited.
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