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2013-01-19 03:40:50 AM  
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"The self-employed family man called 10111, the South African equivalent of 999,"

Well, that's easier to remember than 0118 999 881 999 119 725

2013-01-19 03:22:08 AM  
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I know this happened outside the USA because the headline doesn't read:

"handcuffed motorist shoots self in back of head, police say they are as confused as everyone else and were nowhere near him and they didn't even see anything happen and the patrol car recording device seems to have a 5 minute black-out right when it tragically happened"

/actually, that probably breaks the character limit
2013-01-19 05:34:34 AM  
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Pert: erewhon: Ya know, this was one of the first me-cop interactions as a pseudo-adult I ever had. At 16, pulled over and ticketed for trying to get out of the way of a drunk cop in an unmarked that was yawing back and forth, clipping the curbs on both sides.

And when I say drunk, this guy couldn't walk without holding on the car drunk. Slip sliding drunk. Eyes not following head motions without a lag drunk. Knees occasionally buckling a little drunk.

So, of course, I did my duty, went to the cop station (this was before cell phones) and said, "Officer Whassname is drunk off his ass, driving around in that puke green Dodge unmarked, bumping into stationary objects" At which point the desk sergeant looked at me, motioned for a few of his confederates, grabbed me, marched me out of sight of the rest of the paying customers, slammed me into the wall and said "Old whassname's got a problem with that. And one more complaint and he loses his job. He's my friend, so instead of letting you file that complaint, I'm going to make up something, arrest you for it, and chuck you in a cell with a guy that would just love to make your acquaintance" and then he popped me one, then offered to let me get up and leave or try filing a complaint on either him or Whassname.

That sort of set my expectation of cops. I consider it to have been a valuable educational experience, and I keep it in mind whenever dealing with them.

I see these stories on Fark all the time and am always amazed that people in the US don't do something about corruption and incompetence in the police. In the UK there is a very low level of police corruption and an Independent Police Complaints Commission to deal with complaints and who investigate every incident where the involvement of the police has led to death or serious injury, or where a weapon has been discharged.

You were 16, did you go home and tell mom and dad how you got the fat lip/black eye, etc??  Did you happen to telephone the county sheriff's office to file a report, or the state police?

I buy a lot, but i'm not buying your story.  Some of it may be factual, like being pulled over by a drunk cop and being given a ticket, but there's no way your story went down as written.  None.
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