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(CBS4Denver - KCNC)   Denver Airport officials can't shake the bunnies-attacking-cars problem, ready to have Elmer Fudd hop a flight to end the madness   ( divider line
    More: Followup, Denver Airport, Denver, principles, flights, parking lots  
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2013-02-15 09:30:18 PM  
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2013-02-15 09:32:55 PM  

Medic Zero: Love rabbits. Had a Netherland Dwarf last. Tried to let him run free around the apartment for a while, but the little bugger loved electrical cords for some reason. Always chewing on the electrical cords, always caught him before he electrocuted himself. The shiat of it is he wouldn't chew on anything I gave him to control his teeth so I had the regular, awful, task of trimming them. I even went as far as cutting the electrical cord off an old lamp and giving that to him, but of course he wanted nothing to do with THAT cord!


They *all* love electrical cords.

/bedroom is bunny proofed
//won't let her out in the rest of the house until we spot check / cover stuff up
///SO had to solder more than a few iPod cords before we got the hang of it
2013-02-15 09:35:29 PM  
Also they've been caught eating my medical marijuana crop. Damn rascals.
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2013-02-15 09:48:15 PM  
"We're also going to build raptor perches for the hawks and eagles," said USAirport Parking.

Ya, because if there's anything you want at an airport, it's large birds flying around.
2013-02-15 09:49:39 PM  

gerbilpox: [ image 600x597]

Thread winner, Akbar and Jeffs Airport Auto Restoration Service is what the pro's use to defeat the chews blues!
2013-02-15 10:13:18 PM  
I used to catch jackrabbits. Once I caught a little baby one. I usually kill them by snapping their necks but when I pulled the baby one apart its head popped off. Oops.
2013-02-15 10:26:00 PM  
How many damn rabbit threads are we going to have today? It's not even Bunnday yet.

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