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(Huffington Post)   McDonald's may drop the McDouble from their Dollar Menu after realizing they lose money on it   ( huffingtonpost.com) divider line
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2013-02-03 05:09:11 PM  
6 votes:
And can somebody get this guy some soap and water for his fingernails.
Was he scratching his ass all day and then decided to squish food into his head hole?
2013-02-03 05:04:44 PM  
5 votes:
"McDonald's may raise price of $1 McDouble due to rising beef costs"

Those things have real beef in them?

And is this guy eating or hurling?
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2013-02-03 07:41:08 PM  
3 votes:

jehovahs witness protection: $1.89 in New York City.

Not that I'll eat the swill served at McDonald's, but this is just another of THOUSANDS of reasons I won't go to New York.

How will NYC cope with this loss?
2013-02-03 09:34:47 PM  
2 votes:

octopied: Relatively Obscure: GGracie: Those things have real beef in them?


100% beef.

At any rate, a couple times a month I order the McDouble, it's on the $1.39 menu here in Canada. Except I get mine dressed like a Mac for an extra 20 cents. The only difference is no sesame seeds on the bun and less bred on the bun. Essentially the same taste as a mac with the same toppings for almost $ 3 less.

I hate it when I find that something has bred excessively on my bun
2013-02-03 08:13:48 PM  
2 votes:
At least with McDonald's, I can go in there and get a hot chocolate made from steamed milk, chocolate syrup, and real whipped cream. Go to Tim Hortons and they overcharge for hot water mixed with chocolate powder mix containing depleted uranium and sawdust.
2013-02-04 06:00:46 AM  
1 vote:

Mokmo: It's on the 1,39$ value menu in Canada...
Seriously, we're on par with the US dollar, yet we pay more for this ?!?

Basically, it comes down to businessmen doing this "because they can" since Canadians just got so used to the idea paying higher prices for everything when the US dollar was higher,  - even though it was like 8 years ago.
2013-02-03 08:14:26 PM  
1 vote:
That grilled onion cheddar burger mentioned in the article was GUH-ROSS!  Even after spreading the onions evenly instead of a shiatty pile in the middle.

I was so tempted to get another Fish Filet again after the one I had the other day...after the thread other day.

Clearly this ramen with rooster sauce has impacted my ability to remain coherent.

What can I say, I love fast food.

/sound fat
//pic to prove otherise
2013-02-03 08:09:36 PM  
1 vote:

jehovahs witness protection: $1.89 in New York City.

Not that I'll eat the swill served at McDonald's, but this is just another of THOUSANDS of reasons I won't go to New York.

Oh, you never go there? Another reason to visit!
2013-02-03 07:58:27 PM  
1 vote:
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I don't care if they're more than $1!!!  FEED ME!!!
2013-02-03 06:49:19 PM  
1 vote:

GGracie: Those things have real beef in them?

Cow lips and assholes are technically beef
2013-02-03 06:09:09 PM  
1 vote:
The McDouble is awful. It's nothing but beef, ketchup and those onion-flavored cardboard bits. Pretty much the only burger I'll eat there anymore is the Daily Double. $1.89 or so, but at least it has some honest vegetation on it.

L.D. Ablo: Just use more isolated oat product in the "burgers."  Worked for Taco Bell.

Or do like Burger King and uses horsemeat.
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