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(LA Times)   Eight things killing the Harlem Shake, which is apparently some sort of nervous disorder   ( latimes.com) divider line
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2013-02-17 11:59:57 AM  
1-8: Seeing that shiat reposted everywhere I go.  Yes, I get it, you discovered a meme.  Huehuehue and all that.
2013-02-17 12:03:29 PM  

soup sandwich: now if rap and hip hop "music" would just get the word

"Clicks on profile"

Yep, from a flyover state.  Nailed it.
2013-02-17 12:08:01 PM  
See, the army one posted above understands how to make this retarded-ass meme funny - the goal shouldn't be to fill the video with as many people as possible, but for each one to be doing something off-kilter or wtf.  Watching a guy completely rolled up in his sleeping bag bending like an Arrakis spice worm? Hilarious. Seeing a guy fall out the window, also hilarious.

Matt Lauer with a heart?
2013-02-17 12:10:00 PM  
What, no Furry Harlem Shake?

2013-02-17 12:17:41 PM  
I'm only 12, and what is all this?
2013-02-17 12:44:17 PM  

lordluzr: Thus is the first time I've heard "Harlem" and "Shake" together in a sentence. At first it sounded delicious. Now I'm sad.

They're great with Pistol Whip on top!
2013-02-17 12:56:15 PM  

mccallcl: Old dance music styles never die, they just go "underground".

Just sayin', but I know how electronic music works.  I've been listening to it for a long time.

mccallcl: However, Drum and Bass is not "wildly popular" in the United States, by even the dance music definition. On soundcloud maybe, but I'd be shocked if I walked into a club and they were playing DnB and it was packed.

There's a quite a few drum n bass artists in every Electric Daisy Carnival line up as well as other mainstream festivals.  Maybe it's your location in the U.S.?

I wouldn't say it's wildly popular like electro house, but it holds its own.  I just definitely wouldn't say it burned out.
2013-02-17 01:30:40 PM  

Glitchwerks: Detroit snob, remember? I avoid trap and dubstep. :p

That's no excuse. Trap is just techno bass v5.7
2013-02-17 01:32:24 PM  

duffblue: They're still putting dubstep over tampon commercials.

God is striking down upon us with great vengeance and furious anger.
2013-02-17 01:45:49 PM  
The REAL culprits:

visitfortmyersbeach.coView Full Size
2013-02-17 01:59:53 PM  

Ishkur: That's no excuse. Trap is just techno bass v5.7

I have a half dozen plain ol' techno releases per day to listen to.  I can't be bothered, especially when trap has no sounds that interest me. :p
2013-02-17 02:00:47 PM  
/which reminds me I still haven't listened to the new Transmat. :p
2013-02-17 02:05:11 PM  
Stupidest meme ever
2013-02-17 02:47:51 PM  
Here is the thing... the LAtimes doesn't have any authority over internet memes, and therefore their over inflated self important opinion is less than compelling.

Also, this particular meme was only funny for about 2 seconds to start with.
2013-02-17 02:57:14 PM  

ZzeusS: What would be funny now, is a Harlem Shake parody.  Where the first bit is the one guy dancing, then the second bit where everyone is supposed to be going nuts, instead everyone is laying around playing dead, but keeping the high intensity music, mocking itself..  I think that would be funny.

Not necessarily a parody here, but inline with what you were describing:

2013-02-17 03:22:29 PM  
img43.imageshack.usView Full Size
2013-02-17 03:37:50 PM  

libranoelrose: Stupidest meme ever

My take as well.

Not even mildly amusing.
2013-02-17 03:47:24 PM  
25.media.tumblr.comView Full Size
2013-02-17 03:56:31 PM  
I'm proud to have survived the past two weeks not having ever seen nor have described to be exactly what the 'Harlem Shake' is.
2013-02-17 07:11:08 PM  

Earl of Chives: The Harlem Shake is alive and well and will remain so for some time. It's an excellent marker for the incredibly lame. Guaranteed indicator.

Along with anyone who continues to quote Waynes World or Ace Ventura
2013-02-17 10:14:55 PM  
2013-02-18 12:52:13 AM  
#7 is pretty dead-on for me. I work at a school, and I'm actually surprised that our Marketing Office hasn't already put together a Harlem Shake video with our mascot, wrongly thinking that their being hip once again.
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