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(PBS)   New book, penned by, leanr'd physik, doth pos't the Bard, of Avon's glory, was sore afflict'd with a vile an scabourous pox, on regions most nether   ( pbs.org) divider line
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2013-01-25 02:17:23 PM  
Dude. Who didn't?
2013-01-25 02:18:34 PM  
So , in the "fark you , Spyphillis" column we have killing Shakespeare early
In the "right the fark on , Syphillis" we have making most of Hitler's life miserable...

ehh just about a push I'd say
2013-01-25 02:18:49 PM  
Commas, are, not, spirochaetes.
2013-01-25 02:22:30 PM  
I'll bet it burned hotter than any in hell.
2013-01-25 02:25:26 PM  
Once more unto the breach dear friends!!

/ye momma's breach
2013-01-25 02:25:52 PM  
Shakespeare's Tremor, Orwell's Cough, and the dreaded Hunter S. Thompson's itch...
2013-01-25 02:26:49 PM  
The French Pox was all the rage in that era. All the best people had it.
2013-01-25 02:28:36 PM  
What the hell is "leanr'd"?
2013-01-25 02:31:10 PM  


What the hell is "leanr'd"?

Probably submitterspeak for "learn'd".
2013-01-25 02:54:16 PM  
Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal, from 2004

Short answer: Yes.
Slightly longer answer: Everybody had syphilis, of course he did!

Fun fact: Syphilis is the first version of "Montezuma's Revenge" in that nobody in Europe had ever seen it before Columbus made it back from the West Indies. I guess it's all fair in communicative diseases, since Europe gave the natives smallpox, measles, mumps, yellow fever, etc and they gave Europe syphilis. But the Spaniards then spread it to Italy, who gave it to France, who gave it EVERYBODY, including the Portugese, who gave it to the Japanese.

In 1579 (when Shakespeare would've been about 15) roughly 75% of the patients at St. Bart's in London were syphilitic. Of course, at that time, nobody could tell the difference between gonorrhea and syphilis, so it could've been either/or. But Shakespeare presumably had at least one if not both, although he appears to have gotten over the worst of the syphilis with fever treatment (hot baths) and/or mercury treatment.
2013-01-25 03:05:57 PM  
Aye... there's the rub
2013-01-25 03:27:37 PM  

ArcadianRefugee: What the hell is "leanr'd"?

Leanr'd Skynr'd?

/and lo, this bird, thou canst not change
2013-01-25 04:22:49 PM  
Just inject this mercury into your wang and then we'll bleed you out a little just for good measure...
2013-01-25 04:42:28 PM  
In other news, historians have run out of ideas.
2013-01-25 05:06:24 PM  

Forced humor = Massive fake English x Accelerated dementia
2013-01-25 06:48:52 PM  

Zik-Zak: ArcadianRefugee: What the hell is "leanr'd"?

Leanr'd Skynr'd?

/and lo, this bird, thou canst not change

Favorited. New best friend, you.
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