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(Psych Central)   Do you have to be mentally ill to pay $8 a pack for cigarettes? Apparently, yes   ( divider line
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2431 clicks; posted to Geek » on 12 Feb 2013 at 9:55 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-02-12 10:02:14 AM  
Welcome to Washington, subby.
2013-02-12 10:13:46 AM  

95BV5: Welcome to Washington, subby.

//hooray voting!
2013-02-12 10:16:46 AM  
In tomorrow's news: 99.999% of all humans have some form of "mental illness".
2013-02-12 10:18:06 AM  
Ok, weird. Came here to say 'this' and my tag's the only thing that survived...

/legal MJ means I can quit 'cover smoking' cigs //hooray voting!
2013-02-12 10:35:12 AM  
$8 a pack?  Ha, move to Australia, it's ~$20/pack down there.

/National healthcare won't pay for itself ya know
2013-02-12 11:05:53 AM  
That's the same price as two large mochas!
2013-02-12 11:16:54 AM  
I used to run group homes for the mentally ill, specifically schizophrenia. They smoked all day long every day. But because they were on limited incomes, they would all buy these really weird generic packs I'd never heard of. One guy, when he ran out, would empty all the ash trays on the ground and pick all the remaining tobacco shreds out of the snubbed-out cigarette butts and stuff them into a pipe to smoke.

Thinking back to those days reminded me of this story-- unrelated to cigarettes, but too good not to share. One time I was sitting on the back patio of the group home with a few of the residents on a summer afternoon listening to the radio. It was always on 100.7, WZLX Boston's Classic Rock (the group home was in Chelsea, MA, just over the bridge from Boston.)  They were all smoking  and drinking iced coffee. One of the schizophrenic's delusional patterns included the thought that he could communicate telepathically with people on TV and radio.  The song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" comes on the radio. It gets to the part with the lines, "I went down to the Chelsea drug store... to get your prescription filled." The guy looks at the radio, says "Thank you" in a very matter-of-fact way. Stands up, looks at me and says, "See? I told you they talk to me. No one ever believes me" and walked away.
2013-02-12 12:55:15 PM  
What's your f*cking point?

lassothemovies.comView Full Size
2013-02-12 01:02:08 PM  
I wonder where they will get all that sweet revenue once the smokers are all dead.
2013-02-12 01:22:59 PM  
Switched to vaping 2 years ago so I'm getting a kick...

/any flavor you can imagine
//less than five dollars a week for my nic fix!
2013-02-12 02:14:47 PM  
I'm mentally ill if I buy smokes.  I'm mentally ill when I beat everyone senseless because I haven't had a smoke.  Give a guy a break.
2013-02-12 03:15:37 PM  
$8? Isn't it up to more like $10 or more now?

Not a smoker, but I thought it was at $10 a few years ago.
2013-02-12 03:19:57 PM  

Anal Tobacco Furnace: Switched to vaping 2 years ago so I'm getting a kick...

/any flavor you can imagine
//less than five dollars a week for my nic fix!

I smoked for 28 years, about a pack a day. Switched to vaping to quit and within 6 weeks was done. No withdrawl, felt great. It's been 7 months and I can go out and drink, hang out with my smoker friends when they are smoking and no cravings. The best thing I ever did. Now I need to lose the 20 lbs I put on.
2013-02-12 03:37:19 PM  
I remember when cigarettes were 75 cents a pack. My dad used to send me to the store to get them. Think I'll go outside and shout at some clouds.
2013-02-12 03:48:50 PM  
As it turns out - studies show that smokers cost less in medical bills than non-smokers.

The tax on cigarettes is completely without merit.  If anything, we should be subsidizing them and introducing a tax on gyms.
2013-02-12 08:35:43 PM  
and do-gooder holier than thou intolerant administrators of mental health facilities no longer permit their clients to enjoy tobacco, one of lifes few pleasures for those people. because, you know, they're bad for you. as if people with mental illness want to live to see a ripe old age.

-- don't think there aren't people who need 'in' time that won't go because of this.
2013-02-12 09:56:06 PM  

kg2095: Really? Got a link?

It's not hard to believe if you think about it.  Most smokers A non-insignificant ammount of smokers basically work until they die.  They are paying into the system (not even accounting for the cig tax) the entire time and never live to take it back out.  Those who are lucky enough to start taking SS out die long before non-smokers.  Who is a bigger drain on the system:  A 100 year old who retired at 60, or a smoker who died at 55?
2013-02-13 01:47:31 AM  

 Participants were asked 14 questions to assess psychological distress and disability

14 WHOLE questions?  That sounds like a comprehensive measure...

Do you sleep to little?
Do you sleep to much?

A yes to either of those could get you marked down as mentally ill or "distressed".

I smell bullshiat.
2013-02-15 12:17:41 AM  
for a drug that does nothing
that's pretty steep

/love drugs
//real drugs, not government drugs
2013-02-15 08:13:25 PM  

Anal Tobacco Furnace: Switched to vaping 2 years ago so I'm getting a kick...

/any flavor you can imagine
//less than five dollars a week for my nic fix!

Been vaping almost a year now. Between my Provari, rebuildable Cobra atomizer and yummy eliquids (NLV Bounty Hunter right now) that I've found through e cigarette forum, I wonder how I EVER threw away $9 a pack on stinky cigarettes. My equipment wasn't cheap but it was worth the investment, and yes the juice sets me back only $5 a week instead of probably $50 a week that I was spending on cigs. Nevermind the indirect savings I will have down the line since I am young. My best friend is probably a pack a day, and at 26 has a horrible cough. I worry so much. I have already had an unrelated tumor I had removed from a limb and I tell you, that was a horrible experience. Happy Vaping, my fellow Farker.
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