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(Baltimore Brew)   Bus drives wrong way onto freeway. The scary part is that the bizarre signs make you sympathize with the driver   ( digtriad.com) divider line
    More: Scary, Denver Police, bus drivers, HOV, 9News, Colorado State Patrol, Russell T. Davies, KUSA, Coors Field  
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2013-02-20 10:59:21 PM  

sethen320: IRQ12: Well it was nice of the officer(s) to give the person a ticket that includes jail time and probably the loss of their license for an easily explained misunderstanding.

Ohh yea, I forgot there is absolutely no room for accidents that can be let go with a warning.

Yeah, I noticed that.  Didn't the article say the freaking sign was wrong?

Not wrong but obviously confusing, not what you would ticket someone for when a like ticket would be for road racing and stuff.
2013-02-20 11:20:57 PM  
encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.comView Full Size
2013-02-20 11:30:27 PM  

HempHead: [encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com image 231x218]

i saw something like that going into silver spring.. it's like "saving money by hacking street signs, for dummies"
2013-02-20 11:31:02 PM  
Not technically a wrong way:

We had a construction zone where is very easy to miss the eastbound exit and wind up going westbound, instead. Most people wound up making a U-turn on the first light of the surface streets. Residents complained about this. The city then decided to add a 'no U turn/no left turn' sign, so that everyone turned off the second intersection, instead. They put another sign there, and on the third, and the fourth, and so on down the entire length of town, past the business strip.

Apparently, city management never realized that these people are still going the opposite way, and still need to turn around, somehow; apparently expecting everyone to go all the way around the planet.
2013-02-21 02:02:59 AM  
So the Northbound and Southbound sides do not each have their own HOV lanes? What kind of farktard does that?
2013-02-21 02:15:45 AM  

ZAZ: Seems like they need lane control signals: green arrow, red X, and maybe some more.

That would cost money.
2013-02-21 02:25:07 AM  

7FARK7: So the Northbound and Southbound sides do not each have their own HOV lanes? What kind of farktard does that?

There's a big list on wiki.

It actually makes a lot of sense if you have a big residential area and a big "jobs" area.  You need lots of lanes heading one way in the morning and very few in the opposite direction, and then the reverse in the evening.  So instead of building (for example) 5 lanes in each direction, you build 3, 2, and 3, and make the 2 do whatever direction is needed to relieve traffic.

/Of course, by the time they get to the point where this sounds like a good idea, even 5 lanes isn't enough, and investing in mass transit is probably a good idea, because roads stopped working a LONG time ago.  See Seattle for a really good example of this.
//Seriously, having lived near Seattle and near SF, Seattle traffic is way more screwed up, at least in the bits where I was.
2013-02-21 06:49:56 AM  

I_Am_Weasel: Oblig...
[www.examiner.com image 430x286]

Done in one.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2013-02-21 08:42:34 AM  
Sim Tree

Your story reminds me of parking regulations in Newton, Mass. People drive to train stations, park on streets, and take the train into Boston. This triggers territorial instincts in residents. Those streets are THEIRs and they should be empty rather than have even one outsider's car on them. (Not an exaggeration: one of the complaints was about a single car parked on a block.) So the city bans parking or imposes a two hour time limit on a street. Commuters look for a place to park and find a street spot one block farther away. Repeat until done.

On one street signs went missing. A woman moved in, the missing signs were replaced, and she went to the city to complain that she couldn't park on the street to unload groceries and she never would have bought the house if she had known she had to park in her driveway.
2013-02-21 11:53:13 AM  

The Irresponsible Captain: Reminds me of this:
[www.theblaze.com image 353x504]

If you have to stop and get out to read the sign maybe it ought not to exist.

Dafuq? Apparently you'd better have a synchronized atomic clock too.
2013-02-21 12:07:40 PM  
I keep telling you something is desperately wrong on the Front Range of Colorado
2013-02-21 12:35:37 PM  
so he was a substitute bus driver, with confusing signage, who doesn't drive there regularly?  yeah, let's cite him for it.  and not the city for farking up beyond all belief.
2013-02-21 03:34:37 PM  

KangTheMad: Nutsac_Jim: I_Am_Weasel: Oblig...
[www.examiner.com image 430x286]

What the hell did steve martin see when he was looking at the ground that made him determine they were going the wrong way?

The... double yellow line? If you see that out the passenger window, you're going the wrong way

You're drunk. How do you know which way he is going?
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