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(Ottawa Citizen)   Self-educated mothers everywhere are outraged that Canadians dropped Jenny McCarthy off a cancer benefit's roster, she claims it was due to autistic differences   ( divider line
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2013-02-03 02:07:20 AM  

stoikka: doubled99: She is smarter than most of you

Doubt it.

Well, to be fair, she did figure out how to make a living with her tits, which I have not managed to do yet.

Of course, I'm male, so....
2013-02-03 02:18:01 AM  
Jenny McCarthy is a farking dangerous lunatic!
2013-02-03 09:53:45 AM  

7FARK7: Jenny McCarthy is a farking dangerous lunatic!

Well she's dangerous to the incredibly stupid people that take medical advice from her. But these people are so mentally deficient that they are dangerous to themselves with or without her.

So is it really her fault?
2013-02-03 10:25:55 AM  

heinrich66: I just love the cognitive dissonance in discussion threads like this one. Catch people at the right moment and they'll readily admit: a) that medical research contradicts itself all the time (see FARK headlines past six months), and b) Big Pharma and Big Media try to produce a new hysteria every year about swine/bird/Rhesus Bejesus Monkey Flu *just for big profits*. (Gardasil for boys anyone?)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the cognitive divide, Jenny McCarthy is a science-hating monster Medievalist who is now DIRECTLY responsible every time someone living in the Yukon doesn't get a MMR shot.

(Editor's Note: Half of these McCarthy-haters and vitriolists have previously shot other bodily fluids all over her virtual bazookas.)

While I jack off regularly thinking about Christina Hendricks, who by the way is occasionally photographed with her mouth closed, I don't generally listen to her medical advice either--and I actually respect her acting work.

Also, the name McCarthy and public policy have not gone well together.
2013-02-03 05:32:04 PM  

Real Women Drink Akvavit: Anthracite: I hate Jenny McCarthy... she should just sit on the sidelines and be a pretty face. That woman has HELPED cause the Whooping cough epidemic. Next I hear she is working on having Polio make a comeback.

/disgusting woman.

Oh btw why am I only showing 10 fark links on my front page now and am not showing yesterdays stuff... did I hit something on a page or something?

Yeah, welcome to California. Here are directions to the nearest Walgreens. Now go get your whooping cough vaccine, please.

Part of the problem though is that often adults don't keep up with their shots. I've heard tell that you don't get lifetime immunity from your childhood vaccinations (or maybe not all of them, only some of them? I don't remember for sure), and for some things we're not sure how long the immunity lasts. Can you imagine if smallpox re-emerged? The death toll would be atrocious. I think my generation was one of the last to get that vaccine. I got it, but my sis, who is only a year and a half younger than I, did not. Still, we're not sure how long that immunity lasts and while smallpox allegedly no longer exists in the wild (so to speak) it does exist in a couple of labs, both in the US and in Russia (that I know of, there may be others). That's kind of scary.

Well to enlighten you on the smallpox vaccine length is between 3 to 5 years, after 5 years immunity decreases. Since the last routine vaccinations stopped in 1972 I would say after 40 years you are screwed.

The good news is there have been recent efforts to increase the stockpile of smallpox vaccine, due to terrorist concerns. The stockpile is now large enough to vaccinate every person in the United States just in case the worst happens. Pray to whatever deity that we shall never need it.
2013-02-03 05:58:52 PM  

J. Frank Parnell: doubled99: She is smarter than most of you

Prepare to be trampled by the herd.

Way i look at it now, people who take any injection offered by drug manufacturers under flimsy justification without applying critical thinking is a form of Darwinism that can exist in our society now that we've removed all the natural ones, so is ultimately a good thing.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled 2 minutes hate. And encourage the more abusive and angry of you to double your injections. Major symptom of brain damage is arbitrary aggression and rage, but i'm sure that's just a coincidence.

That sounds like the kind of mustache-twirling psychoanalysis - seeing danger and abnormal psychosis in every action - that Scientology promotes. 3/10 at best.
2013-02-03 05:59:45 PM  

Anthracite: Oh btw why am I only showing 10 fark links on my front page now and am not showing yesterdays stuff... did I hit something on a page or something?

It's called Sunday. Click on last week's links.
2013-02-03 06:45:16 PM  

heinrich66: Actually, I'm attributing the absence of a single expressed viewpoint (e.g. Hey, I can understand why an uneducated woman like J. McCarthy turn against vaccines given the excesses of Big Pharma and so much contradictory medical opinion) AS proof of a consensus view. In other words, the recurring McCarthy-is-a-COONT jibe.

heinrich66: basic ethics (i.e. the ethics of piling onto J. McCarthy in an internet echo chamber while simultaneously mocking medical research *for all those to whom this applies*)

I was unaware that there was an ethical rule that you must automatically sympathize and agree with anyone speaking incorrectly, ignorantly, fraudulently, and with an unwillingness to reconsider in the face of solid facts, simply on your supposition that they must be uneducated. I mean, far be it for anyone to expect a high school graduate to be educated.

Poor, poor uneducated Jenny McCarthy. Please, everyone, we should immediately stop commenting on her continued attempts to spread deadly lies internationally to salvage her name and career from the mud - along with that of a known charlatan and fraud - because it might hurt her self-esteem, a far greater ethical tragedy.
2013-02-05 04:56:49 PM  

Occam's Disposable Razor: Mock26: "We recognized that she had some incredible talent to bring to this event."

And what exactly is that talent?  Taking her clothes off?

[ image 600x900]
Pictured: talent?

Hahaha! Legend of the horse-faced woman, oh that's good!
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