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(YouTube)   2,400-grain bullet + 2,100 feet per second + 240 grains of powder + 25,400 foot-pounds of muzzle energy + 277 foot-pounds of recoil = the biggest damn centerfire rifle ever built   ( youtube.com) divider line
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2013-01-15 12:16:06 PM  
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indarwinsshadow: Wouldn't it just be easier to find a way to up the velocity of a smaller round, instead of screwing around with something the size of a soup can? I'm sorry, but the rifle in the video is impractical.

There's a balance to accuracy and ballistics. A light fast bullet can sometimes get pushed around or be so light it looses the velocity quickly. On the other hand a heavy slow bullet tends to get fired in a large arc but often maintains it's energy over a long distance.

Often it would be good to have a heavy bullet going very fast, but people tend to not be able to cope with the force of firing.

It isn't like that's a practicile gun regardless. I'd imagine there's much more accurate rifles out there. If its built for some specific shooting even I guess that makes sense, but still is as silly as most anything built for a single purpose.
2013-01-15 11:53:55 AM  
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kroonermanblack: Glockenspiel Hero: Biggest? Really? My photos from the range are back at home, but they look kind of like this

105mm rifle. ~1500 m/s (~ 5000 ft/s) muzzle velocity with sabot rounds. Don't know the exact projectile weight, but lifting the old M392A1 round on my desk it's on the order of 15 pounds. I suppose you could argue centerfire, but the firing pin does contact the round in the center
And yes, firing one is exactly as awesome as you might think.

Because YOU had a tank. That is a cannon. That is not a center fire rifle.

This guy, has a center fire rifle.

How is it not a rifle? The bore is rifled.[1] The firing pin contacts the round in the center, so it's centerfire. If you want to argue that it's mounted, the guys in the video aren't exactly firing their toy from a standing position- it might as well be on a mount.

"Cannon" doesn't have a precise definition- it basically means big gun. I live in Gettysburg and one of my neighbors owns a cannon- a 10 pound muzzle loading Parrot rifle. The main gun on my old tank has far more in common with the video's gun than it does with my neighbor's
[1] Ironically, old tech. Modern HEAT and sabot rounds both need slip rings to avoid spinning the rounds fired from them- more modern main guns such as the Rheinmetall 120mm on the M1A1 and up are smoothbore.
2013-01-15 10:23:16 AM  
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They call them bench-rest target rifles. Typically shot over a range of 2-1000yds, the winner of the match is usually not how close the the bullet holes are but how much larger over the caliber of the round the single hole is. Each rifle is hand built, recoil systems would lessen the accuracy. Each round is handmade.
2013-01-15 09:48:51 AM  
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Egoy3k: Why would you show that without some shots of the effect on target? I want to see what this does to a brick wall, steel plating, or a car.

I was gonna post the Johnny Dangerously quote, but thought better of it.
2013-01-15 09:46:14 AM  
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Why would you show that without some shots of the effect on target? I want to see what this does to a brick wall, steel plating, or a car.
2013-01-15 09:38:48 AM  
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well.. that gun is pretty useless
2013-01-15 09:05:52 AM  
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Endive Wombat: Wait till some congress critter gets a hold of this video and proposes a ban on it

/never mind the point of entry cost in procuring said gun and ammo is WAY beyond the reach of most criminals...

It's not the criminals that the government is worried about.
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