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(International Business Times)   Star Wars: TOR takes a bold progressive leap into the 21st century by allowing same-sex relationships as long as they stay on the 'gay' planet   ( ibtimes.co.uk) divider line
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2013-01-14 07:54:54 PM  
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You know, when I was 10 years old (or so) when I read it I never exactly realized that was the ending. It never made sense in my head because reading everything after rama 2 was so long, wordy and confusing...to a 10 year old.

I'm going to go back and wiki them so my 32 year old self understands what happened.

Nothing happened. The first Rama craft entered the solar system, was explored by the crew of a ship from Earth, who then departed before Rama slingshotted around the sun and headed off into the depths of space. The end. The Ramans doing everything in threes applied only to the design of the ship, not the number of ships made.

Gentry Lee never happened.

/if I hated it so much, why did I read the entire thing?
//Because masochism
2013-01-14 01:58:42 PM  
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However, the article also features excerpts from BioWare's official forums, where fans of The Old Republic have complained about the addition of same-sex relationships to the game.

"Star Wars is a family-based story with nothing to do with SGR," wrote one user. "Please, please, please Bioware do not allow SGR in Star Wars The Old Republic. It will ruin the game and make a lot of people leave it."

Another user wrote: "Got to agree with some of the posts on the SGR. If you can't get it right in the real world then don't stick it in the game, way too hot a topic to draw that kind of attention. I foresee thousands of parents deleting this game from their kid's computers and others because their church told them to. Why go there? Is it really worth it?"

What the fark? Even more than in the real world, how will the fact that this option exists impact ANYONE who doesn't want it? How is having this OPTION in the game going to "ruin" it? I don't play the game myself, but if someone chooses to have a gay partner, how does this change the experience for everyone else?
2013-01-14 01:45:35 PM  
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Dingleberry Dickwad: People still play SW:TOR? I foolishly pre-ordered it and while it was fun for a while it got old 6 months after launch and it was dying already.

I still play it. I love the character/story driven aspect to it. I've got NO interest in the MMO part, though.
2013-01-14 01:42:47 PM  
1 vote:
this game pisses me off to no end. I played, stop playing and when they announced free to play tried to back, but it won't let me unless I sign up for a monthly plan.

2013-01-14 01:40:39 PM  
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To be fair, this would have been a MASSIVE undertaking to implement into the game post release. But they shot themselves in the foot ad promised same sex relationships after they released the game without really calculating what it would take to put that into place. They had to deliver something after making that promise and this is the compromise. Damned if they did, and damned if they didn't. That has been the story for Bioware for the last 2 years.
2013-01-14 01:38:37 PM  
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LesserEvil: Be careful when entering the Blue Oyster Cantina.... it's hard to refuse when a Wookie in a leather motorcycle cap wants to dance with you.

"I suggest a new strategy, R2: let the Wookiee top."
2013-01-14 01:36:50 PM  
1 vote:
New content has same-sex romantic options.

This was the only planet added this time.

This is a non-story.
2013-01-14 10:41:13 AM  
1 vote:
Ahh yes.  Nothing like auto-play music that you can't control.

Gay characters are the least of my concerns with SWTOR.  I haven't signed on in months.  I leveled to 50 then got pissed that the armor and weapons that I meticulously crafted and looted was suddenly out stripped by the lvl50 armor set that they just give you.  That along with no environment variables with respect to combat and group aggro every freaking time just got old.  I may check back in soon...the wall hackers and aim-botters in BO2 are getting old.
2013-01-14 10:17:57 AM  
1 vote:
Bioware: completely missing the farking point since 2007(at least)
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