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(NBC News)   The tanning industry has joined forces to form a lobbying group designed to combat all the vicious lies being spread by hostile scientists about the dangers of UV exposure and promote a "fair and balanced" look at their industry. Hm, sounds familiar   ( openchannel.nbcnews.com) divider line
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2013-01-23 12:36:03 AM  

Mr Guy: mgshamster: Don't most developed nations have an issue with obesity? We're not really pushing our body fat down to nothing.

We're binging and purging, set by unreasonable standards. When you slow your metabolism down with excessive dieting, you lose both lean tissue and fatty tissue. When they finally snap under the pressure of starving yourself, people binge heavily on fluids and carbs and restore the fatty portion of the equation pretty quickly, and never do the work to rebuild the lean tissue they lost. By constantly trying to only balance the calorie restriction side of the equation, and ignore the strengthening side of the total calorie expenditure, we end up with slow moving, chubby people on one side, and people abusing stimulants with thin skin and almost no subcutaneous fat on the other side. Then we claim we're just "getting old", and that people must become weak and such when we're old, and we ignore the decades of bad habits that actually made us weak and rickety.

It's a bell curve problem. We KNOW that certain proportions are more optimal for certain activities, and we chalk it up to good genetics. We know we're bad at those same activities, and so we convince ourselves our genetics are radically different. That's not true. Certain genetics may be MORE optimal, but it's pretty easy to establish that everyone fits in the same general bell curve, and when you get to the upper end, we're talking about very small percentages that have significantly less effects that we give them credit for. In other words, we think just because we can't be Usain Bolt, that our genetics shouldn't enable us to be extremely fast runners. His speed is directly a function of his strength to his size, and anyone with the same height and rough proportions could replicate the training he does and get very similar results. We're just not WILLING to, so we pretend we can't.

farkingatwork: Well, you clearly are as scientific in your research as the tanning industry. Antioxidants are not a sign of health, they're a sign of medical marketing. There are no tangible antioxidants
effects any differently than a placebo's effects

A brief search for peer reviewed studies of antioxidants says the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, and other reputable groups disagree with you.

Know how I know you're not an exercise physiologist?
2013-01-23 10:46:19 AM  
"Know how I know you're not an exercise physiologist?"

Exercise Physiology: The One True Science.
2013-01-23 10:56:24 AM  

Wangiss: "Know how I know you're not an exercise physiologist?"

Exercise Physiology: The One True Science.

None other have, do, or shall exist.
2013-01-23 04:22:40 PM  

rga184: Know how I know you're not an exercise physiologist?

Because you're confusing how little the impact of 10% improved performance is over, say, a sprint that lasts 5 seconds? Don't be confused by what I'm saying: People are so far from their own optimal performance as to be essentially delusional about their own abilities.
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