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(AZ Family)   One of the drug war leaders of the 1980s is now a fervent supporter of medical marijuana. If only he could have been in a position of power to do something to help legalize it   ( azfamily.com) divider line
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2013-02-14 11:47:24 AM  
wait, what?  Did I read that article correctly?  Medicinal pot was free in Arizona?  Ammirite?

Why the fark am I paying 200 an oz for farking commercial shiat for my glaucoma?  Oh, right, not legal yet here.  fark you, Lynch, you had 2 chances to pass a legalization bill, you farking lousy douche.  Hopefully Hassan gets it done.

it ain't always the republicans preventing the legalization, boys and girls, get the partisan shiat out of your eyes.  Which party was the president who authorized the use of paraquat against mexican and columbian pot fields?  Hint: peanuts.
2013-02-14 12:25:46 PM  

corn-bread: I'll stick with "opportunistic asshole".

i.e., your run of the mill Republican.
2013-02-14 12:40:20 PM  

umad: Fark him. There is a difference between forgiving a Nazi sympathizer vs. forgiving the guy who ran the gas chamber

There is?
Because I'm good for putting bullets in all their heads.

And Fark Germany, too.
We killed all their Nazis, and I hear on the radio they are back.
Fark them.
They can't stand up to farking Nazis?

I say we just keep an eye on Pearl Harbor and let Germany burn this time.
Maybe send those republican Morman boobs over there, to boot.
2013-02-14 05:49:13 PM  
FTA: "This program is being abused by people who want to simply use marijuana recreationally for free," said Kavanagh.

Its free?
2013-02-14 06:34:16 PM  
I have zero respect or sympathy for people that dedicate their entire lives and authority to harming others, and then suddenly have a change of heart because if affects them directly.  So yea, fark him.

Karma's a biatch!
2013-02-14 08:14:20 PM  

CouldaWouldShoulda: abhorrent1: This just in: People do things they don't agree with when it's their job and they're being paid to do it.

So you're saying that hookers don't like being treated like organic sex toys?

Organic? sounds like an excuse to charge twice as much.
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