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19407 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2003 at 9:07 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-12-12 8:34:01 PM  
Bum candy! I just got it! It's candy from a 'bum'! As in 'butt'! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

2003-12-12 9:11:59 PM  
2003-12-12 9:11:59 PM  
I'm excited!
2003-12-12 9:12:23 PM  
if im paying that much for cheetos, im getting more than one cheeto
2003-12-12 9:12:39 PM  
Yessir, that's a humongous cheeto.
2003-12-12 9:12:51 PM  
A used car!
2003-12-12 9:14:35 PM  
2003-12-12 9:14:50 PM  
And someone is a-touchin' my buuuutt...
2003-12-12 9:18:59 PM  
Love the music.
2003-12-12 9:21:08 PM  
That is the second time that goahead_buyit has posted that link in a comments area... like - wtf? I'm supposed to want large peices of junk food... someone help me out here...
2003-12-12 9:23:42 PM  
and yet HSR still fails to be funny. :(
2003-12-12 9:27:30 PM  
HERE WE GO, homestar is gay, blah blah blah, instead of complaining get the hell out of the thread.
2003-12-12 9:28:48 PM  
Keep running your mouse over the email icon


/easily amused.
2003-12-12 9:29:22 PM  
Let's get right to the script:

"Homestar is so stupid. You are stupid for liking it"

"Isn't THAT the definition of irony. Why are you complaining in this thread? Why even show up?"

"Hey, this is America!"

"At least I'm not a NAZI!"
2003-12-12 9:32:09 PM  
Wow, a Home Star Hater already. That's gotta be a new record.

If you can't say anything nice, loki...
2003-12-12 9:34:55 PM  
then go rape a goat
2003-12-12 9:54:23 PM  
Great main page there. :-D
2003-12-12 9:56:12 PM  
The only words that come to my mind include:

Tim Duncan
A Book of Matches
Witch's Brew
2003-12-12 10:03:52 PM  
nothing against Homestar or anyone who likes it... I just think it's painfully unfunny.
2003-12-12 10:06:33 PM  
Tribute to Bob Barker it is his birthday isnt it
2003-12-12 10:06:52 PM  
go rape a goat
2003-12-12 10:07:19 PM  
"here's how the posts will be scripted. I'm writing this because i'm amazingly clever."

don't you "here's the script" commenters get tired of writing the same thing every week? I know i'm tired of reading it.
2003-12-12 10:25:13 PM  
That was not an AMC Gremlin....was it?

2003-12-12 10:32:54 PM  
Oh boy! Homestar Runner crapped out another idea!

Quick! everyone fall all over yourself telling me how cute it is or that you have to "get" it.

Why can't you people go back to laughing at The Family Circus?
2003-12-12 10:34:15 PM  
You know, I have no problem linking to the emails or TGS, but do we really need a link to a new main page?
2003-12-12 10:46:22 PM  
2003-12-12 11:04:34 PM  
Was there always an easter egg on the '3' of '2003'? (Homestar is replaced by Homsar).
2003-12-12 11:10:57 PM  
loki8481, SFOtW are painfully unfunny.
2003-12-12 11:15:55 PM  

Don't know if that egg has always been there, but the Homsar main page is pretty old. I think you originally got to it after the Strong Bad e-mail about the interview with Homsar. I could be wrong about that, though...
2003-12-12 11:42:21 PM  
Okay, I give up...I've tried to find the humor in Homestar Runner, but haven't succeeded. I've come to the opinion that it's just not funny - the internet equivalent of Zippy the Pinhead.

But so many people seem to like it. What gives? What's the deal?

Red vs. Blue? Now that's funny...
2003-12-12 11:42:32 PM  
the homsar egg has been around for at least several months.
2003-12-12 11:54:38 PM  
The '74 AMC Gremlin should have been mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream green instead.
2003-12-13 12:21:54 AM  

Pom-pom needs his own feature. We haven't seen him much lately.
2003-12-13 12:28:49 AM  
and ah someboddy'za grabbin'a mah buuht
2003-12-13 12:50:44 AM  
Yellow Submarine! I finally remembered where I heard that song before!

When you win the car, or when Pom-Pom dances by, they play the first line of "Yellow Submarine."

Dang! Now that song is going to go though my head all day, ah, well, I'm going to bed anyway, so that's not very long.
2003-12-13 12:55:10 AM  
Sim Tree: I thought yellow submarine had another note in it. Or maybe not, but damn those beatles must of been on alot of lsd when they wrote that song.
2003-12-13 1:06:28 AM  
Sim Tree: I don't think that's "Yellow Submarine." It sounds more like Elvis' intro/exit music done on a tiny Casio keyboard -- which would make sense, considering all the Casio keyboard references on the Homestar Runner website.
2003-12-13 1:21:06 AM  
Oh boy! Homestar Runner has an update!

Quick! everyone fall all over yourself telling me how stupid it is or that you don't find it funny.

Why can't you people go back to not having any sense of humor whatsoever?
2003-12-13 1:31:18 AM  
The problem is that it used to be funny, but somehow stopped being so about halfway through the Strongbad e-mail craze.
2003-12-13 1:37:18 AM  
Youw the next contestant on...

Da Pwice Is White!
2003-12-13 1:48:05 AM  
HA HA HA, an idiot talking like an IDIOT over and over in every cartoon he is in, using the same jokes again and again!!! Ohmygod!!!
/get over it kids...Homsar is the only funny part of the whole site. I think retards are quite HIGH-larious. Remember, this isn't your thread, don't tell me to leave because you diagree with me. WELCOME TO FARK, Apparently you children haven't been to a political thread.
2003-12-13 2:49:08 AM  

Why can't you people go back to laughing at The Family Circus?

I will, after your mom gets through riding my jock.

See. Thats the level of the insults, and now look what you made me do.
2003-12-13 2:58:04 AM  
your all tragically unfunny and unoriginal, same with me

burn in hell
2003-12-13 3:00:52 AM  
Um... wighten up, you guys. Its a cawtoon, not wocket science.

/Sewiously wuvs the voice
2003-12-13 3:54:56 AM  
You guys awe totally awesome...

...FWEEEKIN' awesome.

It makes surfing the internet just that much less the meaningless search for information, and that much more the search for meaningless fun and mindless entertainment. Besides, what are you all doing here when you could be chatting about REAL issues ;)

I've converted several to the love of h*r, but for every two fans, there's a detractor - some people awe way too sewious. Wight guys?

/thinks he's a cool guy
2003-12-13 7:57:35 AM  
my favourite is still (Homestar Runner Game Pac)

...get this freaking duck away from me!
2003-12-13 9:47:31 AM  
Gene Rayburn called...he wants that phallic mic back!
A belated birthday greeting to Bob Barker...remember to have your Homestar spayed or neutered!
2003-12-13 11:00:11 AM  

"your all tragically unfunny and unoriginal, same with me

burn in hell"

tell 'em stevedave

2003-12-13 11:34:41 AM  
I created a Homestarrunner splash page, the Brothers Chap said that is was cool but at the same time said it didn't fit with the look of the website. Here it is if you want to check it out:
2003-12-13 12:28:28 PM  
That was cool! Loved "Downloads".

Love the Homsar frontpage as well. Never saw that one before today. Homsar rocks. Used just enough.
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