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2013-01-14 12:08:17 PM  
5 votes:
So the restaurant told her "we can't hurry your table. You'll just have to wait."

/dealing with prickly celebs in situations like this is just a game of give and take.
2013-01-14 09:02:09 AM  
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Timmy the Tumor: Charlie Murphy in his Esquire Magazine Interview:

From Esquire Magazine:

I was sitting in this mogul's house. My brother was there, and they were having lunch. It was real nice, going down to the beach and everything. And then we see this woman walking on the beach. It's Diana Ross. I ran down there and got her. So now we're sitting in this room. Diana Ross is sitting with Eddie in the mogul's section. I'm with some common folk on the other side. We're talking, having fun. One guy happens to use thef word. And Diana Ross comes all the way across the room and says, "Excuse me, I don't know who you gentlemen are, but I don't tolerate any profanity in my vicinity." Now, we're not at Diana Ross's house. We're in another house. We don't work for her. That's what we're all thinking. And one guy goes, "fark you, Diana." She was stunned. Her face, it looked like pieces of it were falling off. No one was sorry. Because what sticks out in this story for me is: Why are people kissing Diana Ross's ass? Is she God? No. She sang on some records and did a good job! I give her her props. But that doesn't make you more of an adult than me. That doesn't give you any more rights than me. Being your fan is optional. If you forget that, because everybody's been blowing sunshine up your ass, you're putting yourself in the position to take a fall. That's the moral of the story. Always stay humble. It's the only way you can't get humiliated.

And then she made everyone pancakes?
2013-01-14 07:29:36 PM  
2 votes:
She probably wasn't going to leave a tip anyway...
2013-01-14 10:44:35 PM  
1 vote:
Around 20 years ago me and the missus spent a lovely week in the Bahamas and took a cab ride out to the airport on the way home. Somehow we got into a conversation about the biggest assholes we ever met in our lives. My wife's nominee was Norman Mailer who she swears said he'd be willing to bestow upon her the gift of his sperm when she worked as an editorial assistant for a publishing house. My nominee wasn't a celebrity; he was my drill sergeant in Boot Camp. The cab driver nominated Diana Ross. He said he drove her in a limo out to this estate out on the far end of the island with a deuce and a half truck following cram jammed with her luggage. All the way out she insisted the driver not look into the back of the limo, ordered the limo to pull over so that she could walk her dog on a beach, and didn't order the limo to pull over when the mutt took a dump all over the back seat. When they got to her estate, she ordered the limo and the truck to park about 200 feet away from the entrance to the house and ordered the limo driver and the truck driver to carry her 90 pieces of heavy luggage into the house and up the stairway to a the rooms she designated they be placed. At no time did she do anything more than complain they were taking too long and yell at them for almost touching her. After all this was over, she paid the fare for the limo and the truck. As they stood there stunned at what a coont this was, she said to them, "oh you probably expect a tip of some sort." She reached into her bag and handed a crisp $5 bill to both of them and flew back up the stairway. With that, one of the divas security types informed them they had 5 minutes to leave the estate or the constabulary would be called on their asses.
2013-01-14 08:36:56 PM  
1 vote:

cryinoutloud: Timmy the Tumor: In other news, Aretha Franklin showed up to a restaurant she had reservations to, and got angry when they told her that she wasn't eligible for the all you can eat buffet.

Isn't she dying of cancer? I hope she dies in the next 15 minutes, so you can feel bad.

Diana Ross, not Dinah Cancer.
2013-01-14 05:59:35 PM  
1 vote:
2013-01-14 03:01:02 PM  
1 vote:
She was heard telling the hostess: "Seat me please, why don't you babe? You just keep me hanging on."
2013-01-14 11:52:46 AM  
1 vote:

theflatline: quickdraw: Timmy the Tumor: ExperianScaresCthulhu: They should have treated her like their auntie or grandmother, no matter how arrogant she was. Not act like doormats, no, but have some respect even if they are going to continue to use cuss words in her presence.

wow, you really miss the point

Which was - what exactly? That the writer who didnt understand basic manners is an asshole?

Diana Ross has long been known to be a biatch of gigantic proportions.  Like telling her staff they were not allowed to make eye contact with her and having them call her Lady Diana.

As for as the curse word, well when you are hanging out with the Murphy brothers and their entourage, an f-bomb is the least of your worries.

I am sure she used some choice words herself.

The restaurant was the rules they have set, and were being considerate to everyone else.

Diva can = biatch and it is nothing to be proud of here or aspire to.

Yes of course she's a raging biatch. You would be too if you had to suck as much wrinkly white dick as she did. And I can even understand the desire to to tell somebody like that off, but its still an immature dickish thing to do, and bragging about it later in print only makes you more dickish.
2013-01-14 11:44:42 AM  
1 vote:
I was thinking of a different Miss Ross...

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2013-01-14 09:31:51 AM  
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Timmy the Tumor: Always stay humble. It's the only way you can't get humiliated.

Which is why the story wasn't about Katherine ross.
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