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(ESPN)   Will the Seahawks be the next team that beats Atlanta in the playoffs by 20+? Before answering, bear in mind that one of their cornerbacks is named Sherman. It's your Sunday ATL-SEA Divisional Playoff Thread at 1 PM EST on FOX   ( scores.espn.go.com) divider line
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2013-01-13 01:35:20 PM  

Arachnophobe: Bunny Deville: All right. Get it back, Trollhawks. Get it back.

Just gonna pop in here, why are they called Trollhawks?

They troll other NFL teams by winning games they have no right to win.
2013-01-13 01:35:21 PM  

Lord of Allusions: GREEN MEAT GREEN MEAT

mmmmmm tasty
2013-01-13 01:35:22 PM  
2013-01-13 01:35:23 PM  
Collard greens?
2013-01-13 01:35:28 PM  

vegaswench: dholway: How can you be so wrong about the Patriots and so right about Pete Carroll?

Being a Raiders and Panthers fan, I have an unrelenting and unwavering hatred of Brady and Coach Vader.

Fumble!  Dirtybird's ball!

Clearly, the Star Wars roles are Brady = Anakin, Bellichek = Palapatine. Pupil and master, etc. Even a physical resemblance.

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2013-01-13 01:35:34 PM  

SnarfVader: Arachnophobe: Bunny Deville: All right. Get it back, Trollhawks. Get it back.

Just gonna pop in here, why are they called Trollhawks?

Because they won the NFC West a couple of years ago with a 7-9 record.

Interesting. Thank you!

Was that Coach Grumpy Cat I saw on the sidelines there?
2013-01-13 01:35:36 PM  
Bringing back the dirty bird!

Oh, quieting the crowd.
2013-01-13 01:35:54 PM  
False start, 3rd and 14.
2013-01-13 01:35:59 PM  
2013-01-13 01:36:01 PM  

mikaloyd: eddievercetti: GREEN GIANT?


Santa, is that you?
2013-01-13 01:36:01 PM  
Dome teams are boring.
2013-01-13 01:36:13 PM  

nvmac: Bunny Deville: This is what I get for rooting for the Trollhawks, isn't it?

What happened to the incantations?

/no worky?

Now would be a really good time for Seattle to make an interception.
2013-01-13 01:36:26 PM  

picodenico: Lord of Allusions: GREEN MEAT GREEN MEAT

mmmmmm tasty

2013-01-13 01:36:33 PM  
Those receivers are good
2013-01-13 01:36:37 PM  

Captain Steroid: You WANT to see the Confederates in the Super Bowl? How could you?! T_T

Dude, I live in Virginia.  A very rural area of Virginia where there are almost as many Confederate flags as American flags.  :-/

/hi there :)

neuroflare: Mornin becks!

Y HALO THAR!  :)  Looks more and more like y'all be stealing our OC...sigh.  Oh well, at least if that happens he'll get a challenge flag again so he can do fun things like this.  ;)  (Bad words in that linked pic, btw.)

yookaloco: Hi thar!!


Hey hey!  :)

/Ball on the ground, ball on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your ball on the ground
2013-01-13 01:36:40 PM  
shiat, nice catch.
2013-01-13 01:36:43 PM  
Roddy wants to win....
2013-01-13 01:36:45 PM  
And Seattle gives it up, come on.
2013-01-13 01:36:59 PM  
That wasn't a catch
2013-01-13 01:37:02 PM  
God... Atlanta fans are so stupid that they don't know to shut up when their offense is on the field.

Protip... if your quarterback, in his own stadium has to shout over the crowd noise... yer doin' it wrong.

2013-01-13 01:37:11 PM  
nice falcon catch
2013-01-13 01:37:12 PM  
Wow, hell of a catch.
2013-01-13 01:37:19 PM  
It's a catch and it's a HELL of a catch
2013-01-13 01:37:22 PM  

Dinobot: Dont know what that is, but I know what a Kolvoord Starburst is, does that count?

2013-01-13 01:37:24 PM  

4NSpy: Dome teams are boring.

I agree, I think having the SB in only domes/nice weather cities sucks too
2013-01-13 01:37:27 PM  
No way.

2013-01-13 01:37:30 PM  
And goal, Atlanta at the 1
2013-01-13 01:37:34 PM  
Nice snatch
2013-01-13 01:37:36 PM  
2013-01-13 01:37:37 PM  

bulldg4life: That wasn't a catch

I'm inclined to agree. But I guess the review booth didn't see anything...
2013-01-13 01:37:42 PM  
Wow. What a catch.
2013-01-13 01:37:43 PM  
Coffman with the catch.

"Tank you veddy much"
2013-01-13 01:37:55 PM  
Nice catch by... who?
2013-01-13 01:38:00 PM  
God, even backups can do stuff like that in the NFL. Unreal.

2013-01-13 01:38:05 PM  
TD Falcons!
2013-01-13 01:38:06 PM  
Holy crap old man!
2013-01-13 01:38:07 PM  
2013-01-13 01:38:10 PM  
Nice catch by Gonzo.
2013-01-13 01:38:11 PM  
TD Atlanta
2013-01-13 01:38:12 PM  
And another HELL OF A CATCH
2013-01-13 01:38:14 PM  
Oh god, great catches on that drive.
2013-01-13 01:38:15 PM  
2013-01-13 01:38:16 PM  
Oh shiat what a catch
2013-01-13 01:38:20 PM  
Wow...nice footwork.
2013-01-13 01:38:21 PM  
OK, that was a great catch.
2013-01-13 01:38:22 PM  
2013-01-13 01:38:25 PM  
Never would've expected Gonzo in the back of the endzone.
2013-01-13 01:38:25 PM  
TD Atlanta FARK!
2013-01-13 01:38:26 PM  
This game is over, Atlanta isn't going to choke this one away.
2013-01-13 01:38:30 PM  
Damn. Two great catches in a row.
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