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2003-12-12 08:38:20 PM  
Mel Gibson is gonna be pissed
2003-12-12 09:18:55 PM  
Russell. Two Ls.
2003-12-12 09:19:15 PM  
2003-12-12 09:20:07 PM  
by Russell Crowe?
2003-12-12 09:23:01 PM  
I heard about something similar happening once - At a pron theater. No one got sick, but it took a lot of mops to clean up!
2003-12-12 09:23:48 PM  
does the word porn get edited?
2003-12-12 09:23:58 PM  
"It's just one of those things, one of those funny stories in life that we can tell our grandchildren about."

When you live in Adelaide, this is as just about as exciting as personal anecdotes get.
2003-12-12 09:26:48 PM  
What complete wimps...I saw this with my friggin grandparents, and they loved it! Sure there are a few scenes where the the battles are pretty intense and boat shards and cannon balls are coming right at you...but anyone who has trouble watching this film had something wrong with them to begin with.
2003-12-12 09:37:11 PM  
"The Tingler" anyone?
2003-12-12 09:38:41 PM  
2003-12-12 09:39:07 PM  
"Authorities suspected a gas leak and evacuated ..."
"We have all the gas detection equipment that will allow us to detect almost anything that we can come across ..."

he he
2003-12-12 09:40:02 PM  
I thought the Aussies were a bit tougher than that... of course you Expect this sort of thing from the French...

'Pepe... it is a War Film... filled with Real Anglo-Saxon and African men. Pierre, my sensitive tum-tum needs some latte. Oui!'

Le Barf...
2003-12-12 09:42:40 PM  
What d00fy said.
2003-12-12 09:48:01 PM  
Damn straight.
2003-12-12 09:52:02 PM  
how come in the book the bad guys are americans but in the movie they are french?
2003-12-12 09:54:37 PM  
We don't want to discriminate, it's called uniting by finding a common hatred, everyone hates the french.
2003-12-12 09:57:28 PM  
"People started pouring out and the ambulance arrived and the word 'terrorism' was mentioned and then all of a sudden the fire brigade and the police [turned up] and on it went.


the terrarists win.
2003-12-12 10:09:21 PM  
Please, it's "nauseated".
After you barf all over the place, and make all the rest of us feel sick, then you'll be "nauseous".
2003-12-12 10:14:03 PM  
can we for the love of darwin PLEASE remove these pussies from the genepool?
2003-12-12 10:23:41 PM  
Whoever had to go to the hospital should be suing both the movie theater and Russel Crowe for subjecting them to such a hazardous movie. This is America god damnit.
2003-12-12 10:27:18 PM  
Don't worry, I get it D B Cooper
2003-12-12 10:39:30 PM  
Good thing they don't play first person shooters. Doom would have brought about fatalities.
2003-12-12 10:45:06 PM  
The movie sucked ass. I couldn't understand one godamned word during the whole thing..every character was detached and emotionless....the sea action was boring, I fell asleep after they amputated that little prick's arm...after that I couldn't take it anymore and left after the fat hog biatch next to me heard me snoring and told me to leave.
2003-12-12 10:47:21 PM  
Thanks, Sanders....

I was worried.
2003-12-12 10:52:23 PM  
in this thread it's Miles_OToole with first place for obscure reference. thanks Miles
2003-12-12 11:00:18 PM  
It's possible, that William Shatner, was the, submitter.

have another one. ---> ,
2003-12-12 11:08:33 PM  
This isn't a Russel Crowe thread yet.

[image from maximumcrowe.net too old to be available]

Now it is.
2003-12-12 11:23:13 PM  
oh god, someone please save us from ourselves.
2003-12-12 11:25:43 PM  
The flic was %20 swashbuckling fun. The rest was homoerotic nightmare. I expected for Crowe and crew to anally gangrape that damn Doctor... which would have made for a much more entertaining movie, imho.
2003-12-12 11:44:10 PM  
[image from photoinsider.com too old to be available]
Watch Saving Private Ryan on the big screen if you really wanna get blown away. There were news articles on vets having flashbacks in the theater. Imagine that shiat on IMAX.
2003-12-13 12:03:14 AM  

that picture from SPR was from a part in the movie that was cut.. notice the tanks on the beach with snorkels.. thats not in the released version.
2003-12-13 12:16:00 AM  
yeah, i saw SPR when it came out. i saw quiet a few old men leaving during that begining 30 min. it was giving them flashbacks. i dont blame them. but for this movie in the artical. i never saw it.is it like "the perfect storm"? because i didnt get sea sick on that.
2003-12-13 12:59:53 AM  
My mom took me to see Saving Private Ryan right before I left for boot camp, trying to get me to reconsider. She failed.
2003-12-13 01:31:42 AM  
Actually I think people were getting sea-sick from the camera motion - not from the violence. Still, plenty of Hollywood flicks make me a bit queasy, so who can say...
2003-12-13 01:36:07 AM  
heh, landlubbers.
2003-12-13 01:41:15 AM  
They tossed their cookies. Chips Ahoy!
2003-12-13 02:17:59 AM  
The flic was %20 swashbuckling fun. The rest was homoerotic nightmare. I expected for Crowe and crew to anally gangrape that damn Doctor... which would have made for a much more entertaining movie, imho.

The choice of it's name did make me wonder.
2003-12-13 02:26:33 AM  
2003-12-13 03:21:19 AM  
Wimps. Losers. They're all around us...
2003-12-13 03:53:12 AM  
What about his earlier works, like Romper Stomper.
2003-12-13 04:05:48 AM  
That movie sucked!

Well, it didn't really suck, but it certainly wasn't what the critics are cracking it up to be.
2003-12-13 04:48:53 AM  
the sea sickness in the movie is caused mostly by the sound and matching camera sway. if youre in a good theater with really nice digital sound and the volume up high you will more than likely feel it at least a little during the middle of the movie.

reminds me a lot of The Blair Witch Project...i was running projections at a theater when that came out and we had about a dozen people vomit over a 3 week period due to unsteady camera movement. personally i vomited after the end of the movie when i realized i would never get that two hours of my life back.
2003-12-13 05:52:19 AM  
Sounds like most of you (except the most recent posts) didn't even read the damn thing. It wasn't the violence that got them, it was becoming seasick from the camera movements, which is beyond our control, and I am pritty sure has nothing to do with being too wimpy.
2003-12-13 06:14:31 AM  
I liked it, but then I've read all the novels twice.
2003-12-13 07:03:16 AM  
LionelHutz: Reminds me of the time I visited Adelaide when visiting most of Australia a couple years ago.

I asked someone on the tram they had going to Glenelg, "what do you do for fun here?"

He just told me, "Well...you just sort of invent your own fun."

2003-12-13 08:50:37 AM  
Lebowsky, I'm working my way through them. Thought the movie was good, too.

Homoerotic nature is sort of unavoidable with an all-male cast confined almost exclusively in a single ship.

Yes, those watching the movie at the time of the 'mass hysteria' were feeble.
2003-12-13 09:46:12 AM  
Hey audience, whadya say we hear some songs off me new album? Whats that? You REALLY want to hear the songs off me new album?
2003-12-13 10:39:44 AM  
i got nauseous last night from the movement of the music ... too much funk can make you sea sick.
2003-12-13 10:45:49 AM  
Yeah, the shaky cam will do that.
2003-12-13 07:25:47 PM  
Romper Stomer is definately one of the worst movies ever. I got through about half. Makes you wonder how Crowe became famous... He does have some cool tats in it though.
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