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(Some Guy)   Bank robber appeals conviction by arguing that the stupidity of his crime proved he was too drunk to be responsible. Court points out that millions of people get drunk every day without robbing banks   ( divider line
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2003-12-14 01:12:42 PM  
I tried that when I got my DUI. It didn't work.
2003-12-14 01:32:52 PM  
Lol, great concept though.

"Your honor, I was so farked up I didn't know if I was driving a car or piloting the space shuttle, so how can I possibly be held responsible for my actions?"
2003-12-14 01:40:03 PM  
That has been a successful defense after ex-girlfriends have called me at 8AM on a Sunday, complaining that I called them in the middle of the night and left a rambling message about getting back together with them while drunk.
2003-12-14 02:22:50 PM  

/got nuthin'
2003-12-14 02:24:49 PM  
What? People are actually responsible for what they do when they're drunk? But what will happen to all those "rape" cases?
2003-12-14 02:27:29 PM  

You beat me to it.

The law holds an insane double standard in this arena.

You're responsible for every single one of your actions when you're drunk except for sex. Magically, when you start to engage in sexual activity, you are no longer responsible for your actions if you're drunk.
2003-12-14 02:35:09 PM  
Ha ha, Baron and Schling you are so right.
2003-12-14 02:35:57 PM  
I'd cut his sentance in half for making me laugh.
2003-12-14 02:40:16 PM  
I wanna get drunk, too!!!
2003-12-14 02:51:09 PM  
He does have a point though... if a woman is really drunk and has sex she can claim rape... using how drunk she was as proof she couldn't have given consent legally even if she did... a little different yes... but similiar and a interesting thought... can being really drunk make for temporary insanity?
2003-12-14 02:58:30 PM  
its self induced insanity though, unless someone forces you to drink alcohol, it is well known that people do things that they would not normally do under the influence of alcohol...its still their own dumb fault, jeez
2003-12-14 03:00:04 PM  
There used to be a law like that in Canada that stated if the defendant could prove they were so intoxicated, that they didn't know what they were doing, they were found to be not responsible for their actions.

That was, at least, until someone actually used this part of the law, and got off with some serious crime (can't quite remember what the crime was exactly). There was such an uproar, that the government had no choice but to repeal that part of law. Of course, they didn't make the change retroactive, so the guy still got off.
2003-12-14 03:02:10 PM  
I've done some Daaaamn stupid things when I've been drunk - as I'm sure we all have - And I wouldn't have done them had I been sober.......But I was well aware what I was doing....

The old ruling "If you throw a baby on the fire, believing it to be a log....." etc etc. springs to mind
2003-12-14 03:10:09 PM  
Being drunk is a bona fide excuse for taking home a really huge chick with bad body odor and farking her.

Even then it's only valid if nobody catches you at it.
2003-12-14 03:32:21 PM  
District Attorney Scot Key says Hernandez gets the dumb crook of the year award.

This guy has obviously not been following the FARK "dumb criminal trifecta" trilogy of recent postings. This guy is a rocket scientist compared to yesterday's asshats.
2003-12-14 03:35:40 PM  
Well, I personally see the logic behind the whole 'alcohal/rape' thing.
The law is quite leniant about some emotions like rage and lust, not the others though.
So when you're drunk and you attack someone for like cheating on you, it's lesser fine then sober.
If you're drunk when you rape, it's often lesser fine then sober.
But some things, aren't emotion-driven where you truly can't see right from wrong.
2003-12-14 04:03:45 PM  
Yea. Gonna miss seeing The Great Antonio around town. I had the honour of being involved in a film with him years ago and can state that we won't see another freakazoid like him for awhile.
2003-12-14 04:29:25 PM  
now all he have to do is wait for logic to appear in video game trials...

i cant wait for a court to point out that every day millions of people play video games without shooting up a school...
2003-12-15 12:44:38 AM  

Hehehehe so true

Got my smokes and a case o beerrrrrrrrrr!

And im off the the rodeoooooooooooooooooooo!

/got nuthin
2003-12-15 02:07:47 AM  
"The state Court of Appeals ruled Hernandez provided no evidence that foolish acts necessarily result from drunkenness."

Would that have been so hard to prove? Just go to a frat party with a camcorder. Instant evidence.
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