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(Some Fake Fieri)   Guy Fieri forgot to buy the domain name of his restaurant, but since this is Fark, you can bet someone else did, and hilarity ensued   ( guysamericankitchenandbar.com) divider line
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2013-02-19 06:29:42 PM  
2013-02-19 06:32:07 PM  
That there is funny.
2013-02-19 06:33:21 PM  

The whole page is a giant JPG, so grab it while you can!
2013-02-19 06:34:30 PM  
Put me down for The Blitzmas Beast with a side of Donkamole
2013-02-19 06:36:23 PM  
ranch hose!
2013-02-19 06:37:08 PM  
And... cratered
2013-02-19 06:38:17 PM  
2013-02-19 06:39:56 PM  
I want to add a Cinnabon and two more Cinnabons.
2013-02-19 06:41:11 PM  
That is totally off the chain, yo!  I want to cover that whole page in Guy's signature Donkey Juice, batter it in deep-fried cheeseburger drippings, and serve it in a Cleveland Browns' helmet that's been fried in bacon.
2013-02-19 06:45:44 PM  
In honor of this I'm growing a signature Guy Creepy Bleached WTF IS THAT on the Chin Goateepube thingie..
2013-02-19 06:46:29 PM  
link farked
2013-02-19 06:47:10 PM  
The website should be designed as it would be back in 1997.....since Guy is perma-stuck in that year.
2013-02-19 06:52:38 PM  
Thats been there since what .. november?
2013-02-19 06:57:19 PM  

SnakeLee: link farked

I got in fine.

Link to my Photobucket since it's too big to post inline.
2013-02-19 06:59:01 PM  

SnakeLee: link farked

It's not Farked...  It's a Flavor Town Dumpster Fire.
2013-02-19 07:06:40 PM  
Now THAT is funny.  +eleventy
2013-02-19 07:18:11 PM  
Full of win!
2013-02-19 07:22:14 PM  
I'm a shaaaark!!11
2013-02-19 07:30:46 PM  
"served with a side of Bud Light you have to wring out of an Hawaiian shirt."

That...is poetry.
2013-02-19 08:15:30 PM  
Good stuff there, enough for all
2013-02-19 08:29:20 PM  
wait...that's fake?
2013-02-19 08:34:50 PM  
That's funny but @dadboner's Guy Fieri menu is way more off the chain.
2013-02-19 08:49:13 PM  

Triumph: wait...that's fake?

Yeah, I couldn't tell either. It's like a new version of Poe's Law for spiky-haired greasy douchebags.
2013-02-19 08:51:21 PM  
Superbowl Bash Bro-det:
A bidet jammed to the brim with bubbling, overflowing Velveeta over a hidden layer of hamburger-fisted pig skins and a generous sprinkling of Dirty South Couch Crumbs. The bidet is an MP3 player that plays Smash Mouth while you eat. Serves one.

My cat is now covered in coffee, thank you very much .jpeg creator.
2013-02-19 09:05:29 PM  
Whoever bought the domain name has put it to far more creative use than Fieri ever could.
2013-02-19 09:13:43 PM  
the Ranch Hose is never optional, dude
2013-02-19 09:14:26 PM  
I was ready for this to be half-assed satire, but damn that was funny.
2013-02-19 09:14:51 PM  

Confabulat: Whoever bought the domain name has put it to far more creative use than Fieri ever could.

Better taste, too.
2013-02-19 09:20:05 PM  
Man, I have had a rough day and this link was needed!

/many thanks, Subby!
2013-02-19 09:20:08 PM  

Confabulat: Whoever bought the domain name has put it to far more creative use than Fieri ever could.

Apparently he does have the domain name www.guysamerican.com, he just didn't think to cover all the possible sub-variations
2013-02-19 09:20:41 PM  
Kalimaaaaa! I grew up shouting that at my brother.
2013-02-19 09:20:54 PM  
I hope the have a copyright on that joke menu, because Guy is likely to use it if they don't.
2013-02-19 09:20:58 PM  
lol printed and put in work's menu binder.
2013-02-19 09:21:10 PM  
I farkily approve.
2013-02-19 09:23:27 PM  
Sign me up for the Pyromania
2013-02-19 09:23:29 PM  
2013-02-19 09:23:38 PM  
The internet is up for grabs for whoever can print and laminate these and replace the menus with these! Hidden camera results required for winning entry.
2013-02-19 09:24:19 PM  
A Sammy Hagar lookalike pushes your face into a leather bag filled with oil and if you eat the whole thing, you get to eat a 13 pound burger.

I don't even know what the fark.
2013-02-19 09:24:46 PM  
2013-02-19 09:24:51 PM  
Add a Cinnabon and two more Cinnabon's 4.95

25.media.tumblr.comView Full Size
2013-02-19 09:24:52 PM  
I want the Prufocktoberfest.

well done.
2013-02-19 09:24:59 PM  

AdolfOliverPanties: "served with a side of Bud Light you have to wring out of an Hawaiian shirt."

That...is poetry.

I liked the picture of David Lee Roth stapled to the deep fried snake.
2013-02-19 09:25:17 PM  
Awesome. People can be so clever.
2013-02-19 09:25:46 PM  
I've force-fed a yak habaneros and dropped it from a crane into a kiddie pool full of chipotle and Atomic Fireballs. Then I've dumped another kiddie pool full of Jack Daniels on the whole mess. If you can wrestle it to the ground, it's half-price!
2013-02-19 09:26:03 PM  
2013-02-19 09:26:17 PM  

Triumph: wait...that's fake?

Yeah that's what I was thinking, doesn't seem like its some random person but some publicity stunt dreamed up by a crappy PR team
2013-02-19 09:27:44 PM  
Mildly funny.  The funniest part though, is thinking about how sad and pathetic somebody must be that they feel compelled to make a whole page devoted to lame jokes about a person who has actually been quite successful on mediocre talents.

Must suck to realize you have to go hunting for opportunities to slam Guy Fieri to feel cool, but hey- whatever makes you feel better, cupcake.  I'm sure if you really practice, you might even get something published on Gawker or Jezebel someday.  I'll be too busy watching Triple D reruns to read it, but that's cool.
2013-02-19 09:28:18 PM  
Thinking of Master Shake vs. the trees...
2013-02-19 09:28:28 PM  
That was funny and sickening at the same time.
2013-02-19 09:28:59 PM  
Niiiice. It's been a while since I laughed till I farted.
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