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(NBC News)   NBC obtains formerly secret memo that lays out the case why the government can assassinate some of its own citizens; with link to actual memo   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, NBC News, Justice Department, legal case, Michael Isikoff, Americans, Office of Legal Counsel, targeted killings, right of self-defense  
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2013-02-04 11:58:18 PM  
5 votes:
crypticsatellite: I have no words.

Sounds like wise strategy for avoiding drone attacks, Citizen.
2013-02-04 11:05:41 PM  
4 votes:
Well it's a lot easier than setting up a fake plane crash in Bermuda.  Oh wait, that was the Qumari Defense Minister, he wasn't a US citizen.
2013-02-04 11:39:05 PM  
3 votes:
are we still droning on about this crap?
2013-02-05 12:25:57 AM  
2 votes:
personal.psu.eduView Full Size

The Republican Party that cried "Wolf" has done it once too often. No one will care now. Thanks guys. You were too busy crapping over birth certificates, criticism of farking Nazis, fathering only girls, arugula, dijon mustard, Benghazi and President Obama's Magical Time Machine. Now there is a real job to do calling people on the carpet for a serious "Imperial Presidency" issue that needs to be hashed out in public discourse. And you're completely discredited. Thanks, ASSHOLES.
2013-02-05 10:51:50 AM  
1 vote:
blog.nj.comView Full Size

"The Constitution is a Living Document!"

thedailysheeple.comView Full Size

"Kill it."

2013-02-05 06:02:36 AM  
1 vote:

bk3k: evil saltine: Point02GPA: He who gets to put the names in the hat has the real power.

Who would put names in a hat? If you wear the hat they just fall out.

This is no time to outlaw hats.  If you outlaw hats, only the outlaws will have hats.

deadhomersociety.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-02-05 03:18:08 AM  
1 vote:

Smackledorfer: Giltric: Bush considered himself a businessman but ran busineeses into the ground and was a C student.

Obama considers himself a constitutional scholar yet constantly attacks the Bill of Rights.

Is it any wonder he doesn't want his transcripts released?

You consider yourself a contributor to fark, but all you've ever done is shiat on threads.

Is Obama not shiatting on the BoR, violating due process that he was so in favor of until he wasn't?

Should I have made multiple alts?
Should I have said But Bush?

Maybe you should have responded with "it's because he's black, right?"
2013-02-05 02:26:59 AM  
1 vote:

Giltric: The first footnote in the white paper refers to Hamily vs Obama. This was not written under Bush this is from the Obama administration.

But don't let that stop the But Bush party.

Own it libs.

You seem to be ignoring the fact that most of the libby lib lib libs around here are very opposed to this practice.
2013-02-05 02:01:29 AM  
1 vote:
If you can kill 'em, can you water board 'em?
2013-02-05 01:34:23 AM  
1 vote:

BafflerMeal: Not saying this memo is good in general, just that it in no way could be used to conduct a drone strike on a US citizen on US soil.


Do you really think some madman of a President would refer to this memo to accomplish such a task?

Tinfoil.  I think I hear it calling.
2013-02-05 01:14:55 AM  
1 vote:

GAT_00: whidbey: Oh look. It's time to try and make liberals feel guilty for voting for Obama again!

Did so well the last time.

I didn't vote for Obama in November, so...

Actually he still won.  Overwhelmingly.
2013-02-05 12:19:11 AM  
1 vote:

nmrsnr: zedster: are we still droning on about this crap?

We're pretty much on autopilot at this point.

I find myself unmanned by these conversations.
2013-02-04 11:19:32 PM  
1 vote:
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