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(Badass Digest)   Lifetime Trekkie explains why he's butthurt over the Star Wars directing announcement. "I feel like J.J. Abrams took me out to the prom but left with the hotter girl"   ( divider line
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2013-01-28 03:22:00 PM  

mjbok: In TOS (and TNG plus movies) how many times did Spock lose his shiat? The only time I can remember was on the planet with the flowers and that was a result of the spores influencing him.

I was going to respond, but after looking through the thread, it appears that you've already been thrown to the ravening nerd-horde multiple times.
2013-01-28 04:00:31 PM  

sinner3k: Is ANYONE actually surprised that J.J. Abrams left a property before it was complete? I don't think he's stuck with a single series he created for more than two seasons. I think he has some strange type of directorial ADD.

He's the NBA father of directing. He's great at making kids, not so much at raising them to adulthood.
2013-01-28 04:08:48 PM  

mjbok: This is what Spock being logical in the new version is:

You didn't get the whole "Battling with his dual nature" thing? Jesus, that was a relatively simple plot point. He's a young kid in the new movie, a seasoned adult in the original. They had whole SCENES devoted to it, for God's sake, and it makes sense, he doesn't pop out of the womb cold and logical, he's a mixed race, and even after devoting time to learning how to embrace his Vulcan side, his Human side may peek through at times. Not only this, but pretty much all of the movies, as well as the original series dealt with this at some point.
2013-01-28 04:43:27 PM  

StrangeQ: dogboy360: /BTW, ST:TOS nerds had NASA name a shuttle "Enterprise". What has SW got?

Eh, you might want to check where that "Enterprise" name came from.

My paternal grandfather served on the CV-6 during WWII. I wish he hadn't died when I was 14, because now that I'm a WWII nerd, I have a bunch of questions I'd love to ask him.
2013-01-28 04:51:39 PM  
To those complaining about Kirk's quick ascension from cadet to captain: It's very likely old Spock had a hand in that. I'm sure he had a meeting/debriefing with Starfleet. Not to mention he had a ship from 100 years in the future. Do you think they would not have downloaded its database before sending it on a suicide run?

To those complaining about Kirk's placement on the ice planet: It's an ice planet. Which means there is a limited habitable zone, most likely near the equator. Nero didn't want old Spok dead, he wanted him to witness the destruction of Vulcan and live with that memory and so left him there. Young Spock wanted Kirk off the ship, so dropped him in the habitable zone, but within walking distance of an outpost. Still a little contrived, but not totally unbelievable.
2013-01-28 05:02:56 PM  

slayer199: lizyrd: TOS Kirk came up fast and became captain young, through heroics and being in the right place at the right time. Reboot Kirk ended up being promoted from cadet to captain for no reason other than Kirk has to be the captain, to hell with any type of progressive rank structure. And it was just through shiatty writing that it turned out that way.

Well, he was promoted to Acting 2nd in command by Captain Pike (one could argue, that Pike recognized early on that Kirk had ability and sought to challenge him).  He was promoted to acting Captain after Spock resigned his commission.  Because he was successful and earned the respect of his crew, one could argue that the command decided to keep him in place.

Hell, if you go back to TNG (and yes, I realize that TNG was after TOS) when Q described how Picard seized the moments that made his career in Tapestry, one could argue that that this was more of a policy than an aberration.

There's something in movies and novels called suspension of disbelief...and one could make a plausible enough of a case to suspend disbelief.

Oh, I understand suspension of disbelief. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to tolerate a show or movie about starships, a galaxy full of habitable, populated planets a stone throw's away, and bipedal aliens that look remarkably human but with different foreheads. Trek wasn't always perfect at maintaining military decorum and practices, but it tried. All of the captains have a backstory of a career that landed them in the captain's chair. TOS Kirk rose through the ranks quickly, but he was progressively promoted. The TNG episode you mentioned still was a lesson that Picard would not have successfully advanced through a career had he had the cautiousness of a 60-year old when he was 22. The implication still was that decisions made at several key turning points in a long-term career resulted in his success.

Throwing a cadet into the captain's chair because the boss recognizes a natural ability belongs in poorly written fanfic. That's the part that gives me the biggest problem; not just that it's unbelievable, but that it could have been avoided with better writing. It didn't have to be George Kirk on the ship in the beginning, Jim Kirk didn't have to be a delinquent that entered the academy on a dare. But then we wouldn't have had car thefts, police chases and bar fights.
2013-01-28 07:11:36 PM  
I still want them to give Star Wars to Guillermo del Toro.
2013-01-28 07:35:53 PM  

tallguywithglasseson: Didn't care for Abrams' take on Star Trek. Take existing franchise, make some winks to the original material, turn into dumb action movie.

I felt that it was a useful correction of years of the franchise become so taken by its own seriousness that it managed to drain all the life out of itself. I think that it restored a sense of fun that has been absent for too long.

And yeah... I like to see the franchise to find a place somewhere in the middle between "Fark science, here's lensflare!" and "The Diplomacy and Religio-Philosophy Hour, In Space".
2013-01-28 09:12:21 PM  
I wonder if anyone will ever write and film any new science fiction stories?
2013-01-29 12:51:28 AM  

Zarquon's Flat Tire: I still want them to give Star Wars to Guillermo del Toro.

Give him 20 million, have him make a Tales from Jabba's Palace series and run it on Showtime, profit
oocities.orgView Full Size

Star Wars + Pan's Labyrinth + The Storyteller = Win

images4.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size
2013-01-29 01:00:24 AM  

ZeroCorpse: I wonder if anyone will ever write and film any new science fiction stories?

It's more horror, but this was pretty damned fresh:

cdn.uproxx.comView Full Size
2013-01-29 04:05:34 AM  

ZeroCorpse: I wonder if anyone will ever write and film any new science fiction stories?

There are no new stories.

There are about 12 archetypes, 8 basic plots, and 6 tones or moods, but infinite amounts of interpretation and recontextualization.

In sci-fi's case, everything has pretty much been done before. Now it's just up to people to do it again in new and interesting ways.
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