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2013-02-06 09:59:23 AM  
3 votes:
Regardless of whether you believe him or not, the fact that people go through great lengths to think about these things and publish their work is positive.  We'd still be in caves without dreamers.
2013-02-07 08:26:53 AM  
1 vote:
Its purpose is to keep me entertained until entropy makes all this nonsense moot.
2013-02-06 09:31:53 PM  
1 vote:
The Universe is a place to keep our stuff. See George Carlin for details.
2013-02-06 03:59:42 PM  
1 vote:
This has a lot of similarities to a wacky theory that I'm basing a Sci-Fi Fantasy book series on. Though it incoproates a lot new age concepts, the "black holes as birthplaces of new universes" is all up in there. Haven't heard of this guy before though.

The TLDR version of my stuff is that the universe self replicates through the generation of life. Life powers the process through experience, which adds infinitesimally small amounts of energy to the system. Some energy accumulates in a being's soul, while some of it is released into the wild.

The loose energy is then either used to continue powering the system, or collected in black holes. When enough is gathered up. Babby universe is made.
2013-02-06 02:09:35 PM  
1 vote:
FTFA: Cosmologist Joe Silk, for example, says the universe we observe is far from being an optimal producer of black holes. He speculates that other "versions" of the universe could do a much better job.

And humans who do not need to reproduce with their waste expulsion orifices would be less prone to infection. In case of childbirth there could be less chance of stuff ripping if there was a specialised orifice. There are so many possibilities for improvement in the human body in order to increase fertility and yet there has been no universal failure to produce a next generation so far.

In nature "good enough" is usually where things end up.
2013-02-06 01:41:06 PM  
1 vote:

sasbazooka: The universe has existed for billions of years to produce me. Once I am gone, it will still be here, just without purpose, like the first care you ever had once it stopped working.

I think you misunderstood what "purpose" means in this case. It's like saying plants produce fruits for no reason.
2013-02-06 11:55:34 AM  
1 vote:
There is a theory which states that if any figures out what the universe is and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

-Douglas Adams
2013-02-06 10:32:01 AM  
1 vote:
I am pretty sure that the entire universe and all of the mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and all of the sentient beings it contains is a construct of my mind. At least I have never seen any evidence to the contrary.
2013-02-06 09:51:07 AM  
1 vote:
I don't care if it has a purpose or not, but it's nice to have a place to put all this stuff.
2013-02-06 09:47:07 AM  
1 vote:
The universe has existed for billions of years to produce me. Once I am gone, it will still be here, just without purpose, like the first care you ever had once it stopped working.
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