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(Guardian)   The previous ruler traded our antiquities to have railroads built. Give them back, or we don't let your scientists in. Also, we keep the railroads   ( divider line
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2013-01-22 12:43:24 PM  
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People really need to get over this whole "they stole our treasures", attitude. That's not what happened, and what's more if you consider how the ancient world looked, the inhabitants of Turkey today share nothing with the creators of some of the stuff they're demanding back. If you go back it's been "Turkish" only since the Seljuks and later Ottomans conquered it from the Byzantines, who were mainly Greek, but they were the Eastern half of the Roman empire, and the Romans conquered it from states that were slightly Hellenic because they were the remnants of Alexander's Macedonian empire, who conquered it from the Persians, who swept across lands that were formerly Hittite.

I've probably missed something and someone out there, but if the Turks came from central Asia and spread west either before or with the Mongol horde then they have as much claim to some of 'their' artifacts as I do.

Same goes for Egypt. You're Arab now, you weren't in the days of the 1st dynasty. Just because you own the land now doesn't give you ownership over the history.
2013-01-23 12:12:16 AM  
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JesusJuice: Europe should agree to give back all the Turkish treasures if Turkey gives back Constantinople.

You mean Byzantium?
2013-01-22 04:53:16 PM  
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Maybe after they give this back to the Greek Orthodox Patriarch.
2013-01-22 04:41:17 PM  
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All2morrowsparTs: JesusJuice: Europe should agree to give back all the Turkish treasures if Turkey gives back Constantinople.

Well technically Europe gave up Constantinople during the crusades when they started sacing the Byzantine Empire for being "too Oriental."Which, in that time, meant they had stuff to loot.

Constantinople was sacked only once by crusaders in 1203, against the express wishes of the Pope. It was certainly devastating to the Byzantine Empire, which actually ceased to exist for about a half century until Constantinople was retaken. After retaking Constantinople, the Byzantines were able to regain a part of their former glory until Constantinople was conquered by the Turks almost 300 years later.

So, no. Europe did not give up Constantinople during the crusades. Even after Constantinople was sacked by crusaders it was retained by Europe as a crusader state called the Latin Empire.

Either way, my point stands. Turkey has as much right to those artifacts as Europe does to Constantinople.
2013-01-22 03:54:38 PM  
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Honestly it would be difficult to differentiate between some archaeologists and grave robbers and looters. "Hey, look at the ancient statue we dug up! It would look great in the British Museum!"

I'm sure The Guardian is reporting this issue without any cultural bias. They might feel differently if Stonehenge were in a museum in Ankara.
2013-01-22 02:36:30 PM  
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Parkanzky: msupf: Fark Turkey and their people.

I have never, in any of my travels or dealings with people, come across such chauvenism as exists there. You may want to point out "USA USA", but it is nothing compared to the way they act.You want laughable revisionist history, I highly suggest these people for #1 in that.

You may be failing to consider Best Korea.

Only Best Korea's leadership are pricks. I've crossed in twice while visiting and the people are nice and have a strong desire to get off the crazy train. Sadly the elite with the control of the military is farking up everything.
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