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2013-01-13 08:26:01 AM  
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Are YOU ready?

2013-01-13 10:28:38 AM  
You know if your going to make a doomsday prediction, having your followers all commit suicide is one way to be sure you don't get crap for being wrong.

Like what ever happened to the guy who predicted the end of the world based on the bible code? He had followers giving away all their possessions, telling their own children that they would be saved but they were doomed, all kinds of fun stuff. Are the radio stations still on the air?
2013-01-13 10:29:10 AM  
By late November of this year, it should be within 1.2 km of our nearest star

1.2km? Sure
2013-01-13 10:40:13 AM  
This is terrific news, looking forward to seeing it and also looking forward to the nutbars losing their shiat .
2013-01-13 10:54:28 AM  
Yea, yea, and it won't happen again until 20##. Spectacular celestial events, pffft, there's always a new one coming aroung. (((scoff)))
2013-01-13 10:54:29 AM  
Hairy stars often presage the fall of empires.
2013-01-13 10:58:04 AM  

Dead for Tax Reasons: By late November of this year, it should be within 1.2 km of our nearest star

1.2km? Sure

Like the 1.9 dollrs a jurrssic. Park made
2013-01-13 11:01:09 AM  
Its a sign the dragons have returned !
2013-01-13 11:21:37 AM  
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2013-01-13 11:24:11 AM  
Winter is coming?
2013-01-13 11:55:21 AM  

BumpInTheNight: Winter is coming?

I'll get the kleenex
2013-01-13 12:04:53 PM  

Dead for Tax Reasons: By late November of this year, it should be within 1.2 km of our nearest star

1.2km? Sure

sprott.physics.wisc.eduView Full Size
2013-01-13 12:05:02 PM  
I got gypped by Kahoutek in '76, and again by Halley in '86.
Hale-Bopp was kinda cool, as was Hyakutake.

I hope this one is spectacular
2013-01-13 01:06:43 PM  
It's still possible that this one could fail in the same mode as Kohoutek, but it sure looks promising. Well-oriented for US observers, too. Shouldn't even have to get up before dawn to see it -- it should be high in the evening sky, with no moon. Not that the lack of moonlight should matter much -- this is looking less like a "let's go someplace dark to see it", and more like a "Mommy, what's that big bright flag in the sky?"
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