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(WWSB ABC 7)   The hidden victims of the foreclosure crisis: 1,000 pound pigs   ( mysuncoast.com) divider line
    More: Florida, foreclosures, David Gamery, Palmetto, lbs., landscape architect  
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2013-02-09 12:07:21 AM  
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2013-02-09 12:13:39 AM  
With all that stress, I was afraid he'd start smoking
2013-02-09 12:50:04 AM  
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2013-02-09 12:51:25 AM  
Best. Unintended. Consequence. EVAR.
2013-02-09 12:57:16 AM  
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2013-02-09 12:57:28 AM  
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2013-02-09 12:58:50 AM  
Mike Armstrong, a local landscaper, will take Arnold to his home, and will serve as his new caretaker him with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for many weeks to come.
2013-02-09 01:00:23 AM  
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2013-02-09 01:01:31 AM  

mcreadyblue: [www.worleygig.com image 240x300]

That one's 1750 if it's an ounce
2013-02-09 01:04:30 AM  
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2013-02-09 01:17:48 AM  
Did the bank put a loin on it?
2013-02-09 01:26:09 AM  
2013-02-09 01:27:24 AM  
Why is it always about the women? Doesn't anyone ever care about the men who marry them?!

2013-02-09 02:10:50 AM  

illannoyin: [25.media.tumblr.com image 500x368]


2013-02-09 02:28:58 AM  

KidneyStone: I'll bet that's one charmin' motherfarkin' pig

/I don't dig on the swine
//unless it's in my smoker

Well, the way they make shows is, they make one show. That show's called a pilot. Then they show that show to the people who make shows, and on the strength of that one show they decide if they're going to make more shows. Some pilots get picked and become television programs. Some don't, become nothing. That pig starred in one of the ones that became nothing.
2013-02-09 02:40:05 AM  
I am sure Arnold (Green Acres, I assume), is a wonderful hog. However, it is truly a livestock animal. Maybe, just maybe, he should have found a more appropriate pig breed to keep as a pet. Hogs are bred to grow large and fast for slaughter. That hog is not going to be a good long term pet just due to the vet bills as it gets older.
2013-02-09 02:44:22 AM  
But enough about the plight of subbies mother.
2013-02-09 02:45:32 AM  
What a fool, does he not know he is not supposed to feel an amiable fondness for that animal because you're only supposed to eat them? Such a farking idiot. If he was a normal person he would have ripped it in half as a piglet and chewed on it.
2013-02-09 03:27:05 AM  
When I was young (mid '70s), if you were raising a hog for slaughter, you'd butcher at about 200 pounds, because it cost more in feed than you'd get in return in poundage unless you had a free food source. Or if you had a pet pig, you could just hack off a meal once in a while
2013-02-09 03:49:21 AM  
I really misinterpreted the title on this one.  I thought that the guy lost his 1000 pound wife in the foreclosure.
2013-02-09 04:27:51 AM  
I can't imagine having to give up a pet because you're forced to move.  That's got to suck, even if you're lucky enough that the new owner is someone you know so you can visit often.  I definitely feel sorry for this guy.
2013-02-09 04:51:25 AM  

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2013-02-09 08:31:42 AM  
We had a couple of pet pigs over the years when I was growing up, and I'll vouch that if they didn't get so big they make awesome pets. Every animal or person is an individual of course, and to put it in a non-PC way there are both smart and dumb ones walking the planet. Having said that, the pigs we had were all pretty much quite intelligent. They got the hang of being paper trained in about 2 days and were all housebroken in about a week. One learned how to open doors with her mouth, and if the door opened the proper way she'd push it closed too after she came in. They were not "loyal" like most dogs are though, and were more independent such as they knew when you were calling them but whether or not they came would depend on if they were bored or not. However, none of them were ever given any formal "training" in anything, so I don't know if they would come every time if trained, quite possibly so. They would also be very caring and act concerned if someone was sick.

However, they have small feet and hurt like hell when a 200 lb pig steps on you, I can't imagine a 1000lb pig climbing up on a couch or trying to make it up some stairs. If there were a moderate sized breed it would be one thing but a pig is a heavy animal, and a 150 lb pig is a bit smaller than a 100 lb dog, for instance.
2013-02-09 05:28:16 PM  
The hidden victims of the foreclosure crisis are the 1,000 pound pigs ... but enough about the bankers .... !

(rim shot)
2013-02-09 05:29:34 PM  

Harry_Seldon: Did the bank put a loin on it?

Horrible, horrible pun. I laughed out loud, of course.
2013-02-09 05:31:11 PM  

Harry_Seldon: I am sure Arnold (Green Acres, I assume), is a wonderful hog. However, it is truly a livestock animal. Maybe, just maybe, he should have found a more appropriate pig breed to keep as a pet. Hogs are bred to grow large and fast for slaughter. That hog is not going to be a good long term pet just due to the vet bills as it gets older.

True, but don't forge that butchers are cheaper.
2013-02-09 05:32:37 PM  
As I always say, it's not a problem if it can be eaten.
2013-02-09 05:52:48 PM  
Vet bills are what ruins whole thing. Can get clowder rate for herd of cats (we have one at our vet clinic for the 10 who run our lives for us) but not for Single Pig.
Unkind to say, but did save homelessdude's  Keep Calm & Nom Nom Nom graphic.
2013-02-11 02:40:47 PM  
How does the pound have space for so many pigs? I hear so much how they're filled up on cats and dogs.
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