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(Vice)   "Dealing with food, water, and shelter in a harsh environment and building a community from scratch isn't a challenge, it's what we do for vacation," say Burning Man goers assisting in Hurricane Sandy cleanup. Gives "dusty in here" a new meaning   ( divider line
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2013-02-01 09:19:57 PM  
Why all the hippie hate y'all?  I know, it's a BM in-joke thing, especially among badass DPW types (respect).  I have been to 3 burns and could never understand why hippies are considered the stepchild.  I even camped with a glitzy sound camp and experienced it firsthand.  I'm hoping next time to camp at Heebee Geebee Healers, where that vibe doesn't really exist.  Anyhow, not all hippies are the same... not all are moochers, unwashed, ditzy or constantly stoned.  I enjoy mingling with bodyworkers and yogis, that's more my scene on the playa... I go to a lot of talks and workshops... There is so much to explore in that city each year.  Unfortunately won't make it this time around.  Have fun and remember, Safety Third...
2013-02-01 11:13:59 PM  

Magorn: Stinkyy: If you don't do drugs, is it worth going out there?  o_O
In that same vein, will hippie topless babes (the best kind) shun my magic dragon?

I've personally never done any drug but ethanol in various delicious, brewed, pressed and/or single-malted varieties, and I damn sure wouldn't on playa because when I meet a gorgeous, naked, Asian girl who was a martial-arts expert, neuro-trauma surgeon, rock guitarist with a keen interest in particle physics ( I did)   I want to know that really happened and I didn;t trip out while watching <i> Buckaroo Banzai</I>

Reminds me of this one time, at PENNSIC...

It could not have JUST been head trauma.
2013-02-02 03:31:09 AM  
I am 60 and have been burning for years.  I don't drink or drug yet it is the most fun I have all year.  I do regional burns all over. (Just got back this weekend from Kiwiburn in New Zealand)  I am retired so I have time.
BWB does great work! So does Black Rock Solar (Donated over 1M sq ft of solar grid to schools and hospitals in NV)

We should get an event in "Who What Where" for a Fark party at this years burn
2013-02-02 12:07:13 PM  

Keigh: flux: techbuzz: Burning Man Fark Party!?


Could it possibly? I THINK IT CAN!

In fact, i'm getting started on the planning TODAY by farkying anyone in this thread who comes out as a Burner in a lovely burny shade of orange!

Seven-timer here: 2005-2011. May try to go back this year, still on the fence about it. Went each time as part of a brass band that led the Billion Bunny March. Last 2 times we were in the Fire Conclave. Got to meet the Grand Pooh-bah Himself, Larry Harvey (he has really bad teeth).
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