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(New York Magazine)   Now here is the story of how how Tide became an underground currency, and my life got turned upside down   ( nymag.com) divider line
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2013-01-20 10:39:15 AM  
2 votes:
Who the hell buys 68 articles of clothing a year?
2013-01-20 10:36:45 AM  
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Smashed Hat: That article explained nothing and now I'm curious.

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2013-01-20 11:09:38 AM  
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Smashed Hat: That article explained nothing and now I'm curious.

Ok, thieves steal tide. Cost $0. They sell tide to middlemen for a few dollars. The middlemen sell the tide to local stores, who sell the tide at full retail price. In the meantime, the stores that Tide was originally stolen from have to buy more to make up for it, and the wholesale on Tide is ass high. They generally only make $2-$3 per bottle despite the fact it costs $20.

Now, one or two bottles, that's chump change. The problem it that it's turned into a machine, a machine that is costing chain stores tens of thousands of dollars and making the grifters and middlemen tens of thousands of dollars.

And further in the article, they discuss how the police are breaking up those rings, and putting the folks responsible away for a good long time because the value of the goods (in aggregate) is up in the tens of thousands of dollars range.
2013-01-20 10:49:45 AM  
1 vote:

Pointy Tail of Satan: Have you all not RTFA? It's pretty explicit why it's being stolen. It's actually quite fascinating.


And this gem stuck out like a sore thumb; FTFA: Later, Thompson reviewed weeks' worth of the Safeway's security footage. He found that more than two dozen thieves, working in crews, were regularly raiding the store's household-products aisle, sometimes returning more than once the same day and avoiding detection by timing their heists to follow clerks' shift changes.

They have farking cameras and they're NOT looking at them? With computerized inventory matched against sales they can't see the goddamn SHRINK thats going on? I worked retail when I was a teenager 25+ years ago and it amazes me these people are still employed yet they're so bloody incompetent.

Example: They caught 2 guys with over 100 bottles of the stuff. Do the math and lets say each bottle was approximately $10. Roughly $1000 worth of theft, over and over and over again.

I understand some shrink is inherent in a store with tens of thousands of different items but....damn.
I'm heading to Safeway now. I heard there's an insane sale on Tide.
2013-01-20 10:45:31 AM  
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TexasPeace: I cannot stand scented laundry detergent.  Everywhere I go, there are people proudly clad in their eyeball-bleeding Tide-scented cheap polyester Ross Dress for Less foreign slave-labor fashion of the day.

There should be a law:  natural cotton khaki school uniforms for all citizens all the time, washed in organic environmentally-friendly unscented state-manufactured detergents at domestic state prison run laundry facilities.  Any other clothing should be illegal.  Any scented detergent should justify summary execution under the stand-your-ground rule.

Meh. 5/10. Inner Party members had to wear blue jumpsuits but the Proles could wear whatever the hell they wanted. Personally life sounded better as a prole...you drink and screw to your heart's content.

BOT: I'm off the Tide tit. Too expensive. Now it's Purex or nothing for me.
2013-01-20 10:38:44 AM  
1 vote:
Have you all not RTFA? It's pretty explicit why it's being stolen. It's actually quite fascinating.
2013-01-20 10:24:54 AM  
1 vote:
Ask anyone who's ever worked at a Rite Aid, CVS, etc.... laundry detergent, diapers, and formula are ghetto money.
2013-01-20 10:23:47 AM  
1 vote:
Subby, you tried but failed at headline

/not really new news to me
//still an interesting read if you never heard of the story
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