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(Yahoo) NewsFlash Suicide bomber attacks US Embassy in Turkey, two reported dead   ( news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2013-02-01 03:21:44 PM  
Who suicides on a Friday? Morons, obviously.
2013-02-01 03:32:16 PM  


We need to counter suicide bombers with suicide bombers ... because if you ban suicide bombs, only the outlaws will have suicide bombs ... or uh, wait, wut?
2013-02-01 03:40:39 PM  

Bungles: Zukipilot: A ban on suicide bombers will fix the problem.

Ummm, bombs are banned, hence bombings a rare, and not daily, occurrence.

Considering the recent history of that region, I doubt its the lack of things or people willing to explode that makes these attacks rare.
More likely its their law enforcement's ability and willingness to incarcerate, torture or kill the attackers surviving family members, friends, neighbors, associates, Mosque attendants, pets, etc...
Not that this sort of thing is right or in any way morally justified, but we can't say that instilling the fear of God in people doesn't show results.

/You can keep the peace by either being noble and just or bloodthirsty and unscrupulous.
/A high standard of living means people aren't as willing to go out with a bang for a pittance of reward money.
2013-02-01 04:45:38 PM  

born_yesterday: Ishkur: Clearly, the solution is to strap explosives to the torsos of everybody stationed at an embassy. People have a right to protect themselves by blowing themselves up first.

The only thing that stops a bad suicide bomber is a good suicide bomber.

Laws preventing embassy personnel from owning and wearing high yield neutron devices only encourages this sort of thing.

FTFY, no need to damage the buildings.
2013-02-01 05:09:44 PM  

tjfly: keylock71: Republicans seen celebrating in the streets...

Democrats seen scouring You Tube

'Tis a dirty place in desperate need of a thorough cleaning.
2013-02-01 05:58:16 PM  
At least they're calling it a 'terrorist attack' from the get-go. You know, as opposed to one of those non-terrorist suicide bombings.
2013-02-01 06:20:28 PM  
Was it the "Religion of Peace" again?

"There was no claim of responsibility, but Kurdish rebels and Islamic militants are active in Turkey."

Maybe, maybe not.
2013-02-01 06:33:35 PM  
I expect Republicans to try to make this Obama's fault somehow. Good job aiding the terrorists, guys.
2013-02-01 09:18:42 PM  

ariseatex: Just Another OC Homeless Guy: INeedAName: Embassies need to have their own suicide bombes so this won't happen again!

No particular reason I selected your post. There are several others like it, so don't take it too personally. Not sure if I just haven't had enough morning coffee yet and am not getting the "subtle" sarcasm here, or if there actually this many broken thinkers here on Fark.

Did you know the word "gullible" is not in a dictionary?

2013-02-01 09:19:18 PM  

keylock71: Just Another OC Homeless Guy: keylock71: Republicans seen celebrating in the streets...

GoodyearPimp: keylock71: Republicans seen celebrating in the streets.. telling this guy his family would be set up for life if he does this on behalf of the 2014 elections.

Hey hey hey, the election's over. Your guy won. Get over it.

Get over what? Ridiculing the GOP? Sorry, that's way too much fun these days.

Karma's a biatch, though.
2013-02-01 09:49:35 PM  

Allen. The end.: I have to know - how did you get into your position?

Chance.  I would say "dumb luck" but there are days where I don't seem so lucky.

revman64: what's the female suicide bomber reward, 72 Chippendales dancers?

Blowing yourself up is a manly thing to do, so those girls still get the 72 other girls.

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