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(Tampa Bay Online)   Air Force explains why jet landed at the wrong airport: The pilot was tired because he'd lost his cellphone in a taxi in Rome the night before then he lost sleep trying to find it and more sleep worrying about it. Okay, that makes sense   ( divider line
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2013-01-23 10:29:34 AM  
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MythDragon: It wasn't until the cargo jet was halfway down the runway at Peter O. Knight Airport, a small flight center on Davis Islands, that the crew realized it had missed the intended landing site

Namely when they realized the runway was about a half mile shorter than it used to be.

About halfway down the runway, the crew realized it was at the wrong airport and the co-pilot applied "maximum effort braking" on the smaller runway.

Or in military terms "Holy shiat, we're all about to die, lock them biatches up"

You'd think if they realized they were at the wrong airport, and hadn't begun braking yet, they'd just firewall the throttle and take back off again.

It takes a while to reconfigure for takeoff. In preparation for a full-stop landing, you'd likely have selected full flaps, armed the autospoilers, maybe even selected autobraking. In a touch-and-go you're not quite full-stop configured, and you're thinking ahead for the reconfigure, carefully controlling your speed, etc. A touch-and-go eats a lot more runway than one would think.

By the time the pilot realized his mistake, there would have not been enough time to reconfigure for a touch-and-go. Flaps take time to retract, airspeed is already bled far below what is normal for a touch-and-go, spoilers are armed to deploy (or already deployed), and engines take time to spool up.

It would have been a shiat-pile of time-eating panic just getting the aircraft ready to takeoff again and even if they had gotten through the steps to do so, the aircraft would have eaten up the remainder of the runway - way before it began to accelerate to takeoff speed. The decision to go flying again would have needed to be made well before it touched down

If they'd opted to do so, it would have likely stalled and ended up in the drink.
2013-01-23 09:31:19 AM  
1 vote:
Gawd, people really need to get over their cellphones - or as I like to refer to it: The electrionic binkey.

/Really, is that the center of your universe??
2013-01-23 09:29:01 AM  
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It's pretty awesome that this huge plane was able to land, and then take-off, from a 3,400 foot runway.
2013-01-23 09:25:06 AM  
1 vote:
The landing is quite impressive.

Good jorb. He'll be able to tell everybody about it from his new desk job.
2013-01-23 09:24:12 AM  
1 vote:
how do you land a wrong airport? why was he flying an airport in the first place?
2013-01-23 09:23:39 AM  
1 vote:
Is "cellphone" some kind of Air Force code for "hooker"?
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