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2013-02-04 06:06:26 PM  
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Ishkur: Cyno01: Which is what we saw towards the end of Avengers to some extent when he wasnt being whammied by Loki.

There's a subtle sublot to that: Stark, ever the consummate ambitious type, wants Banner to embrace the Hulk, control him, utilize him for the goodness of all. Stark constantly teases and tests and urges Banner to accept who he is. So it's telling that it's Hulk that saves Stark at the end, instead of killing him (as rage Hulk would have).... so even by then it's become apparent that, while still a raging ball of fark YOU, the Hulk is a bit more composed and can direct his rage when needed. You see maturity and growth in his character. I'm interested to see what happens with this character arc in future installments..... whether he can live a normal life or whether some future event resets everything to tragedy again.

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2013-02-04 04:03:42 PM  
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texdent: And as someone mentioned elsewhere, there's a minor problem with this. The Hulk was sent into space by the Illuminati and there's yet to be an Inhumans, Namor, or Dr. Strange movie. Plus, Xavier isn't owned by Marvel Studios.

Inhumans is possibly not owned by Marvel Studios, but i cant say for sure, since i know they own the rights to Quicksilver (and Scarlet Witch(they just cant mention mutants or Magneto...)) ditto Namor, i believe hes tied to the F4 license, and as you said Prof X. Theyre doing a Dr. Strange Movie for Phase 3.  I would say an Inhumans movie would be a little out there... but theyre doing a farking Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so i dont know what to think anymore.

FirstNationalBastard: Erix: The cartoon was pretty fun, but I didn't get how the Hulk suddenly became controlled and (reasonably) intelligent.  Haven't read the comics, so I'm probably missing something.

Well, see, Hulk suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.

Your basic personalities are Bruce Banner, dumb green Hulk, Grey "Joe Fixit" Hulk, integrated Hulk where he's Hulk with Banner's intellect, and mindless Savage Hulk.

Also floating around in there are personalities like snake devil Hulk, and Clown Hulk (no, seriously).

So, an intelligent Hulk is usually integrated Hulk.

Which is what we saw towards the end of Avengers to some extent when he wasnt being whammied by Loki.

You'd turn it off when I was halfway across: The big problem with this is that throughout all of the Marvel Studio films they've worked on the basis that the Hulk is basically just Banner having a strop and, once Banner accepts his rage, he and Hulk integrate. In the comics Hulk is more regularly shown as a distinct personality, and that personality knows about Banner and despises him.

Still, if they're doing Planet Hulk, I'm really hoping they include Beta Ray Bill just for the WTF? factor.

"That's when we learned, he wasn't alone."

Thor 3 = Beta Ray Bill im hoping.

CarnySaur: This seems exciting from a comic book nerd's perspective, but I'm wondering how long this golden age of comic book movies is going to last before the general public just gets tired of them.

These movies are the best thing to happen to comic books in decades. I never read comic books until a few years ago, but now i make a point of reading the arcs the various films are based on. Heck, even my Fiancee has been reading some (mostly Thor...) but she has watched most of the recent animated and motion comic features with me too.

I loved an appreciated all the animated series i grew up with in the 90s (Timmverse and Marvel Animated Universe), but like i said i never read an actual comic book until just a few years ago. Now i definitely consider myself a total comic book nerd.
2013-02-04 11:05:49 AM  
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