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2013-01-25 09:24:59 PM  
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I'm expecting about 90 minutes worth of this:

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2013-01-26 05:12:47 PM  
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Why does everybody bag on Ant-Man? Pym is awesome. He's one of my favorite Marvel characters. Maybe it's that people don't realize he's way more than just a guy who can shrink and talk to ants.

He's the inventor of Pym Particles. He can use them to shrink to any size (even subatomic) or grow into Giant-Man (his current moniker, again). He has limits to his growth because the human body can't support itself past a certain point, but he can get big enough to slap around some of the heavy hitters. He also retains his normal full-size strength when he's shrunk down, meaning he's got full power on his punches even though he's effectively too small to see or hit.

He's the guy who discovered the Microverse exists (you know, the home of the Micronauts?) and he is ridiculously brilliant. He has done a lot more than the Ant-Man helmet and Pym Particles.

Yes, he can communicate with ants, but that's actually a pretty nifty power. Using that power, he has given Doctor Doom a run for his money. He has kept the Hulk at bay. He has given the Beyonder a rash. (Okay, I made up that last one, but still...)

In Marvel, you've got a few different genius super-scientists:

Reed Richards, the biggest brain of them all. Unfortunately, he's also a dick who sometimes lacks empathy.

Tony Stark, a brilliant engineer who also suffers from being something of a dick, though for different reasons (alcoholism, political stance, etc.)

Peter Parker, a talented inventor and chemist who unfortunately spent most of his adult life thus far not applying himself. When he does put his mind to it (or Otto's mind to it) he can do amazing things that rival the works of guys like Pym and Stark.

Henry McCoy, one of the best geneticists and biochemists in the world. Perhaps the smartest guy in the room when we're talking about mutants. Also a skilled engineer, chemist, and jack-of-all-trades. His only weakness is that he's damnably moral and won't cross a lot of lines to achieve the desired goals.

And so on...

My point is that Pym's among these guys in terms of brains, and he isn't as much of a dick as Richards or Stark, isn't such a wet blanket as Beast, and isn't a slacker like Parker. He has one weakness and that is that he's obsessive.

And yes, he hit Janet. Once. It's not like Reed hasn't smacked around Susan. It's not like Peter Parker didn't snap Gwen's neck. It's not like Stark hasn't loved and left every female in the Marvel Universe. I hardly see why Pym gets such a bad rap for his episode with Janet when they've all been just as bad when it comes to the way they've treated women at one time or another.

At least he didn't rape Sue Dibney or fold up someone's girlfriend in the refrigerator.
2013-01-26 01:37:19 PM  
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eddievercetti: Hugh Laurie as Strange
Nathan Fillion as Ant Man
Jennifer Lawrence as Wasp

Quit trying to shoehorn Nathan where he doesn't belong. I love the guy, but he'd be a terrible Ant-Man. Part of Fillion's charm is that he plays a really good loveable idiot of sorts. Hearing him going on about Pym Particles and quantum mechanics would be awkward. And Jennifer Lawrence, while a solid dramatic actress, doesn't have the necessary "ditzy, hardheaded superheroine with a heart of gold" flavor to be a good Wasp. Just say what you really mean. You want to see Nathan 50 feet tall, and you want to see Jennifer Lawrence in a skin-tight wasp costume and wings.

/I know I do
//Hell, I'd take Jennifer Lawrence in a loose-fitting burlap sack
2013-01-26 03:12:58 AM  
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2013-01-25 09:48:50 PM  
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ArkAngel: [25.media.tumblr.com image 500x324]

Only casting option

Get Guillermo del Toro or Terry Gilliam to direct that and I'd be fapping in the theater like it was a Jessica Alba/Kate Upton lesbian sex video.
2013-01-25 09:06:59 PM  
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Only casting option
2013-01-25 08:59:16 PM  
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