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(Gizmodo)   Good news everyone-- As of today only 67% on the mail arriving at your server is SPAM   ( divider line
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2013-01-25 09:37:24 AM  
4 votes:

wademh: Vegan Meat Popsicle: wademh: On my work email, they manage to filter out 50% of my legitimate email and somehow think that improves efficiency.

Do you not have the ability to mark things as spam/not spam or whitelist certain senders or domains?

Not as a user. They don't send things through at all. They also maintain a 5 mb limit on attachment size which really sucks when you have to send around presentations for comment/editing. I miss having quality IT support.

Speaking as a "quality" IT person, PLEASE STOP USING EMAIL AS A FILESHARE! That 10MB spreadsheet they sent you that you changed font on and forwarded back is now taking up 20MB. Learn how to use a shared network location, at least, and better yet, a version-control management system. I know "drive-space is cheap", but if you add bandwidth and messaging-backup and archiving infrastructure, it adds up to a really expensive, very inefficient file-store. TMYK
2013-01-25 03:32:16 PM  
1 vote:
I'm getting a kick since I think it's time I changed my "clean" address. It's been starting to get spam.
It's the one I use for banks, bookings and so on.

I have my "official" one for friends and semi-private things like brand-name software registrations.

I also have a trash one for all other registrations (and "hey! Why don't you give me your email?!")
2013-01-25 02:14:57 PM  
1 vote:
Awhile back, an older (and not very tech-savvy) friend asked me to help him with his spam problem. His inbox was about 99% spam, and a new spam email was coming in about every 20 seconds. Turns out he hadn't switched on his filter, and instead of tagging the messages as spam in his email client, he was actually responding to the spammers, asking them to stop.

I warned him not to do that, showed him what to do and engaged the filter, and the firehose immediately stopped. I think now he gets one every few days now.
2013-01-25 11:50:09 AM  
1 vote:

Yankees Team Gynecologist: fusillade762: I don't get spam anymore because I don't use my primary email addy for anything online. I thought everyone had a secondary account for petitions and such.

It's a balancing act. If you shelter your "primary" address too much it's useless. I tried that approach and eventually the spam did come shortly after registering with a reputable site, albeit not as heavily as my condom address.

Then there's the likelihood that your address will end up with spammers because friends or family members get infected with spyware. Or because spammers just try every pre-@ username combination.

This, this, this.

There is only one proper response to spammers, and eventually our legislators will see their way clear to making it legal.* Until that blessed day, install heavy filters and make liberal use of the killfile key.

* Point-blank bullet to the head followed by feeding his desecrated body to wild dogs. Then repurpose all his computer equipment to spam filtering. His entire estate is liquidated and donated to schools; the spammer's family gets nothing.
2013-01-25 09:55:09 AM  
1 vote:

Vegan Meat Popsicle: What are you using? We're using a Barracuda 800 at our main site and a 200 at each branch office and they work unbelievably well. Basically just plugged them in, set the networking and a few preferences up and changed a couple routing groups in our Exchange array and we were done, it's hummed along ever since without a problem. Plus it has the little outlook plugin you can push across the network to clients so they can manage almost everything themselves right within Outlook however is best for them.

We still get complaints about legit emails getting caught but now it's just a matter of educating them on whitelisting and managing their own spam/not spam every now and then instead of tweaking rules.

Work uses Barracuda. To date, it's caught zero spam for me and 5-10 real emails a week. And it occasionally likes to wait a day or two to tell me I have something in my quarantine.
2013-01-25 09:31:52 AM  
1 vote:

ChubbyTiger: Gmail is best mail. I get maybe one spam message a week. Maybe. Lots of useless crap from the crazy uncle, but I can't just send everything of his to the spam folder.

But you can create a filter that takes everything from him, bypasses the inbox and marks it as read. If you don't want to miss any actual emails from him, add a filter parameter for "FW" in the subject line, too.
2013-01-25 08:41:19 AM  
1 vote:

static2.fjcdn.comView Full Size
2013-01-25 08:31:13 AM  
1 vote:
Between server side filters for (Google now helps run Virginia Tech's email) for spam and client sized, I don't see maybe one spam a month, if that. And that's generally only if I look in my client side spam filter.
2013-01-25 08:28:00 AM  
1 vote:
Those are awful nice numbers. I used to manage the mail system at a company with a 2-letter domain name. Our percentage was routinely over 95% and often higher.
2013-01-25 07:44:36 AM  
1 vote:
I had to report to the CIO yesterday on said subject. 80% of all mail coming in was spam in the last 60 days. As tkohl said, it can be hire depending on the month.
2013-01-25 07:36:38 AM  
1 vote:
Try 91% om my anti-spam device...
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