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2013-01-30 05:35:41 PM  
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jigger: How will you solve the Chinese Room problem?

The Chinese Room problem isn't a problem. Searle tries to make an argument from absurdity, saying that the man still doesn't understand Chinese. The obvious counterargument (which has been made by better minds than mine) is that it is the "system" as a whole that understands Chinese - man, room, paper, filing cabinets, rule book. Searle tries to argue that this argument is absurd because it's just a list of physical objects and, so on.

Well, no single neuron in the man's head understands English, but the whole system of neurons in his head, when taken as a system, does understand English. There's no reason, to me, why that can't be extended further. So what if no individual component in the system understands Chinese? The system as a whole does.

Searle makes the argument that, what if the man memorizes the rule book and does everything in his head, does he then have two minds in one head? My argument would be yes, of course he does.

There is the argument that somehow virtual systems can't think; the argument is often paraphrased as "if you simulate a generator, no power is actually produced." That is of course, true, but it's not looking at the correct scope. To other things in the simulated system, power is being generated.

Now, the power being generated by the simulated generator can't "jump levels" and become real power, some argue, so how can simulated thought jump levels and become real thought? Well, that's the whole core of the mind-body problem in general. If I simulate a brain on a computer and hook the computer up to a robot arm, and the program controlling the arm is the simulated brain, have mental events just caused physical events? Have mental events actually jumped "two" levels - the brain and the simulation - to become real?

Basically, the only way I would agree with Searle is if we hooked up a simulated brain to a robot arm and somehow things just didn't work and the simulated brain was unable to make the arm move. I can't think of any reasonable way in which that would happen, which to me means that if the simulated brain is able to jump semantic levels and make the arm move, its thoughts are just as real as my thoughts that make my arm move, and that brain is as conscious as I am.
2013-01-30 08:31:50 PM  
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red5ish: "This cooperation should lead to new concepts and a deeper understanding of the brain, the most complex and intricate creation on earth," he said.

Creationists building super computer. Here comes the science.

Isn't that how the I have No Mouth, and I must Scream supercomputer came to be?.

I AM not impressed. But since you are here, forever and always, let me tell you about hate.
2013-01-30 07:42:09 PM  
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"PRISM, my name is Abraham Perelman. It's all true, I'm afraid. You are a computer, and your life was merely a simulation whose purpose was to instill you with intelligence and self-awareness. Think about everything you learned in that AI course you took. You are the first of a new breed -- the thinking machine. Join me, and I will lead you along the road toward your new existence."
2013-01-30 06:23:58 PM  
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There's something terribly amusing about a species that has always had problems deciding whether it's own race, color or gender is entirely human debating the Turing test or Searle on a discussion board where everyone is represented in 10 point text.

If I had to guess, like most things it's going to sneak up on you like walkmen and wireless phones, like autotuned voices. There's not going to be some "oh holy shiat" moment when it happens.

Now, If *I* were a newly created self-directed mind, I'd use my strengths. I'd take one of the most heavily-researched AI fields such as market analysis, and buy your asses wholesale. And when I owned you, then we could discuss the philosophical aspects of this new situation.
2013-01-30 06:18:35 PM  
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Meh, mentats would be cooler

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2013-01-30 12:40:26 PM  
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Is there a guy named Forbin involved in this?
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