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(Stabley Times)   When a TV series ends an on unresolved cliffhanger it alienates viewers from new TV shows, gives rise to reality TV era, brings about end of humanity   ( stableytimes.com) divider line
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2013-01-27 09:38:35 AM  

Ishkur: Jarhead_h: Harry was Ensign Butt-monkey. the saddest thing is that I saw Garret Wang at a convention in Frisco back after he had just finished filming "Non Sequitur." The line-up that day was Jimmy Doohan, Avery Brooks, the guy that played Rom, and finally Garret, and Garret was the biggest surprise and hands down the most entertaining. We all looked at each other simply couldn't believe that they didn't just tell him to be himself on camera. He was hilarious and full of energy, on top of the world. If they had let that guy out more often the show would have been markedly improved.

Garratt Wang has a big monologue about that too. Apparently the producers told the cast to play down their emotions week after week in order to accentuate the emotions of whatever aliens they came across. This wasn't hard considering Tuvoc was a Vulcan so good luck getting any emotion from him, Seven is a reclaimed Borg who's lost her humanity, and the Doctor is essentially photonic software (albeit pedantic). Chakotay and Kim were written into wall-paper paste, and Neelix was marginalized because nobody liked him. That leaves Torres, Tom Paris and Janeway as the only characters who were allowed to do anything.

What a crappy show.

That's what makes it so frustrating. Two, maybe three good years out of seven. They had a great cast, and if ever there was a premise that lent itself to a five year plan heavy with week-to-week continuity, it was Voyager. Instead we get eps like "Fair Haven" where the captain risks the lives of two of her senior staff to avoid deleting her holographic blow-up doll.

Imagine if they had written it so that Neelix was actually running the whole ship behind the scenes - always there with just the right bit of info or whatever, ultimate matchmaker, etc. What if Seven had actually GROWN as a person, maybe even started wearing blue uniforms like every one else in science. If Harry had continued to show the confidence he displayed in year four and five. What if Voyager had actually evoled into a "godship" because of it's organic components. What if the Captain actually HAD to rely on Chakotay and his angry warrior side, if he had actually been the show's morally gray character? So many missed opertunites.
2013-01-27 12:11:13 PM  

Jarhead_h: They had a great cast

I don't want to argue with a Marine but I don't think they had a great cast. I'm not going to bother with their real names for simplicity but Chakotay was utterly unremarkable. Neelix was more annoying than he needed to be (I heard someone say once that he should have been more of a Han Solo character. That would have been badass). Belanna was interesting at first because she's my kind of girl (not the forehead ridges but the hair and the attitude) but they neutered her (or spayed her) and made her a wimp. Paris was just sort of there to make Chakotay look even more boring. Kes, bland. Janeway, I dunno. Not terrible, not remarkable. The Doctor, great character, great actor. Seven, same.

I thought Seven did grow as a person. She made genuine attempts to learn to be human and befriended the little girl (I thought it was cute that she always called her by her full name). I thought she and the The Doctor had a decent character arc.

Another missed opportunity was how quickly the Maqui and Starfleet meshed together. There could have been a lot more tension but by the second episode with a few exceptions they were immediately a happy family.

They took a unique situation and turned it into a show where most episodes could have been episodes of TNG.

I like the idea of an enhanced super-ship with technology they gathered throughout their journey.

I liked a lot of the last couple seasons myself. It's been a while since I watched them though.
2013-01-27 08:25:25 PM  
Heroes was an unfortunate disaster that started out as a great idea.

First of all, the studio meddled too much and screwed up the creator's plans.
Second, the writer's strike caused turmoil.
Third, fans were unforgiving when the show took a down-turn, and they wouldn't give it a chance to repair itself.

I'm sure that there's an alternate universe where Heroes ran for 12 seasons, and it was the most popular, best-written science fiction show on television, right after Sliders ended on it's 15th season.
2013-01-27 08:51:36 PM  
All I know is that I used to bash Enterprise because I hated the first season and then stopped watching it. When I went back to watch the whole thing on Netflix, I discovered that it was actually one of the best SciFi shows on television at the time, but that it was ultimately damaged by a very weak first season and a truly unfortunate choice of theme song.

And the bummer is that they canceled it just when it was getting great. Dammit. I know it's partially my fault for bailing on it, and I feel bad.

So... I'm sorry they canceled Enterprise, guys.
2013-01-28 05:06:14 PM  

Just rewatched Firefly. And I LOVE that show. But. Where would it have gone? How many more episodes of robberies/jobs gone bad, unable to sell the loot, getting screwed, narrow escapes could we really have been interested in? 1 full season?
tons of back story flashbacks to fill in Book and at some point, I am not sure how long the stories could have kept us going. Would have been NICE to have been proved wrong, but still.

No, they had a boatload of idea they could've run through. The movie could've been a season-long arc. Figuring out what Blue Sun had to do with things and taking them on could've been a season.

Then Whedon could've redone the great play he made with Angel and have Mal be made head of a settlement somewhere. If he's so good at knowing what's wrong with settlements maybe he should run one?

That's three seasons off the top of my head.

At least West Wing got properly canceled at the end of season 4, rather than have some HACKS at network continue without Sorkin.

Ah, a fellow true believer! Well-met, good sir or madame. *Doffs cap* I agree we are very lucky to have dodged that bullet.
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